7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie Review

7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie Review

Do you or someone you love suffer with diabetes? If yes, chances are you’ve spent lots of money on your prescriptions and doctor visits, not to mention the time you could have spent elsewhere. What if you could get out of the world of Type 2 Diabetes? The good news is that you can, with 7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie Review. 

This 500-page eBook will show you ways to reverse your Type 2 Diabetes. By following the ways of International Council for Truth in Medicine (ICTM) and nutritionist/researcher Max Sidorov, you can. Even if you are pre-diabetic, this will make for a great resource for you in getting on the right path. Stay with us and we will show you how.

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What is The Big Diabetes Lie?

7 steps to health

The Big Diabetes Lie is how Big Pharma has tricked those with Type 2 diabetes into thinking they can’t cure the disease on their own. They profit when you buy their drugs, so of course they don’t want you to stop.

In terms of content, The Big Diabetes Lie is an eBook with 540 pages of valuable information about curing diabetes. They focus on the roots of the disease and use this as a way to examine how to stop it. The authors include a 30-Day Plan filled with foods you should eat to reverse diabetes.

This plan will also help you remove toxins from your body that are a result of eating too many simple carbs and processed foods. The meals and meal plans are easy to prepare and simple to follow, so you just need to bring your willpower. The program will show you just how easy it is to get on track to a better, healthier lifestyle.

The book really focuses on how Big Pharma has tricked those with Type 2 diabetes into thinking they can’t cure the disease on their own. They profit when you buy their drugs, so of course they don’t want you to stop.

If you follow the eating plan diligently, great things can happen. People who followed it reported weight loss, arthritis cured, lower blood sugar levels and reduction of inflammation.

By focusing on eating and preparing the right foods, and minimizing toxins from certain foods, you can heal yourself from the onset of diabetes.

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Who is Max Sidorov?

7 steps to health and the big diabetes lie

Max Sidorov is a member of an elite team of doctors known as the International Council for Truth in Medicine, or ICTM. He is an entrepreneur, fitness trainer, nutritionist, and author.

Max Sidorov has been a member of the health industry for more than ten years. He has studied kinesiology and founded Golden Harvest Organics, a brand of organic fertilizer.

In addition to his knowledge, Max is a world traveler, learning from doctors, nurses and scientists from around the world. He and his team have helped to cure over 30,000 patients, 17,000 of which were sufferers of Type 2 diabetes.

They no longer have to watch their blood sugar levels or take insulin injections. Over five years of research has gone into this project. Sidorov has also written other books about health.

How Does 7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie Work?

Medical experts have always known that diabetes is reversible, says Sidorov’s book. He also claims that people with Type 2 Diabetes can actually eliminate the disease in as little as three weeks-and it is possible without any insulin therapy or medications.

the big diabetes lie

Max Sidorov bases his claim on two actual studies, which can be found right on his website. He is convinced that people do not have to suffer from Type 2 diabetes symptoms or ill effects. Some of them are quite scary and include things like amputation, kidney failure and neuropathy.

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The program works by focusing on the premise of insulin resistance. A molecule in your body called LTB4, says Max, can invade your body. It then can cause inflammation of your whole body, which produces insulin resistance. The blood sugar then rises, and the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes arise. This is where his 7 Steps come into play.

You will follow a 30-Day Program that will help to control or even eliminate altogether diabetes. You start by learning what foods cause diabetes, like sugar, meat, salt, fats and coffee. Then, you learn that with the world’s sugar production increasing, so has the number of people with diabetes. You also get suggestions on how to shop for more healthful foods when you visit the market.

The bonuses included in the eBook will also be useful for you as well.

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What Will You Learn from The Big Diabetes Lie?

By reading and studying the contents of this eBook, you are bound to learn many valuable things in controlling or eliminating your diabetes. The book focuses on maintaining optimum pH balance and hormonal health by way of watching what you eat.

First, you are going to learn strategies to control the diabetes without use of medications via a 30-day nutritional plan. You learn that Type 2 Diabetes is a metabolic disorder, and the characteristics are high blood sugar and insulin resistance.

7 steps to health review

Second, you will learn about foods you should avoid to promote healing. The authors have created a comprehensive list of what to avoid, like sugars, meats of the red and white variety, salt in excess, white flour, and coffee/tea.

You then learn about a plan to follow that will incorporate real foods and drinking plenty of water. This will detox the body and begin the breakdown of diabetes.  You can get these foods right at your favorite supermarket.

7 steps to health reviews

The third important thing you’ll learn about is sugar consumption. The consumption of sugar has increased, and so has the presence of Type 2 diabetes. You learn about the intake of sugary drinks like sodas and juices as a major contributor to the onset of Type 2 diabetes. You also learn about obesity and how it is a major factor in causing Type 2 diabetes.

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The fourth major item you will learn about in The Big Diabetes Lie is thyroid dysfunction. Thyroid dysfunction complicates the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes. Hyperthyroidism, for example, is often associated with difficulty in glycemic control as well as the need for increased insulin.

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Learn Different Strategies

This book focuses on foods that cause this condition and then offers ways you can fix it by simply adding minerals to your diet. This is a far cheaper solution than the medications a doctor would prescribe for such an issue.

You will learn strategies about how to control food cravings. This in turn will help lower your cholesterol by as much as 30%, all without any medicines. You will learn why it is important to not only watch your diet, but to count calories for optimum results.

There are also some bonus materials included that will enhance your learning.

They include more helpful strategies to get you on the right path, discussing things like water consumption, avoiding harmful additives, and getting enough sleep.

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The Big Diabetes Lie Pros & Cons

As with any program, there are pros and cons for you to weigh. We have listed a few of them here for your consideration.


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  • Straightforward, easy to understand self-care advice
  • Plans are very thorough in nature
  • Based on scientific research conducted on people from all walks of life, by a team of doctors
  • Recipes are quite simple, and ingredients are available at local markets. There are also illustrations to help along with the recipes.
  • The text includes case studies about real people who went through the program and how it helped them.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee if you do not like the product.



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  • You must follow the plan religiously in order for it to work. Cheating on the eating plan will not help you achieve your goals.
  • Some Big Pharma companies write this book off as a conspiracy, so friends and family might give you a hard time about it.
  • You have to be serious about removing things like red meats and other toxins from your diet. It can be difficult when you’ve eaten these foods your whole life.
  • The plan requires you to make this your lifestyle if you want to leave diabetes behind. You will have to make these changes for life.
  • eBook is the only format-tough for those who like a physical copy.
  • At $37.00, it can be a bit expensive for some.


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This program seems like a great, helpful way to naturally take care of Type 2 diabetes. The natural solutions offered are a nice alternative to the many prescriptions a person may already take.

The side effects of the program are great, too-weight loss, curing of arthritis, and learning how to eat good, clean food are wonderful.

Of course, you should talk to your personal doctor first before trying any program. If you want a natural approach with a relatively inexpensive price tag, this program is for you. In time, it may even pay for itself when you factor in all the prescriptions you might not have to buy.

Altogether, this is a well-thought out program with great money value. The information plus the helpful bonuses contained within make this an accessible and useful text for all.

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