Abundance Manifesto Review

Abundance Manifesto Review

Everyone deserves all the blessings in the world, regardless of a person’s background. In fact, abundance in all aspects of life is something everyone should be entitled to have. Some may have to work hard for it, while some have a lot of support from people around them to achieve wherever they are now.

Nonetheless, achieving abundance is really simple more than you think it is. The book “Abundance Manifesto” will help you in that purpose. This review will discuss what Abundance Manifesto is all about, what you will learn in this book and why you should have a copy of this amazing book.
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What Is Abundance Manifesto?

This book is specially made for people from all walks of life that promise to change your life forever. It discusses the factors prevent people to access the abundance they deserve to have all their life. It also features 10 major principles that answer those questions.

Abundance Manifesto

The 10 principles aim to make people understand how we can attract personal, inspirational and spiritual wealth. These principles are originally written by Dr. Vitale on his official website. It was also previously released in his audio program, “The Abundance Paradigm” before being published into a book.

By wealth, this does not only necessarily mean money and other material things. Rather, it is beyond that. As mentioned, everyone deserves all the abundance in this world regardless of our personal background and beliefs.

Dr. Vitale believes that abundance is about how we think about these possibilities can greatly affect our overall perception of life. This is when the Abundance Manifesto can help you achieve your life goals. The Abundance Manifesto will help you appreciate the things around you and make the most out of your life.

As mentioned, the Abundance Manifesto talks about 10 major principles and how it can attract abundance among people. These principles Dr. Vitale mentioned in his book – which will be discussed in detail as we go on this review — include:

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  • Thou shall see the alternative reality.
  • Thou shall worship passion.
  • Thou shall give 10 percent of all income.
  • Thou shall keep a clear mind.
  • Thou shall choose the higher ground in every decision
  • Thou shall implement Divine inspiration.
  • Thou shall spend, invest, and save responsibly.
  • Thou shall help others.
  • Thou shall see behind each challenge.
  • Thou shall experience the miracle of now.


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Who Is Dr. Joe Vitale?

Dr. Joe Vitale is a spiritual teacher who authored other books aside from the Abundance Manifesto. The book explores 10 principles he discovered that can help people achieve an abundant and worthwhile life. He was one a homeless man who lived on the streets of Dallas and worked his way up into what he is now.

joe author

Dr. Vitale had a hard childhood. Being a victim of domestic abuse, he went on to live on the streets. Despite his struggles in life, what kept him positive all throughout his ordeal is his passion for reading and persistent thirst for learning. He would later credit these as his main source of wisdom and comfort.

From Niles, Ohio where he was born, Vitale moved to Kent and attended Kent State University. Before being a spiritual teacher and author of several books, Dr. Vitale worked as a copywriter in Houston. Among his first written works include “Zen and the Art of Writing” in 1984, and “Hypnotic Writing” in 1995.

He also had cameo appearances in several films such as “The Secret”, and also had had 15 music albums to date.

What Will You Learn From Abundance Manifesto?

Author Ben Sweetland once wrote that the world we live in is “full of abundance and opportunity”. Yet, people don’t seem to realize how abundant life is and how many of us take life for granted. That is why it is important to realize the more important things in life and how you can achieve them.

Abundance Manifesto review

[su_note note_color=”#2b90d9″]The 10 major principles will be discussed here in detail:[/su_note]

1 Thou shall see the alternative reality

The quality of our lives will depend on our mindset. If we tend to ignore the positive things in life, then we will always live in sadness. But if we choose to look forward and see the world in a brighter perspective, you can attract abundance all throughout. We are not meant to live in fear, but we should enjoy and love life as it is.

2 Thou shall worship passion

The adage “Money makes the world go round” seems to be true for most people these days. But it should not be that way. Instead, Dr. Vitale says people should worship passion. As you pursue your passion, money will follow. After all, it’s nice to work and get paid for doing the things you really love. In the process, you will feel the abundance of love and you will feel that you have a purpose in life.

3 Thou shall give 10 percent of all income

Giving tithes is an ancient practice that still exists until now. As they say, “it is better to give than to receive”. Giving 10 percent of your income is also giving importance to your spiritual nourishment.

Abundance Manifesto reviews

4 Thou shall keep a clear mind

Fearing a lack of things should be out of everyone’s minds. Instead, we should be happy with what we currently have. Satisfaction leads to a contented life and a mind clear from worries.

5 Thou shall choose the higher ground in every decision

Everyone should learn to deflate their ego at all times. An egocentric mindset can lead to broken relationships and shelved dreams. In making a crucial life decision, choose selfless love over the fear of bruising your ego.

6 Thou shall implement Divine inspiration

If you learn to give back to others, you will receive abundance in return. You will feel satisfaction from sharing your blessing and talent to the world.

7 Thou shall spend, invest, and save responsibly

It is also wise to invest, save, and spend according to your needs and capabilities. There are inevitable expenses you need to pay off in a given time. But more importantly, you should save more and invest in your future so you will be assured of abundant life.

8 Thou shall help others

Helping anyone in need will be rewarded to you a hundredfold. When you help others, you are also helping yourself by appreciating the blessings you have.

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9 Thou shall see behind each challenge

There is no challenge if you don’t face your problems head-on. A clear mind should be present to solve any problem in life. Trust yourself and your decision.

10 Thou shall experience the miracle of now

Your strong ego and fear hinder you to see a miracle. It is important to see the best of now so endless abundance will flow through you.

Abundance Manifesto Pros And Cons

There are many pros and cons when you avail Dr. Vitale’s Abundance Manifesto. First, are the advantages. Among them are the following:

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  • It is available in Kindle, Audiobook, or paperback form. It will cater to all types of users.
  • It is easy to understand and straight to the point.
  • It helps you change your thinking about life in general.
  • The tips are applicable even in modern times.
  • It is authored by a multi-talented individual who has also written several books and programs that aim to improve the quality of life.
  • Vitale is an inspiration himself – being a formerly homeless man who worked hard to where he is now.
  • He also boasts several TV and film appearances and popular clientele, making him an in-demand public personality.



best Abundance Manifesto reviews

On the other hand, there are also sets of cons. Among these are the following:

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  • There are too much of his books (more than 75 books to be exact) that seem to talk about the same thing.
  • His website may be too-much-information for first-time visitors (which mostly talk about his achievements, publications, etc.)
  • There are few reviews found online regarding Dr. Vitale’s Abundance Manifesto. “Abundance Manifesto” may seem to be a generic term and does not really stand out. Perhaps he should have come up with a more eye-catching title?



Nonetheless, this book will help a lot of people if they want to improve their quality of life. Most of the tips included here are common sense, but it’s not a bad thing to be reminded of these every once in a while.

Does Abundance Manifes Work?

The Abundance Manifesto does not promise magic results. Instead, it talks about basic life principles that will help change your thinking about life. Everyone can relate to this book because we all go through some ups and downs at some point in our lives.

best Abundance Manifesto

Everyone is busy making money so we can buy everything we want and go on holidays. But sometimes, simple things in life are enough to make us happy. The book also teaches us to be content to what we have and to give back to others. Basically, the book also somehow teaches the law of attraction and karma.

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Law of attraction, because it teaches us the things we can do to attract good health, material wealth and spiritual wealth. Law of karma, because whatever we do will come back to us a hundredfold.

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We all deserved to be blessed regardless of our race and background. In the words of Dr. Vitale, abundance is our “birthright”. Some people have to work hard for it, while others receive support from others to achieve their goals in life.

If you want to change your life for the better, this book can help you with that. It is straight-to-the-point, relatable to everyone, and applicable even in modern times. It’s a self-help book that is worth your time and will surely inspire you to do better as a person.


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