Alive After The Fall Review

Alive After The Fall Review

Have any of you ever wondered why the United States was never mentioned in any parts of the Holy Book, unlike the other powerful nations? Well, a theologian as well as a historian at one of the largest universities located in Arkansas named Alexander Cain was curious about this and decided to dig deep for information by studying about the ancient history and the bible.

From his search of the truth, Alexander Cain discovered that the United States, as it happens, is biblical Babylon. And as prophecy states, it will come into an end one of these days. Like all movies about the apocalypse, anarchy will follow after this prophecy takes place. How will humanity survive with a destroyed world with no electricity or resources? Alexander Cain’s book entitled Alive After The Fall may have the perfect answer on surviving this inevitable dark time.

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What Is Alive After The Fall?

Alive After The Fall is a book which talks about an apocalypse that takes place in the United States. After Cain’s thorough research, he interpreted that America is, in fact, the Babylon of the Bible. He argues about this in Alive After The Fall.

As it is, the apocalypse which will befall the world and most especially the United States involves something much worse than a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, or even other social degeneration. The inevitable doom that will be experienced by everyone and will result in the world’s end is through an electromagnetic pulse or EMP attack from the Russians.

So what happens after an EMP attack? Anarchy and chaos. There would be no electricity that will power the communication line, transportation systems, manufacturing plants, hospitals, schools, businesses, and more. And we all know that the United States highly depends on electricity for their daily activities. But without electricity, chances of survival will be slim. Americans will be left in a state of confusion with no resources and no idea on how to survive.

Alive After The Fall, as the title states, will help readers know how to stay alive after doomsday falls. This is not only a book about the United States being referred to as biblical Babylon, or a story about the apocalypse that the United States will go through. Alive After Fall is also a survival program. It contains information and guides on how to survive. It covers steps to do in case an electromagnetic pulse or EMP weapon, a nuclear attack or a chemical attack occurs in the United States.

Alive After The Fall is only available as a downloadable digital book in an adobe acrobat PDF format. This allows it to be readable on your Kindle, Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC.

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Who Is Alexander Cain?

The man behind this surprising and unique book is non-other than Alexander Cain. Only a little information is known about the author of this book. But according to the book’s website, Alexander Cain is a historian and a professor of theology. He works for one of the largest educational institution located in Arkansas.

After Alexander Cain became curious and concerned about the missing link between the United States and the Holy Bible, he devoted his time to studying the Holy Scriptures and the history in search of the truth. Through his research, he discovered that the United States is what is known as Babylon stated in the Bible.

From his interpretations of the Holy Bible, Alexander Cain then realized that the United States is in danger from the apocalypse which will be in the form of an EMP attack. He spent his time gathering and putting together information that can be used to help people survive life after the occurrence of the apocalypse. Through this, Alexander Cain came up with his book and survival program, Alive After The Fall.

Cain also created a video that shows information which supports his claim of the prophecy about the United States and his guide in surviving it.

What Will You Learn From Alive After The Fall

When the time comes that the world will end and chaos and anarchy will prevail, what are we supposed to do? If you wish to purchase the digital book of Alive After The Fall by Alexander Cain, you will definitely learn a lot from it. The book contains all the information one needs in order to prepare for the end of the world. It will also help readers survive the pandemonium that will come afterward.

Alive After The Fall guide

In addition, Alive After The Fall Contains Parts That Cover Surviving Specific Calamities.

EMT attacks

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  • The book will provide you with the information of the top five electronic devices you need to have in order to survive a catastrophe.
  • It also contains information regarding the Faraday cage. It’s designed to keep the 5 devices safe against an EMP attack.
  • It also tackles ways of cooking food without the use of any electricity or gas.


Nuclear Attack

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  • Readers will learn what to immediately do after the occurrence of a nuclear attack.
  • It also covers different ways that will help them avoid the harmful radiation of a nuclear event.
  • The book includes procedures in overcoming the effects of diseases brought by the radiation, and myths and the truths that revolve around nuclear attacks.


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Chemical Attack

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  • Alexander puts a spotlight on using the equipment and materials which are easily available at home that will help keep readers safe from a chemical attack
  • The book also discusses information that will help readers know which chemical was used.


Food, Home, and Medicine

After the prophecy of the world’s downfall through an EMP happens, humanity will have no electricity or resources that will help them survive. Learning a way to cope with the loss of electricity, as well as preparing and preserving remaining resources is important.

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  • Readers will also learn about helpful tips in protecting their properties and home against looting and vandalism.
  • The book includes information about medicines that you need on your first aid kit to ensure your safety from illnesses which will come about during the prophesized fall of biblical Babylon.
  • It covers a guide in safeguarding medicines as well as food for as long as the effects of the calamity remain.


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Alive After The Fall Pros & Cons

Like all products and services, there are advantages and disadvantages in their use. This may help you determine whether purchasing Alive After The Fall is worth it. Here are some of the pros and cons of Alexander Cain’s book Alive After The Fall.


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  • It’s easy to read. The book is broken down into steps easy enough to follow
  • It contains all information that will help people prepare for the end of the world and procedures that will help people survive and remain solid amidst the chaos following its event
  • The book covers practical approaches which don’t require expensive materials or gears so readers can still follow the procedures even with just simple home equipment
  • The information and survival tactic procedures are based on warfare defense as well as military science
  • A 60-day money back guarantee is provided for customers who aren’t satisfied with the product
  • The book is digitalized in a PDF format which makes it readable in whatever platform or device you are using – Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, or even Kindle


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  • The book is only available in electronic form. In the event that the apocalypse does happen due to an EMP attack, no one would be able to access once electronic devices fail
  • Religious ideas and scripts are what heavily influence the book. Non-Christian or non-religious people may find this book uncomfortable
  • Although there are discounts available, the price of the book is still too expensive for some people


Does Alive After The Fall Work?

Alive After The Fall definitely has some useful information that will help the readers in case the world ends. There is a big chance that an EMP attack, nuclear attack or chemical attack won’t happen in our current lifetime. However, it’s comforting to know that we can have a guide that will ready us just in case. Some information is useful and can help in times of a simple electricity outage or blast from a natural disaster. The important thing is that you open yourself up to that possibility and suspend your judgment.

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Alive After The Fall may just be the ultimate apocalypse preparation and survival guide currently available in the market. Furthermore, this book contains information about the United States as biblical Babylon. There are interpretations of the Holy Scripture which cover prophecies about the apocalypse and what may happen in America. Believers will surely enjoy this. They will learn from the plethora of information about the preparation and survival tips for the end of the world. Also tips for an EMP, nuclear, or chemical attack. Alexander Cain provides a 60-day money back guarantee. So if the product doesn’t satisfy you, you may get a refund.

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