Anabolic Running Review

Anabolic Running Review

Men rejoice! This Anabolic Running Review will tell you all you need to know. If you are the type of guy who just wants to get ripped-whether it is for a special event like a vacation or wedding, or just look good in general, this is the program that you are gonna love.

This is going to help you burn up that body fat using a really great method we all know about-HIIT. That’s right. Your fitness buffs know what this is, high intensity interval training! If you’re a fitness newbie, get ready to WORK.

This program is going to kick your butt in a good way and get you the results you need-a ripped core and the physique of a male model.

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 What Is Anabolic Running?

Anabolic Running is a program that focuses on fitness, but it is also something that will help you out in the bedroom, too. It is a program that makes it possible for men like you to build muscle that’s gonna turn the heads of your friends and turn on the lady you want to impress. It only takes 16 minutes of your time.

anabolic running review

You read that right. Just 16 minutes is all you need to benefit from this amazing program. You just follow this revolutionary anabolic running trick to get these explosive results. The thing to understand is, old-fashioned running workouts aren’t helping. They are actually sabotaging your fitness, and making the belly fat stay put, and killing your testosterone!

This program is basically the remedy all men need if they want to get ripped, be kings of the bedroom, and feel better overall. It all happens in just 16 minutes a day. You pay a really competitive price, (it’s only $15!) and you get some really cool instructional videos to follow along with so that you always know you’re doing a good job on the workouts. And it WILL kick your butt. What’s not to love?

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Who Is  Joe LoGalbo?

 Joe LoGalbo is USA based personal trainer. He used to operate large boot camps and train hundreds and hundreds of clients each and every year. He got some amazing results using Anabolic Running as his signature method to get people fit.

Before Joe got into this venture, he was a marathoner. Yes, Joe was one of those crazy people who ran 26.2 miles. He began to realize that doing distance running was not working for him; he was not getting the results he wanted to see.

From there, he knew he had to kick it up a notch. Thinking this was the way to success, he trained and trained. It almost killed his marriage. It destroyed his physique and made his confidence as a man plummet.

His wife thought that he had fallen out of love with her. Joe was a weak, skinny guy who at times even struggled to get and maintain an erection. He decided to start educating himself.

So, he was reading and found a shocking article from the US National Library of Medicine that indicated cardio workouts dropped testosterone in men. It was then that Joe discovered an anabolic running trick that was so simple and yet so effective that he describes it as a shot of testosterone right into his veins. This is potent, serious stuff!

What Will You Learn From Anabolic Running?

You are going to learn first and foremost that participants exposed to Anabolic Running for only 30 seconds experienced a 530% increase in their growth hormone. So, upon learning this, Joe LoGalbo started designing and perfecting a workout plan that would help consumers like us. He used it on himself and could not believe how great it was to feel like a man again. His marriage was saved!

The components of the product are as follows.

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  • Main Program of Anabolic Running
  • Shock and Awe Strength-Bonus Material
  • Testosterone Hacker Handbook-Bonus Material
  • Indoor Anabolic Running-Bonus Material


So, with this powerful material, you learn and quickly figure out how to build that ripped, masculine physique. You will also have so much testosterone and growth hormones going through your body, you will surely feel like a man’s man!

Anabolic Running

This is gonna help you get out of the friend zone, or even kick it up in the bedroom. We all know women love men with high testosterone levels…so get ready for lots of attention.

You will also learn about the versatility of the program, too. What we are driving at here is that you can add this program to what you’re currently doing to get even better results.

You can still lift weights, do CrossFit, or even yoga if it’s what you’re into. Do this on top of it, and you will be super impressed with the results! The fat is going to melt away, leaving you with a great body.

Bonus Material

Let’s talk a little about the bonus material you will get and what you will learn from that. The first bonus is called Shock and Awe Strength. It is just a six-minute, short workout that you can do right at home or anywhere, using your own bodyweight.

You get dense and strong muscles from this workout. It is super intense though, so get ready for that. Results will be noticeable.

The Testosterone Hacker Handbook will teach you some great hacks you can use to boost your own testosterone-41 of them to be exact. You will learn how to get those levels up for maximum performance.

You are also going to learn that cold weather is no excuse to skip your workouts. Therefore, you can use the Indoor Anabolic Running to learn about how to work-out indoors.


You don’t need to use only a treadmill, either-it’s got some good bodyweight routines in there, too. This is great for those of us who happen to live in cold climates and don’t get a lot of outdoor time.

You are going to learn about the amazing thing that is HIIT- high intensity interval training. It’s just super effective. Studies have shown that HIIT is more effective than steady-state cardio. You will also learn what it means to go at your own pace and workout at a rate that is okay for you. You do not have to be like Joe right from the get-go.

It is advised that you challenge yourself but don’t go so hard that you collapse. Just work up to Joe’s recommendation if you have to. And don’t feel bad if you don’t get it right away. Practice makes perfect.

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Anabolic Running Pros & Cons

Now we will talk about the good and the bad, so that you can decide if this program will be suitable for you.


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  • Very competitive price. Only $15 to get started. Yeah, it seems like you might be able to Google all this stuff, but why not just get it right from the source, from a knowledgeable person?
  • Proven to work by the man who started it. His story was definitely a picture of somebody’s low point and how he got out of it.
  • Tons of good videos included with the program, so you know just what it is you should be doing.
  • You absolutely will reclaim your sex life and make your lady happy and proud.
  • Each workout is only 16 minutes long.
  • You can use it with other training programs.
  • You don’t need any crazy pills or anything like that to get ripped. Just hard work!
  • You also get some really good bonuses here, too.




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  • You gotta be ready to do the work to make this program work for you. It’s not a magic fix you can read and do once, and then expect to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. You have to eat right and keep this consistent.
  • You can only get this through the internet. No hard copies are available. Be sure your e-reader works!


Does Anabolic Running Work?

The short answer is YES. First of all, Joe got all this information from the US National Library of Medicine. Secondly, he used it himself to make sure that it worked, and he is back with his wife, leading a happy and healthy marriage.

Aside from all this anecdotal evidence, you have to remember that the program is derived from scientifically-backed studies that show HIIT training is more effective than just doing steady-state cardio. You will literally use your own bodyweight to get yourself stronger. You can totally do this-think about those guys in prison.

We’ve all seen those prison shows with the jacked and ripped guys. They just have a cell and some basic equipment, and they use their bodyweight. You can do it too-and you will have a lot more space to move around.

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Does Anabolic Running Scam?

No way. Joe has a second testimonial on his website aside from just himself. There was a guy who looked just slightly pudgy, but now looks ultra-ripped. One other reviewer even said that after using it for just two weeks, his wife noticed he looked a lot more lean.

He also said she noticed a difference in his size. At age 35, he felt like he was 25 again. What a great feeling for everybody involved! He even reports that he was sleeping better.

Also keep in mind that this program is based upon scientific studies.  From Joe’s website, he says that a recent exercise study performed at University of North Carolina confirmed participants that were exposed to their threshold during intense exercise experienced over 500% increase in their growth hormones.

Anabolic Running Man

This workout method is proven to increase your growth hormone, boost fat loss, and amp up testosterone. You really will look and feel amazing after this program. And think of this, too-at only $15, Joe is confident his product will work. If it was a true scam, it seems like it would be more expensive.

Another thing to consider is Joe’s results. His results are good, but not super huge. This is much more believable-it certainly does not look like a digitally altered image on his website!

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 If you’re a guy that wants to increase testosterone, get lean, and grow your muscles, this is going to be a really beneficial program for you. The workouts are fun and short, and you can do them outside, in your gym, or at your home.

You can also combine it with other workout programs you are doing, too. The price is right too-$15 is something we all can afford. Plus, with them being so short, they are workouts we can squeeze into our daily busy lives with ease. This is truly a program that may help you out in more ways than one!

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