Bikini Body Workouts Review

Bikini Body Workouts Review

Getting that perfect bikini body for the beach is never easy. Sticking to either a diet program or a workout routine needs commitment and determination. If you want to do both, it would require you twice the commitment and twice the determination.

However, no matter how committed and determined some people are, some diet plans and workouts just don’t work for them. More than achieving good looks and more confidence, the determination to manage weight and get that bikini body is understandable. The rising number of people affected by obesity is a cause of concern. Obesity impairs a person’s health and causes a lot of complications.

If you are looking for a better fitness workout that delivers results, read up on our ant to try Bikini Body Workouts review. Using Bikini Body Workouts guarantees that you won’t be wasting money on empty promises.

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What Is Bikini Body Workouts?

A lot of women have already tried the 60-day Bikini Body Workouts. They did not only get the bikini body they wanted. They also witnessed total self-transformation which they failed to achieve using other diet program or workout plans.

The Bikini Body Workouts comes in three important components of an effective weight management plan: diet, workout, and supplementing regimen. These three components are essential to keeping fit as it complements each other. That’s why thinking that diet alone or rigorous exercises would get you that dream body is wrong.

The Bikini Body Workouts provides you with a well-setup boot camp-style routine. Each day, the routine will focus on each body part which helps in managing muscle stress. This is very effective compared to doing a daily total body workout that often ends you stressed and frustrated.

bikini body workouts review

Based on the guide, you will have this weekly schedule which alternates the exercise of each body part:

Mondays – Triceps, chest, and shoulders

Tuesdays – Glutes and quads

Wednesdays – Optional high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and abdominal muscles

Thursdays – Biceps and back

Fridays – Hamstrings and calves

Saturdays – 10-minute HIIT and abdominal muscles exercise

Sundays – Complete rest

The guide also provides a detailed and illustrated instructions to perform each exercise effectively. The descriptions are very detailed and easy to follow even for first-time users. It has different levels of routine that will aid you to increase the difficulty once you’re ready. To provide you with a better workout, there is also a video to serve as a guide.

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Who is Jen Ferruggia?

jen ferruggia

Jen Ferruggia is a known fitness and health coach who started the Bikini Body Secret in 2009. Jen shared that she has always cared about keeping fit as one of the most outstanding softball player in college.

However, the former student of Bachelor of Science in Exercise Movement also had a share of frustrations in college. The perceived normal life of nightly parties in college led to her weight gain. The adverse effects of living an unhealthily led her to discover a life-changing lifestyle that helped her look and feel good. Her new lifestyle worked for her not just for a certain period of time as some people who diet experience. It kept her looking amazing throughout the year.

Her discoveries are what make the Bikini Body Workout System. It was a sustainable and simple lifestyle which she hoped to share with others who wanted the long-lasting bikini body.

What Will You Learn From Bikini Body Workouts?

When Jen Ferrugia developed the Bikini Body Workouts, she was mindful of the different levels of the users’ expertise. That’s why you will find the guides very simple while being informative.

The Bikini Body Workouts includes online instructional exercise videos that are effective in melting away thrice the fat faster. In each video, Jen Ferrugia performs each exercise that is simple and easy to follow. You will get the Bikini Body Workout Guide, Bikini Body Nutrition Guide, Bikini Body Supplement List, Bikini Body Comprehensive Shopping List and Bikini Body 21-Day Booty Blast.

The workout guide lays out each exercise routine that has a weekly schedule. The guide provides details on how many sets, how many repetitions and how long are the rest periods. The nutrition guide lists the food that will aid in burning fat and a guide on the proper food intake. It guides you on what and when you should eat without needing to spend too much money on special diets.

bikini body workouts reviews

With the Supplement List, you will also get a lot of helpful information on what products in the market work. This will help you avoid spending money on supplements that only give empty promises.

The Bikini Body Workout Guide also includes a Comprehensive Shopping List that you can take when shopping for nutritious food. It will save you time and you are assured of getting nutritious foods that are best for the whole family.

The Bikini Body 21-Day Booty Blast is a special program that targets your glutes. It is a 10-minute target workout that helps you get those amazing abs and firm glutes.

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Bikini Body Workouts Pros & Cons                 

Here are the pros and cons of the Bikini Body Workouts:


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  • Comprehensive program – The Bikini Body Workout program is neither a stand-alone exercise routine nor a diet plan. It gives you a comprehensive guide on how to transform into a healthier person.
  • Effective – Because of the comprehensive plan involving workouts and nutritional diet, the Bikini Body Workouts is really effective in weight loss and sculpting muscles. Following the program will deliver results fast.
  • Easy to follow – Each exercise video demonstrates the correct way of performing the routine. The nutrition guide is also very easy to follow and help you to start adopting a healthier lifestyle immediately.

bikini body workout learning

  • Flexible diet – With the simple nutrition guide, it will be very easy to find the food you need to eat. It is also very flexible and offers you food alternatives that are readily available in the market.
  • Can be done three days a week – The workout program can be done by investing your three hours per week in an effective workout plan. It will take you about half an hour to finish an exercise that is very convenient for busy people.
  • Do it at home – The Bikini Body Workout package also features a home gym option that does not require you bulky gym equipment. You would only need to invest in dumbbells, foam roller, bench and resistance bands. You can even do it with your kids at home.
  • Excellent customer support – If ever a client finds the program ineffective for her, the Bikini Body Workout team will provide support to get your full money back. They promptly reply to email messages too.
  • Value for money – For only $29.99, you will get a comprehensive guide on how to effectively get that long-lasting bikini body. There are no monthly billings and you get your money back when you are unsatisfied with it.


bikini body workouts pros and cons


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  • Too simple exercises – If you are a previous gym rat, you may find the exercises too simple. The Bikini Body Workout routines start with the basic level before progressing to a more advanced level.
  • Need to buy other equipment – When you purchase the Bikini Body Workout, you will only get a pdf copy and access to online video access. You need to buy your exercise equipment before purchasing the program.


Does Bikini Body Workouts Work?

The Bikini Body Workouts is the most comprehensive and efficient workout program available. It will help you achieve a total transformation.

It is good for beginners or for those who have tried a lot of workouts and found it hard to keep up with it. The Bikini Body Workouts makes workout fun and effective.

bikini body workouts result

bikini body workouts work

If you cannot stand the way diet plans are making you feel hungry, you don’t have to endure it. You can choose Bikini Body Workouts that details easy to follow nutrition guide. It works because it is not just a diet plan. It involves an effective workout program and supplemental list to help you stay fit not just during summer but all throughout the year.

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The Bikini Body Workouts has been found 100 percent effective in transforming the person into her healthier and sexier version. Majority of its users even rated the product as life-changing. They also find themselves getting stronger week by week.

You will really notice the changes that the comprehensive Bikini Body Workouts can offer in as early as two weeks. The new bikini body is not about being skinny. The perfect bikini body is the lean, mean and healthy body that helps one stay active and ready to enjoy life.

bikini body workouts

It is time-efficient and works well for busy women. Even stay at home mothers can find it enjoyable to do as it offers a home gym option. Take your workout anywhere you are as you can access everything you need online. If you are in doubt whether the program will work, you don’t need to worry. The Bikini Body Workouts offers 100 percent money back guarantee after 60 days without asking any question.

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  1. Hi, I am considering purchasing this workout as it has such good reviews. However, I have a question, what happens when the 60 days are up? Does the weight come piling up? many thanks!

  2. I just purchased this and I was really excited until I looked at the guide! For someone like me, light to moderately active, these dumbbells look huge! I’m a little intimidated. I’m pretty comfortable with 3-5 pounds and have never ‘lifted’. How do I start? I don’t have a lot of weight to lose. More interested in toning and muscle. Can I get advice on this? Thanks in advance!

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