Critical Bench Review

Critical Bench Review

Critical Bench is a sixty-five-page weightlifting program created to help you improve your bench press routines. With the program, you can easily achieve up to 50 pounds in as little as 10 weeks. If you have been dying to improve your body strength but just can’t seem to achieve it despite numerous attempts, then this is the right program for you. Through the program, you can learn the right ways to increase muscle mass while keeping away from potential injury.

The program is from anybody who wants to improve and perfect their bench press routines. The techniques and routines are proven safe and natural. This, in turn, allows your body to slowly build muscle mass and strength. With Critical Bench, everything you need to know on how to build your muscle quickly but naturally is presented—from the key and proper exercises to suggested meal plans.

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What Is Critical Bench?

While this is generally a weightlifting program, you can get a lot more out of the Critical Bench program. Not only will you be guided into achieving bigger muscles, but you are also taught how to live on a more positive outlook. All the important things you need, from proper body conditioning to involving the right techniques, everything is right at your fingertips.

Critical Bench Review

Mike Westerdal’s Critical Bench program helps you increase your usual one-rep bench press by up to fifty pounds in 10 weeks. It that even possible? Of course. But with a warning. Westerdal points out that you can’t expect consecutively doing the program and making increases every 10 weeks. This program is highly-intense and is directly focused on increasing your bench press. When you complete the whole program, you need to give your body ample time to “regroup” before doing the program all over again.

The Critical Bench program leads you through all those bench press tips and techniques so you can safely increase the weight of your barbell as you go along with your routine. You can take advantage of his tips, and they are a LOT! From correctly gripping the bar to properly positioning your body underneath the bar, along with proper breathing and stretching techniques, all these factors you can learn with the Critical Bench program.

Furthermore, your mental approach to your bench press lift plays a critical role. With the program, Westerdal spent a considerable amount of time focusing on it. He will teach you how to develop an impenetrable positive approach to your routine, programming your mind that failure is not an option.

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Who Is Mike Westerdal?

Mike Westerdal is the owner and the creator of Critical Bench. He used to be a D-IAA football star during his college years in Central CT State University. After college, the founder of pursued his football passion and later on coached in Europe. Later on, he acquired his certification from the American Council on Exercise as a certified personal trainer.

Over the years, Westerdal has contributed to different iron magazines including Monster Muscle and REPS! He also has different articles published across different Internet websites. Westerdal is also an amateur powerlifter, having been competing in the APA and APF federations.

Westerdal got interested in weightlifting at the tender age of 15. Back then, the lanky teenager’s primary motivation was simple: he did not want to be that skinny kid in class that makes an easy target for fights. Also, he was determined to join the school’s football team. With these goals in mind, he understood how much he needed to pack himself with muscle and strength.

By 1999, after hard work and pure determination, he put up Based on personal experience, Westerdal has completely done a great job of putting all of his passion and knowledge into his weightlifting program.

What Will You Learn From Critical Bench?

The program starts with a brief introduction of the creator, Mike Westerdal. This is aimed at preparing you for what is ahead and helping you focus on what to expect. Through goal setting, you are immediately motivated to start with the program to achieve results in as early as ten weeks.

Best Critical Bench Review

The program is generally divided into six sections, with the first one focusing on training. This emphasizes how important routine varieties are. One of the best things about this program is how it points out the importance of preparing your routine are. It is very important that you have certain goals, rather than dreaming of a vague target.

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Apart From The Routines, There Are Other Points That You Can Learn From Critical Bench

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  • Understanding the Importance of Doing Exercises. There’s no use choosing this 10-week program if you are not serious about following its rules religiously. Mike Westerdal wants everybody to follow his routine because this will teach you how to approach a good workout method, let alone, make bench press routines more effective.Say, for instance, you cannot do a complete bench press workout without preparing your chest muscles for the routine. Thus, it is not advised that you undergo rigorous workouts before your chest day, or even on the day itself when you have your press workouts. When you religiously follow Westerdal’s tips, you’re definitely on your way to achieving great results that you will never get from any other workout program creators. bench review
  •  The importance of having training partners. Most fitness enthusiasts fail to understand how important it is to have a good training partner. With the Critical Bench guide, the creator stresses the importance of having a partner to help you promote your success. However, you should have a trustworthy partner, according to Westerdal, to achieve results. Your training partner should be your strongest support system and somebody who will react on your workouts. Unlike most routines at the gym, Critical Bench will require you to maximize free weights such as dumbbells. When you don’t have a training buddy, you won’t achieve maximum results and this may eventually cause the whole program to fail.
  • Eating Habits. With Critical Bench, not only will you be taught with the right routines for bench presses, but also the right eating habit to achieve results quickly. The “book” has its Tips and Tricks section where all the needed information about diet is found, along with other helpful techniques that promote bulkier muscles.


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Pros And Cons Of Critical Bench


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  • Perfect for gym buffs who’ve been wanting to increase bench press maximum to a level only very few can achieve. Nevertheless, you can still get a significant increase
  • Created by a very knowledgeable author who is highly experienced and well-credentialed.
  • High level and elite-knowledge technical information about lifting heavy weights that are above average.
  • Discusses and goes beyond the theory of the whole method before giving precise details on the action steps.
  • Covers the whole weight loss criteria: motivation, diet, and workout.


Critical Bench


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  • The dieting section is thin and shallow.
  • The program is limited only to maxing your bench press routines and all the things you need to achieve it. Other than that, there’s actually nothing more.
  • You may invest in special equipment like weight belts, bench press shirts, or bench press bands, although these are all optional.
  • This program is not for beginners. Upon using the program, you need to have a reasonable fitness level. You must be familiar with the basic workout terminologies needed in the routine.
  • The support forum has not been working for the longest time. This critical resource has been under construction, and until now, it is still not operational. The program is highly-technical, and the absence of a support forum can be potentially dangerous.


Does Critical Bench Work?

When talking about building muscles, keep in mind that a lot of fitness enthusiasts and gym professionals are willing to teach you how to properly do it. But with so many programs today, how do you choose the right one? Overall, Critical Bench can deliver results. You can achieve more muscles through the bench press programs. You’re guaranteed great results when you use the program. Try to check the book so you can see how it can help you improve your body and your health in totality. The program is appealing to a specific target market.

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Regardless if you are an expert or just starting with your bench press routines, the Critical Bench program can help you understand more about lifting. Whether you lift to make you strong, to make you look good or even to both, this ten-week training cycle program will help you understand which muscles are important to your bench press, and which ones don’t matter.
Plus, Critical Bench goes deeper in its program, teaching you which of your muscles you need to train first before the other. With the right knowledge and sheer determination that you can achieve that to-die-for chest, Critical Bench is the perfect complement to your fitness routine.

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