Feel Good Knees Review

Feel Good Knees Review

The reason you are here is that you are trying to find an honest Feel Good Knees review before deciding whether or not to purchase the product. You’re in luck since we really tried the product for ourselves to test out all its claims.

Before anything else, the whole concept is not really innovative. In fact, you harken back to the ancient times when all the medications and technological tools were still not around. Back then, people were relying more on natural methods that worked.

However, over the years, these practices and habits were lost to promises of quick results with minimal results.

The inventor of this product, at least, knows what he’s talking about having spent a good chunk of his life learning the method directly from the Eastern masters. We’ll talk about the author at length later on in this Feel Good Knees review.

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What Is Feel Good Knees Review?

At its core, the Feel Good Knees is a series of easy-to-learn routines to help men and women over 45 years old. It doesn’t really claim to make your knees feeling like when you were 20 years old again. You can’t really bake a chocolate cake using just eggs as an ingredient. The best thing you can do is an omelet. But it’s going to be a heck of an omelet. Except for the lucky few, we are all plagued by pain and discomfort not just in the knees area but also on the leg, calves, and feet. But the fear of doing something about it keeps people from seeking relief. Instead, they just suffer as long as the discomfort is tolerable.

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However, you are going to risk injury this way because you may favor one leg over the other. Also, your good leg will also bear the brunt of the pressure and the weight which makes it vulnerable to injury, as well. The good thing about these workout routines is that you can do them even if you have a slight injury or moderate pain on your legs. (Of course, it’s always a good idea to secure the go signal from your doctor before proceeding with the workout). The concept is that your body is very much capable of healing itself.

The beauty about the Feel Good Knees routine is not just about exercise. It’s a multi-discipline approach to having a healthier lifestyle. So aside from the isometric workout routines to make your knees stronger, it also incorporates the best practices employed by physical therapists and physical fitness mentors. Coupled with a healthy diet, you are on your way to pain-free retirement. The idea is you avoid spending your pension and savings on expensive medications and hospitalization.

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Who Is Todd Kuslikis?

The Feel Good Knees is developed by Todd Kuslikis, a fitness instructor and a health buff who spent years trying to find a workout regimen that will help patients recover quickly from injuries. He was obsessed about finding that magic bullet, if you will, that will provide the trigger on how the body can naturally heal itself without spending a fortune for doctors and drugs. He was trained as a nurse in the University of Western Michigan but he felt that some of the teachings seem to overly reliant on medicines or surgery when the patient already incurred an injury. His journey took him to the East where he studied for 15 years the holistic concepts, which include traditional Chinese medicine, yoga, acupuncture, among others.

He soaked all the lessons until he was confident enough that he has the foundation that he can bring to the West. He took the best practices of the East and married them with his Western traditional training to come up with a unique product. The result is the Feel Good Knees program.

What Will You Learn From Feel Good Knees Review?

The foundation of the Feel Good Knees is a 5-minute routine that was taught to him at the Blue Heron Academy of Healing Arts and Sciences in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He then mixed that with the Eastern holistic teachings he learned on his journey to Asia. The whole program is broken down into sections, which makes it easy to follow.

For instance, by the time you finish going through the whole PDF, you would have encountered:

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  • Introduction Guide
  • Companion Guide
  • Pain Reduction Tracker
  • Video Library


You will not just receive a detailed information regarding the workout regimen but the author also explains the reasons why. It would be easier to get behind a program that you know.

When Todd Kuslikis wants you to do a hard routine, it’s better you understand why. The accompanying videos, meanwhile, will show you the how. In this way, you don’t second-guess whether what you are doing is right or wrong.

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You Will Also Learn How To Track Your Progress More Efficiently

The author really went out of his way to lay down the program as simple as possible. For the Feel Good Knees regimen, you will learn just three steps.

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  • Pain Eliminator Stage
  • Knee Rejuvenation Stage
  • Knee Renewal Stage


It will take you just five minutes daily for each stage to rehab your knee. However, each stage takes two weeks. For instance, you have 14 days of strictly following the routines in the Pain Eliminator Stage. And so on and so forth. The inventor claims that the workout routines will help reduce pain in your knees by 58%.

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The core of the program is the isometric workout. This is defined by an economy of movement. You exercise your muscles and joints without a wide range of motion. Isometric exercises have been proven to help avoid developing knee pains. They’ve also been known to help injured knees recover. Physical therapists across the globe are adopting the concept of static strength training to rehab patients.  Again, this is not new. In fact, you can find strength coaches all around the country who can teach you the basics of the static training.

Feel Good Knees Pros & Cons

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  • The Feel Good Knees program is a created by a trained nurse and a fitness instructor
  • The inventor really took the best practices of the East and West to come up with a unique program
  • Money-back guarantee
  • The program is based on years of clinical studies from independent researchers
  • The isometric workout is proven to be an effective method and that’s the foundation of the Feel Good Knees program
  • The routine is easy to follow
  • The whole routine doesn’t take much of your time
  • You don’t have to go to the gym or hire a physical therapist to make your knees better


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The disadvantages, meanwhile, are:

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  • Most of the isometric exercises outlined in the program can be found in physical therapist’s modules
  • Some of the exercises can get pretty monotonous, especially if you are doing them daily
  • The results may vary from individual to individual


Does The Feel Good Knees Work?

What Todd Kuslikis is offering here is not new. But it doesn’t mean that it’s not effective. If you stick to the routine as he outlined it very clearly for you, there’s no reason why your knees won’t feel better and be stronger.

It’s hard to say that it works the way as advertised because again, the results may vary. It may help alleviate your knee problems but the 58% pain reduction is quite specific.

Really, how do you measure that? At least the author had the sense not to guarantee 100% results.

Yet, this is not pseudo-science since isometric exercises are based on clinical studies. So in that token, the Feel Good Knees program should logically work.

What you will learn from the program should not be used as a substitute for a professional advice or regimen. If your physical therapist has prepared a therapy program for your knee, you should continue doing that.

Nevertheless, you get your money back so it’s a win-win for you. In effect, you are not actually risking anything. If you don’t like it, just contact the author and you can expect the money in your account in days.

You know the best thing? You have 60 days to decide whether you like the program. That’s how long the period for the money-back guarantee is. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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The trend nowadays is to go organic and natural. This is true for our food, beauty products, and even clothes. The idea is to be health-conscious while reducing the carbon footprint at the same time.

For those who are wary of holistic methods, the inventor is actually trained in traditional rehab and treatment methods. That means there’s a lot of science behind the program rather than wholly based on Eastern mysticism. To conclude this Feel Good Knees review, we think that it’s worth checking out. We did try out some of the routines, and although we don’t have an injury to heal, we understand the science behind it.

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