Forbidden Fitness Secrets Review

Forbidden Fitness Secrets Review

There are plenty of people who are convinced of the necessity to keep fit but they just can’t go to the gym on a regular basis. They may be too busy for that, an executive with a difficult schedule, or just a single parent. Or maybe the gym is not nearby their place. Or even they are the type who isn’t so sociable and don’t like interacting with others.

No matter the reason you can’t regularly get to the gym, fortunately, there is a way for you to keep fit in the comfort of your own home. You don’t necessarily need a gym membership in order to have an efficient fitness session.

Thanks to the internet, anyone can have a rigorous workout in the comfort of his or her own home. We will cover in this article the Forbidden Fitness Secrets review, to help you choose an effective fitness program. Ryan Murdock’s series of fitness videos are designed as a highly efficient all-in-one fitness program

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What Is Forbidden Fitness Secrets?

Forbidden Fitness Secrets Review

Forbidden Fitness Secrets is an online fitness program that comes as a series of instructional videos. The program is designed to teach its users how to get in shape effectively and quickly. The videos teach exercises based on the intrinsic strength concept. Virtually anyone can work out following the video instructions.

When a customer will purchase the Forbidden Fitness Secrets product they will receive an email with the download details. All of the instructional videos are hosted on a secure server. Customers can access their video training material at any time.

With an internet connection, you can watch these videos on any mobile device or any computer. The training material covers the basics of fat loss and muscle building in a very simple and accurate way. Anyone can understand the content and immediately follow the practical instructions. The program is up-to-date. After being for several years on the market, it has been improved steadily.

The Forbidden Fitness Secrets Guide Provides The Following Materials

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  • 6 software tools
  • 99 videos
  • Individual nutrition and training plans for your needs
  • More than 80 recipes (also Vegetarian and Vegan)


All exercises suggested by the training plan are explained in great detail.

Up-to-date, over 10,000 satisfied customers took advantage of the fitness instructions provided by the Forbidden Fitness Secrets guide. Due to the outstanding tools provided, users can quickly determine their calorie goal and calorie conversion. The program can save you a lot of time and support you achieve your fitness goals efficiently and quickly.

Forbidden Fitness Secrets

The Forbidden Fitness Secrets program is affordable as well. It costs only $64, after being discounted from $147. At this price, the program comes cheaper than attending an expensive fitness seminar or joining a gym. The quality of the Forbidden Fitness Secrets Guide is well worth its cost.

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Who Is Ryan Murdock?

The author of the Forbidden Fitness Secrets, Ryan Murdock is an expert in martial arts as well as in bodyweight training. He has experience training in some of the least forgiving environments in the world.

Ryan has been involved all his life in fitness and martial arts. He started back in his 6th grade. At age 15, he earned his black belt in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. For decades, Ryan’s fitness workouts were focused on enhancing the performance of his martial arts. This way, he was able to get in the year 2006 into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

His success in martial arts had lead to his high demand as a coach. Ryan demonstrated his programs on TV and has taught fitness seminars throughout Europe and North America. He got to work with rock stars of international fame, such as Steve Kilbey of The Church, guitar diva Lita Ford, and Jim Gillette of Nitro.

The author of the Forbidden Fitness Secrets is eager to research new programs, test new ideas, and keep updated on the new developments and trends in the fitness industry. He publishes fitness articles at Shapeshifter and BodyweightCoach.

What Will You Learn From Forbidden Fitness Secrets?

As the title suggests, the Forbidden Fitness Secrets guide will teach you some less known fitness tips and tricks. The video training series is based on the concept of intrinsic strength. It is also inspired by martial arts training. All exercises suggested in the training videos are explained in great detail.

This is among the best online fitness programs available on the market today. It comes with some outstanding tools. The training videos cater to people who want to shape up and build muscles. The dietary guidelines make also a useful addition for achieving your muscle building and fat loss goals.

Forbidden Fitness Secrets Reviews

The Forbidden Fitness Secrets program has the advantage of being available everywhere. With a working internet connection, you can access all its information and training videos on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The training videos can even be played on a smart TV set. This way you can pause the training in case of any unexpected break such as an injury or a disease.

The 12 weeks fitness training program includes 3 phases:

1 Kick-start – phase 1 (duration from 1 to 4 weeks)

The first phase is designed to help you lose weight fast. Your body is going through a low-carbohydrate diet. You will learn the basics of nutrition and training, being introduced to the program step-by-step.

2 Reshape – phase 2 (duration from 5th to 8th week)

The Reshape phase of the Forbidden Fitness Secrets program begins from the 5th week. There is even more focus on supporting nutrition on this phase, your dietary guidelines being adapted to your personal fitness success. During this time the training is also more intense, helping you to build muscle and lose more kilos.

best Forbidde Fitness Secrets review

3 Feel-Good – phase 3 (duration from 9th to 12th week)

During this phase, you will continue to streamline your body through intensive training. The goal of this final phase is to maintain a low level of fat and further shape the body.

The training plan focuses on effective yet simple training. You will train exclusively with the weight of your own body on this bodyweight workout program. This way, you can train where and when you want with this completely flexible home workout system.

No expensive or sophisticated equipment is needed to complete the program. You only need a home exercise kit or a gym. In order to avoid any injuries, the emphasis is on the correct movement execution and the right technique. The recommended training session time is 20 minutes, 3 times a week.

The Fitness program also provides 130 different recipes (from which 30 are vegan) in its nutrition guide in PDF format. Access to a closed Facebook group ensures users’ motivation during the entire 12-week. There you can interact with other users and share your issues, successes, and experiences.

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Forbidden Fitness Secrets Pros & Cons

There are many pros to Ryan Murdock’s fitness program:

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  • The program is based on moderate training time (only 3 x 20 minutes workouts per week)
  • It comes with a useful nutrition guide
  • With a tablet or smartphone, consumers access the content anywhere they are
  • You don’t need to be a martial artist or fitness expert to benefit from it.
  • The workouts are designed to develop increased strength and energy levels.
  • Access to a big Facebook community that provides users with high motivation
  • The training videos provide detailed step-by-step instructions


Forbidden Fitness Secrets work


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  • Not every user of this fitness program can expect to achieve their fitness and weight management goals within 12 weeks.


Does Forbidden Fitness Secrets Work?

Yes, as reported by many users, Ryan Murdock’s program really works. The author is a reputable fitness expert and accomplished martial artist. His expertise guarantees the guidelines and training videos included in this program are efficient and science-based.

This fitness system is based on intrinsic strength. The training videos will teach you how to simultaneously build intrinsic strength and lean. This way, you will achieve a well-shaped and healthy body. Elements of this program are also based on martial arts training. The workouts are accessible to anyone. They are intense, yet simple to perform.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, the training videos are suitable for everyone. Women also complete the program successfully. The program will get you slowly and step-by-step through 3 training phases during a 12-week period. For people who try to lose weight, these exercises and dietary guide are also a great choice.

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If you want to get stronger and in great shape then the Forbidden Fitness Secrets can make a great investment. The instructions are easy to follow and the workouts only require 20 minutes, 3 times a week. Many users of this fitness program have achieved their goals. There are lots of positive reviews coming from satisfied customers. In fact, this is one of the best online fitness programs available on the market today, based on research and actual science. It is flexible, easily accessible online, and comes at an affordable price. For all these reasons, we highly recommend you the Forbidden Fitness Secrets program.

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