Language of Desire Review

Language of Desire Review

Get ready for this Language of Desire review. In it, we are going to tell you about this interesting program that will be a killer when it comes to your romance game.

You might not know the right things to say when trying to attract a mate, but after reading this review you will have a clear idea of what you need to get started.

You will see that the language of love isn’t so hard after all. You yourself can unlock the secrets of sexual desire with ease.

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What Is Language of Desire?

Language of Desire Review

This is a program puts a focus on sparking the fires in your relationship with your partner. When you first read it, it seems like it’s just teaching you how to talk dirty to your partner. But as it goes on, you see it becomes more than just that.

Granted you have to unlock the members area of the site for that, but it is a good resource. There you will find the keys to making your man feel like he is #1, getting him to unleash his deepest fantasies, and the craziest of all: massaging his mental G-Spot.

Yes, it is a lot of info. But don’t feel silly or discouraged. Get to the meat and potatoes of the program, and you will learn what makes a man tick and what makes women like you desirable.

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Who is Felicity Keith?Felicity Keith

Okay, don’t get discouraged when we tell you this, but Felicity Keith is not a guru. She is also not a psychologist or a scientist. She is just a 42-year-old mom who uses real life experience to prove her points. That’s right- she is just like you and me. 

After an embarrassing moment with her own man, she made a promise to herself to fulfill her sexual needs. She went out and wrote down what made men attracted to her as she searched for her new mate. And now she has compiled her findings into an organized eBook for all women to learn from.

What Will You Learn from Language of Desire?

By following the well-organized members area, you will follow ten modules or sections through the course. Each module has 4 to 5 sections with worksheets filled with activities you will enjoy. You will learn to unlock the secrets of your man’s psyche and even your own.

One of the modules is called Become a Sexual Superwoman” and you will learn to overcome being labeled a certain way. You will learn to be sexually liberated and free yourself from preconceived notions of what it means to be sexually free. In other words, don’t worry what names others are calling you.

Language of Desire

You are also going to learn some interesting stuff about the Male psyche and chemistry. For example, why do men enjoy pornography? What can you do to become the object of their desires? What makes a healthy relationship?

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What Do Men Need to Feel Desired and Wanted?

These and other questions will be answered, and the knowledge will be yours for the taking.

Each section is available in an mp3 format, so you can take it on the road with you and listen while riding the train or heading to work. Felicity Keith has a nice voice, so she is a welcome sound in the morning.

You will learn about what is called silent seduction or using body language to get your man closer to you both emotional and intimate ways.

And lastly, you will learn of 200 different text messages you can use to step up how you text him. These messages will get him hot and wanting you right when he gets home.

Language of Desire Pros & Cons

Let’s look at the pros and Cons so you can make a decision about whether or not you want to buy this.


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  • Works for any woman of any age, in any part of her relationship.
  • Even if you are just dating this set of tactics will work for you.
  • Keeps your sexual life spicy if it already is that way- and if not, rekindle that fire.
  • Learn how to be sassy and sultry to get the men flocking to you with ease.
  • Stop thinking that you have to be this “good girl”. This will help you get rid of the mindset that promotes sexual insecurity and gets you sexual confidence.
  • You will learn to stop feeling embarrassed and silly about making dirty talk and get it to work for you. You won’t feel shame or embarrassment anymore.
  • You will unlock your man’s desires too and get him to make you his #1 priority. You will be in total control!


Does Language of Desire work

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  • Some may find the dirty talk uncomfortable at first. Others may not get over it at all. It is important to remember that not every woman is suited to do this, and it is okay.
  • You have to be comfortable with your sexuality for this. Make sure you are emotionally ready.
  • This is an eBook only download, not suited for those who want a physical book to carry around.


Does Language of Desire Work?

Absolutely. Felicity Keith is knowledgeable about what she does. And remember, she was upfront and honest about her expertise. She mentioned straightaway that she is not a psychologist or guru. She is just a mom like all of us who put her real experience to work and made it into a book.

She wrote it in an easy way so all of us women understand it. And she explains each part in detail, so you can not only get the advice, but see how it works. And from that, you can easily apply it to your life and SEE it working.

language of desire reviews

Another reviewer said she personally used it and could not believe how well it worked. Granted she used it correctly and enjoyed how it gave her such empowerment.

And in case you needed an extra bit of encouragement, a reviewer named Carol says, “This program is awesome!”

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Get ready to become a dangerous woman. You are going to gather some crazy awesome power that is going to drive your man wild.

He won’t be able to stay off you. And if he is acting like he is simply too tired or not interested, you will have phrases and techniques at your disposal to get him to come to you.

You have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. It may feel silly, but don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Get the program and get the men to fall at your feet!

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