Manifestation Miracle Review

Manifestation Miracle Review

So, what is the Manifestation Miracle?  In this Manifestation Miracle review, we are going to answer that question for you and more.  In short, it is a personal development seminar and course that makes a big promise to bring you prosperity and serenity. You are basically using the law of attraction to bring what you want over your way.

What is the Law of Attraction, you may ask? Well, to be frank, it just means that you are what you put into the world. It’s what people mean when they say, “You get what you give.” Meaning, if you act in a positive way, you will bring positive experiences, people and outcomes your way.  It’s why people tell you to think positive. You’ll likely have a more favorable outcome to whatever it is you’re facing when you think positive.

Let’s dive deeper and find out if this is for you.

manifestation miracle reviews

What is the Manifestation Miracle?

manifestation miracle

The Manifestation Miracle is a course created by Heather Matthews. It’s designed to develop your personality in such a way that fosters wealth, optimal health, and happiness. You do it all by using the law of attraction. So, be sure that you believe in the law of attraction if you’re serious about this product.

You will learn how to use your mind power to channel the right energies and acquire what it is you seek. You can literally learn how to manifest a miracle using these energies taught to you in the 162-page eBook.  Mind you, there are other materials, too-some guides and videos accompany the eBook.

The e-book is quite comprehensive in its topics. Along with the extra content, you get a complete rundown of how to improve all areas of life. This includes areas like health, money, happiness, love, and spirituality. Each segment goes into its own category, so you don’t need to worry about mixing up techniques as you learn. Plus, you can go back with ease to re-read if you didn’t quite understand something.

The video segment includes live hosts, not just a computer voice or phony actors. Mark Ling, the first host, is a self-made New Zealand native. He is a millionaire today-formerly he delivered pizzas. Brooke Ryan, the co-host is a hypnotist with an honors degree in psychology. You can hear from real people how the course helped them.

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Who is Heather Matthews?

heather matthews manifestation miracle

Ms. Matthews is a life coach, energy flow coach, and creator of the Manifestation Miracle course. She’s also a law of attraction specialist.  It might seem at first, she’s telling the story about herself-but that’s not the case. She’s really using her expertise.  Heather is also a blogger-at the Manifestation Miracle website, you can find many articles by Heather with topics like “Can Hypnosis Really Help You to Manifest More Money?” and “Do You Have a Rich Brain?”

It is worth noting that some of this product is the work of Mark Ling, one of the hosts during the video segment. As we stated earlier, Mark Ling is a millionaire entrepreneur who used the techniques to become what he is today. Between Heather’s expertise and Mark’s real-life experience, the program has a lot to offer.

Manifestation Miracle Contents

Here we are going to talk about two sorts of contents-what you get inside your order, and what sort of topics you will cover.

Here is what’s in your box:

  1. Manifestation Miracle eBook-over a hundred pages of good, solid information that may help if you take it seriously
  2. Audio version of the eBook-great if you’re in the car, exercising, or at work
  3. Videos that feature Mark Ling and hypnotist Brooke Ryan
  4. A bonus called “Abundant Wealth”- we will certainly cover this a little later on and it is important!
  5. Powerful Mind Tracks-these tracks deliver health, wealth, and happiness by using brainwave entrainment technology
  6. Some more bonuses to help you achieve your optimum in wealth, health and happiness.

In the actual eBook, the table of contents comes in various parts in which you will have chapters to go through as you complete the journey. There are five parts in total.

Part One is about setting you up for success-it is titled “You are Destined for Success.”

Part Two is helping you get in tune with your true destiny- as the title states “Getting in Tune with Your Personal Destiny.”

Part Three is about using vibrations to get what you need- “Raising the Roof with Your Energetic Vibrations.”

Part Four is about being mindful of your emotions- “The Happiness Factor”.

Part Five is about applying what you’ve learned and retaining it- “The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow.”

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the manifestation miracle

destiny tuning

What Will You Learn from The Manifestation Miracle?

There is a TON of things to learn from this course. As with anything, it’s about the amount of work you put into it that shows what you’ll get back.

Get Deep into your Own Heart and Soul

In the first portion of the book, you learn the exact definition of manifestation. You probably already know, but if there’s any confusion, it is all becomes clear here. You get deep into your own heart and soul here and unearth the thoughts and feelings that become suppressed in your everyday life. You personally might feel a little surprised at what you find.

Recognise your Own Potential

In part two, you get in touch with your personal destiny. You learn how to find the real you. You learn how to let go of what’s holding you back. You get around those roadblocks that prevent you from getting what you want. You recognise your own potential here, and you begin to realize that you CAN do whatever you want to do or achieve.

Learn Some Fun Exercises

The third part gets you to feel the drive or desire for what you want. In these five chapters, you will deal with the vision that you must have in order to have the program work for you. This chapter is here to make sure you don’t fail at using the law of attraction. So many people attempt to use this technique and they do not make it. Why? Because they feel silly or they don’t fully believe in themselves. This chapter gets you out of that mindset by way of some exercises that are easy to do and fun.

Learn How to Face Adversity and Maintain Positive Mindset

Part Four is where the miracle begins to take shape and come together. No matter what is going on in your life, you will learn to keep on believing in the miracle.

You will learn to build on the power of the positive vibrations currently present in your life to make sure things remain changed for the better. You will face many tests against your new mindset, but you must do your best to remain faithful to the teachings of the Manifestation Miracle. The more you do this, the more you will easily overcome the obstacles in your way.

Learn to Apply the Principles

Part Five is where you learn to apply the principles of the Manifestation Miracle to your life for always. You will get what you want or need just by thinking in a positive way. And it is all because of your changed mindset!

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Pros and Cons

Now we will sum up the good and the not so good for you. As with any program, nothing is ever perfect. Therefore, it is important we talk about it so that you can decide what’s best for you.

Manifestation Miracle Pros

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  • 3 out of 5-star rating
  • $47 is not a lot to pay to harness the great thinking this course teaches. Plus, you get a LOT of material to learn from.
  • Course material is easy for everybody to understand. Even if you don’t know about or believe the law of attraction, you can learn it easily from this course.
  • You can learn at your own pace. They give you a schedule to follow, but you can really learn on your own.
  • Audio is great for people on the go, or for those who don’t like reading.
  • You get a recap at the end of every chapter that ties it all together. Its It’s great way to check for understanding and make sure you have a grip on the material.
  • Digital format means you take it anywhere- the train, your break at work, the waiting room.
  • 60-day money back guarantee, in case you desire to return the product.


Manifestation Miracle Cons

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  • Thelearning, while done at your own pace, is rather rushed. This is not practical for everybody. The recommended way of learning is to learn one thing after the other in succession with no real test or application after. This can be confusing for some who would rather learn by doing instead of just learning by reading.
  • Topics can be repetitive at times. Of course, you want to show how they all fit with each other, but it just gets to be irksome when they’re talking about something we already discussed a chapter or so back.
  • Beware of the upsells. There is a $37 per month fee for what’s called the Amazing Self series. The primary text tells you all you need for effective meditation. Furthermore, this $37 is a recurring fee. Don’t fall into the trap.
  • Digital books are the way of the future, but some people want a physical copy. If you absolutely need a physical copy, this may not be for you.


Manifestation Miracle Bonuses

There are a number of useful bonuses included with your purchase. First, you get the audio, which is nice. Then you get this Abundant Success Kit, which is a workbook. So, it will help you to apply your new skills. You get Mind Tracks, which are strong, powerful affirmations for money, love, success and wealth. These work by using brain wave entrainment technology to influence the subconscious.

manifestation miracle bonus

Money Mind Flood System is also included. It’s by Mark Ling and it offers you meditative tracks that help you get into the best state of mind faster.

Altogether, the bonuses are well worth it and provide a nice touch to the material.

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In closing, this program is really a cut above the rest. For the price, you can’t beat it. The text is very easy to read and understand. The techniques are really good, and you’ll marvel at how your mindset changes. The power of the meditative tracks and the videos included are a nice touch.  Seeing Mark Ling, who really made it with this technique, is encouraging. Plus, you learn to put it all together for continuing success. Practice makes perfect. Overall, it’s a very useful program with a lot to offer. You just have to put in the work.

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