Mend the Marriage Review

Mend the Marriage Review

mend the marriageMarriage isn’t always easy. Rough patches are normal in any relationship and Brad Browning knows this. He can help you get your marriage back on track and help you get back on your feet.

Without judgement and without any difficulty, Browning will take you through the simple common mistakes that can plague any marriage.

You may even feel like you’re the only one that’s trying to get your marriage back on track, but Brad Browning knows this and understands it. Even with this feeling, Browning will take you through the solutions methodically and with ease.

It’s all about rebuilding the bond with your spouse. With Browning’s mend the marriage review, it’ll become a lot easier in no time. He’ll set you on the right track right away. Then, after that everything between you and your spouse will be so much easier.

Who Is Brad Browning?

mend the marriage reviews Brad Browning

Brad Browning is a counsellor. He knows about relationships. He knows how to help fix them.

This relationships coach will feel immediately as if he’s talking to you and only you. In his one on one seminars, you’ll feel like he’s known you for a lifetime.

More than this, though, it’ll also feel like he understands your spouse.

This is because he’s been proclaimed as a “divorce geek”. He knows how marriages work. He knows how they don’t work. He knows what can help you get back on your feet.

In essence, he feels like a friend. More than just a counsellor that sits there and talks at you, Browning offers practical advice. He can help, and he does.

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What Will You Learn From Mend the Marriage?

Marriage Mistakes

First of all, you’ll learn about the mistakes, the pitfalls.

Most marriages have many common mistakes and pitfalls, but some have more dangerous ones than others.

Browning understands, however, that it isn’t always the severity of the mistake. It’s not always the problem at hand that’s causing difficulties.

For example, if your spouse is leaving their shoes everywhere on the carpet you’ve spent months on, this can cause an issue. However, what issue it causes depends on the relationship itself more than the mistake.

So, if your marriage is going well, an argument about shoes is simply that. However, if it isn’t going so well there will be underlying factors and sub text in your argument.

mend my marriage

Browning recognizes this and so instead of simply looking at the mistakes, he looks at the background. He looks at the underlying issues that are causing the friction or the arguments.

Then there are bigger mistakes. Browning has you covered here as well. A good relationship can get through anything, and it should. If there’s still a future there, a larger mistake can be fixed and forgotten, even infidelity. There is a kit and exercises to deal with such mistakes as these.

It’s all about looking at the reasons the mistake happened and understanding them. Then, it’s about working towards a better, more fulfilling future.

Marriage Mending

Then, after you understand the mistakes plaguing your marriage, you’ll learn how to overcome them and start fixing them.

This is what the course does so well. Browning doesn’t simply look at the mistakes and tell you what you’re doing wrong. Browning also tells you how to do the right thing.

It’s very much in your hands, and so long as you really want to fix everything, it’ll work.

mend a marriage

After the underlying issues are dealt with, Browning helps you learn how to continue. Then, when you know how to continue, Browning’s job is done.

The course is therefore all about teaching you. It’s not about telling you what to do. At times you may think something he is saying is obvious. This doesn’t mean you’ll know what to do to fix it, though.

Then, when you’re having less arguments over silly things, there can be more progress.

This is a crucial time in the course. When the issues are fixed, and you don’t know where to go next. When you know that you have to get to know your spouse once more.

Browning has you covered, though, as he will help you get to know your spouse again and get that spark back.

The course doesn’t leave you thinking “now what”. You get taught the tools you need in order to stop the issues once and for all. Then you get the tools to fall in love again.

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Mend the Marriage Pros & Cons


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The pros are many, but they are extremely simple.

  • It works

This is the simplest and yet the most important pro of the course. After all, there would be no point doing it, even at its modest price, if it didn’t work.

  • It helps for the future

Not only does it work in the here and now, when you’ve finished the course, you’ll know what to do.

  • It doesn’t feel like a waste of time

Also, a very important one. After you go through the course, you won’t find yourself falling into old habits.

  • It’s practical

There are so many elements to the course that you can find the one right for you.

  • It’s fun

It can be a heavy time for anyone when a marriage is going through difficulties. It’s great, then, that this course helps lighten the load.



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  • One glove fits all?

There are common issues that cause marriages to break down. There are patterns. At the same time, however, it can be grating to hear about infidelity when the problems are less complicated.

  • Simplistic?

At the same time, it can feel a bit watered down. In order to accommodate every marriage going through difficulties, it can feel like some of the course is simplified.

  • Dense at times

At other times it can feel a little dense. This can be for the opposite reason that it felt simplistic.

  • Commitment

This is more to do with you than the course. You have to be certain you do want to fix the marriage. But you can also think that you are and then backtrack.

  • Is it your work?

If there’s just some difficulty and some things to work through, it can feel like you could’ve done it yourself.


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Does Mend the Marriage Work?

The Start

The course does work, however, and very well. At the beginning you’ll be seeing the insight Browning has into relationships. As time goes on you’ll be relating to the course more and more.

So, when you’re simply looking through the issues and wondering where it all went wrong, this course is there. It can tell you and it can tell you very well where things are going wrong.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge will be the first step into fixing your marriage. This course helps you get that knowledge and puts you on the first step with ease.

Then through practical help you’ll start doing simple things in order to make things better. You’ll see the results very quickly.

mend the marriage review

The End

Then, at the end, the course doesn’t leave you.

Instead, the course trains you in a sense. It doesn’t just end and have you wondering what to do next.

When the issues have started to be solved, there is a more difficult step ahead. It’s not simply “why do we argue so much?” “Great, now we’ve stopped” because that just papers over cracks.

Instead of papering over the cracks, it fills them, and it fixes them.

The foundations of your marriage will instantly feel a lot stronger. It won’t feel like it’s the same without the arguing. No, it’ll feel like it felt when you first got married.

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What you’re doing is your own work. Yes, it can feel at times like it isn’t. Yet, you’ll look back and you’ll know for a fact that, actually, it was.

This is because the course acts as a guide and as a friend. It doesn’t tell you what you have to do. It lets you know where you’ve been going wrong. It advises you how to change it.

That’s probably the best thing about this course. While you’ll still have Browning to thank, you’ll also have yourselves to thank. Browning simply gives you the tools to put you on a journey towards the ways things once were.

You will get there.

It may be difficult to think of this course now. You may be thinking in your head that you can fix it yourself. At the same time, you may feel as if everything you do to try and make things better makes them worse.

If this is you, then it’s well worth picking up this course. It’s cheap, and it’ll help both men and women separately and with insight and understanding into your marriage.

By the end you’ll simply feel like you sat down with a coffee with a friend. Then they helped you fix your marriage by giving you good, practical advice.

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