Metabolic Cooking Review

Metabolic Cooking Review

If you are like most people, you love food. It is the stuff of happiness-when we feel happy, we eat. Every celebration such as weddings, birthdays, holidays and anniversaries are celebrated with a good meal and getting together with family.

It all tastes absolutely wonderful. But if you are not careful, it can catch up to you fast. And if you are trying to lose weight by working out, your efforts can be sabotaged if you don’t eat the right foods.

That’s where this Metabolic Cooking Reviewcomes in. We are going to give you a great rundown of this amazing program and show you how to eat your way to a slim, fit body! The foods taste great, and you won’t have any trouble preparing them.

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What Is Metabolic Cooking?

Metabolic Cooking is a method by which you will eat delicious food in order to achieve your own fat loss. This food literally helps you burn fat by eating!

Bear in mind that this is NOT a diet. You will not feel hungry, or have to buy crazy, fancy foods at posh grocery stores to make this plan work. Metabolic cooking is a plan that uses natural, delicious foods you get at your neighborhood grocery store to make great-tasting meals.

You literally buy foods and prepare them in such a way that BURNS up the fat from your body! Metabolic Cooking is formatted like recipe cards, the kind your grandma or mom kept in a box in on the fridge. You find them online after you purchase the product, and they show you just how easy it is to get started.

metabolic cooking review

The steps to each recipe are few and far between. Some of the recipes have lots of ingredients, but just make a careful list before grocery shopping so you don’t miss anything. The recipes are varied, and you will find many to keep you happy and full.

There are even things like muffins, which you think would be off-limits to dieters! You also find lots of fish, veggies, chicken, and lean meats in these recipes. Therefore, you will never get bored of what you’re eating! You will find plenty of your favorite staple foods plus some new favorites.

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Who Is Karine Losier?

Karine Losier is the author of this product. She is a French-Canadian woman with a master’s Degree in Psychology, and she got her inspiration by working with clients who were just having trouble losing weight.

Karine author

These people could not lose any weight and were confused as to why. She really wanted to help-these people were getting depressed and frustrated about shedding their extra pounds.

Eventually it became clear to Karine what was going on. Her clients would gain back the weight they lost and then some. They couldn’t stick to any eating regimen. So Karine told them what she knew: They weren’t failing the diet. It was failing them.

Karine eventually met David Ruel, and he taught her a few important things about cookbooks aimed at dieters.  Dave Ruel is a personal trainer, nutritionist, and bodybuilder. His own website indicates that he is the recipient of many degrees and certifications relating to training and nutrition.

The two decided to use their powers for good and create a cooking program that would keep people from getting bored with their food and stick to the program for the best lifestyle change possible.

Karine and Dave immediately set to work creating recipes that would rid the body of fat in record time, and get people excited about their progress. They worked to design three rules that would ensure max fat burn but only require minimal effort to be put forth.

What Will You Learn from Metabolic Cooking?

Perhaps the most important thing that you learn from Metabolic Cooking is the three big problems that come with most healthy-eating cookbooks.

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  • They are filled with recipes that don’t even help you lose fat. Most of the ingredients in these books are wrong. Anybody who knows about healthy eating can tell you that these books are heavy on the use of grains and flour. This means too many simple carbs.


  • The recipes are hard to make. They are super complicated for the average busy adult. Consumers often love what the dishes look like upon completion, but all the effort that goes into making it is not feasible for a working adult who probably has some kids on top of regular daily duties.

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  • Lastly, the cookbooks often perpetuate the cycle of the same foods over and over again. Dieters following the recipe become bored, and it is no wonder they fall off the diet wagon. Not only is boredom a factor, but the body’s metabolism is not supercharged, as it is used to processing the same foods over and over again.


All these changes when you read Metabolic Cooking. You will learn about uncomplicated and lovely recipes, and lots of them.

Your system will be in a constant state of burn as it processes all these good foods. By feeding your body the food it needs, you can burn it all up and get slimmer!

You will also learn about some cool tricks that Karine has perfected over the years, so you can have the fancy-chef taste without spending years at a culinary school or hiring a private chef.

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Most Important Meal

 Another great thing that you learn is how at breakfast, you need to eat a balance of carbs, protein and fats to burn more calories throughout the day. You will also learn that a hearty, good breakfast will burn you more calories, too. And you will also learn that eating breakfast means you can control your eating for the rest of the day.

You also learn about the stuff that’s in food that will give you the strength and power you need. For example, you learn about the vitamins in chicken and the tryptophan in turkey.

And do not get us started on the super smoothies that you get in this recipe book. The best protein one is without a doubt the Pina Colada smoothie. It is like a vacation in a cup.

metabolic cooking

You are going to learn that there are really not many steps to making delicious meals that help you burn fat. It is surprising just how easy it really is. The recipes are so well organized, too. You also learn that some stuff really isn’t off limits, either-for example, we saw muffins on the list, as mentioned earlier.

You will also learn about how important protein is to your diet. Many of these foods focus on protein and not a lot of wheat or dairy. This makes the foods very suitable for those with a sensitivity to gluten and dairy, or with Celiac disease. The meals focus on how lean protein will keep you feeling fuller, longer.

You get this by consuming lean chicken, lean turkey, and other meat sources. You can also eat nuts and protein powder to get the levels where they need to be in terms of protein grams. The eBook recommends a protein powder from the company known as BioTrust.

The Most Important Thing

 All this is well and good, and you are going to love making up your new recipes. But perhaps the most important thing to be gleaned from this website is that it really isn’t your fault if your past diets weren’t working for you.

If you followed everything to the tee and didn’t get any results, you likely gave up and maybe gained back what you had lost! This program shows you that you can do it, and you just need the right foods to do so.

You learn that by following some good recipes and treating yourself and your family to good, delicious, healthy foods, you can achieve your goals. This means you can eat the foods you love and avoid feelings of sadness, guilt or frustration when done.

You learn about the power of psychology and how your feelings affect how you eat. This knowledge is power and will bring you home to your goal of a fit body.

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Metabolic Cooking Pros & Cons

Now we will talk about the Pros and Cons of this program, so that you can make an informed decision about when to buy. Like everything, you have to look at the good and the bad.


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  • Ingredients are easy to find in local shops and markets. No need to order fancy foods from far away.
  • Instructions are easy to follow. All recipes are between five and 10 steps, so there are no long, drawn out recipes that will take up all your time.
  • All nutrition information is readily available. That way, if you are counting calories, you can easily write them down or put them into your food diary. If you are counting macros, you can easily know the number of carbs, proteins and such to keep an eye on it with ease.
  • It is written by a great husband and wife team who know their stuff, and who want to make you happy and fit! You are getting expert advice.
  • Upon going to the website, I learned that the price is only $10. What a small price to pay for health and wellness in cooking.
  • Plenty of great success stories to inspire you.


metabolic cooking 8


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  • It seems to lack exercise help, despite Dave, the co-author, being a fitness expert. There could be more tips in here about working out and exercising.
  • There is no real clear explanation about how these books burn fat and boost metabolism. We believe it, but there is just no information in the book about it.
  • eBooks can be a little hard on the eyes.


Does Metabolic Cooking Work?

In short, yes. This program absolutely will work for you. The first evidence that we have of this is the testimonials that are found upon the main website. You will see photos of men and women like you, who just followed the program to success.

Secondly, the program is based upon science from two people who really know what they are talking about. You learn about what is safe to eat at certain points during the day, as some foods are “fat burning friendly”.

Metabolic work

You learn about adapting your food to fit your metabolism-changing up what it is you are eating to ensure your body is always burning up what you put into it. New foods mean your body will work hard to digest. Then you will eat foods proven to burn fat.

It is so easy to choose the foods from the list of approved ingredients and immediately double your efforts with the unique and tasty food combinations. No guesswork involved here-just great tasting meals for you and everybody in your family.

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This program will serve you and your family well. Even though the program does have its downsides, the valuable information that you learn from this program outweigh any cons.

You are going to get nine whole books filled with good foods to enjoy, plus a big list of bonuses that will make it worth your while with nine great books to choose from, you don’t have to worry about getting bored with what you are eating.

The ingredients are all family-friendly and easy to find, so that will make your journey to health and fitness even easier.

Altogether, get ready to eat some great food, learn about new and tasty meals to make, and have fun doing it all. You and your family will enjoy the great taste, and your body will look great, too!

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