MI40 Review

MI40 Review

Are you ready to get the best body of your life? Are you ready to get ripped, and have a great physique, in a short amount of time? Well, get ready to learn about MI40 in our MI40 Review. We will look at the program from all angles to give you a great look.

You will learn from a master of the craft, Ben Pakuluski, who promises great results-if you can put in the work. So, don’t just stand there! Check out our review for a great look at a program that will change your life, if you let it!

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What Is MI40?

 This is a gym program that promises twice the muscle in half the time, according to the main site. This program has taken over the workout world and has turned training on its head.

No matter if you are a novice or an old pro at pumping iron, you are gonna be sorry you simply didn’t pick it up sooner.

As a member, you will gain access to a six-week program that is going to give you amazing results. The workouts are specially formulated to give you explosive muscle growth, and the shredded body you want.

mi40 reviews

Whether you are looking to compete in a figure competition, look good for a vacation or show yourself you can do it, this program can help.

You will gain access to exclusive workout videos on the MI40 website. You will also gain access to some premium videos, too, as well as articles about bodybuilding and fitness written by experts for all fitness minded people.

You’ll also learn about some great recipes you can follow to make sure you stay on track, never get bored of what you are eating, and have fun while doing it. Best of all you get support from the private community with other people just like you, who are working hard and getting ripped!

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Who Is Ben Pakulski?

Ben Pakulski is an IFBB pro bodybuilder and a total beast! He is educated and athletic, making him a credible creator for such a great program. He was educated at the University of Western Ontario, having earned his degree in Kinesiology. Ben has appeared in many different magazines dealing with fitness and health.

Ben Pakulski author

They call him the Pak-Man, and that is definitely a worthy title. He eats up the competition! He has placed in the Mr. Olympia competition, the Arnold Classic, and even won Mr. Canada in 2008. Ben has been interested in health and nutrition since age 12 and began lifting weights at age 15.

He worked with several health and fitness experts over the years, honing and perfecting his skills in nutrition and the sport of weightlifting. Now he contributes to other peoples’ success by offering help through this great program.

What Will You Learn From MI40?

 You are going to learn how to get a ripped and shredded body with no BS, plain and simple. You will learn about a full nutrition and workout program that is going to deliver results. And you are going to learn it from a guy who has the degrees and the experience to prove it.

You’ll learn through intense exercise and serious nutrition that this is the best way to build muscle and increase your gains.

You will also learn about what supplements to take in order to get the physique that matches Ben’s. (There isn’t a way to gain what he has unless you take some supplements).

Ben will show you what to do, however. He indicates that you must optimize what your body is doing on the inside if you want it to look good on the outside.

He also teaches that if your body isn’t treated as a whole-as in, if you don’t take care of the whole thing-breakdowns will occur. Gains will be short lived and short term. And don’t worry-there are no steroids used to achieve these results.

mi40mi40 review

Gain Some Knowledge About The Basics Of Nutrition

 The supplements themselves are a great learning experience-they are the basic stuff that we already know works. This is stuff like creatine, BCAAs, casein, omega-3’s and whey. And he also tells you the best vitamins and minerals to take as well. You will become well-versed in supplementing your gains.

You’ll also gain some knowledge about the basics of nutrition. You are going to learn how to build lean mass, and you will do this by having a medium-high protein intake from a number of balanced sources, and by NOT omitting any fats or carbs.

You’ll learn how to follow your macros. Carbs will be post-workout, and in the evening hours. You can even follow pre-set meal plans, so if you’re new to this stuff, you don’t have to worry about messing it up.

You will also learn some really strong training techniques, too. For example, you learn such principles as time under tension, neurological overload, how to do good range of motion, and how to increase your torque. Every exercise comes with a helpful video, a great value-add.

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MI40 Pros and Cons

 Let’s look at the pros and cons so you can decide if it is right for you.


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  • Good, solid info for anybody who anybody who wants to know about nutrition and fitness and build lean muscle mass.
  • The guy who wrote it has a degree plus real life experience!
  • There is a gym in Florida dedicated to Pak-Man’s training techniques.
  • There is a money-back guarantee on the product.
  • Videos are good quality and easy to follow.
  • You get good results if you follow the instructions closely and do the work.
  • Ben even shares his secrets via an audio recording!


Ben Pakulski


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  • 7 Day Detox might be a little much. Your body already naturally detoxes.
  • Some of this stuff is a bit on the pseudo-science side of things. Use your judgement.
  • Twice the muscle in half the time is what SOME achieve, not all. Do your best.
  • You will get upsold on some add-ons, can be slightly annoying.


Does MI40 Work?

 Absolutely. In constructing our review, we came across the story of a young man named Chad. Chad is a pretty muscular looking dude. Granted, we only saw a few photos of him, but his arms and chest are not that of a skinny little kid.

mi40 works

He followed the Mass Intentions 40 program with the idea of getting some muscle-not too much, but enough to look and feel good. He was struggling to put some weight on, eating tons of food, and spending tons of dollars on protein powders and other junk that just was not cutting it.

In his quest, he stumbled upon Ben Pakulski’s articles in Flex magazine. He bought the program (even though his fiancé was really skeptical, and it helped him out a ton.

Not only did he get the built-but-not-too-bulky-body he wanted, but he also ended up saving some money, too. He does not need to go to the gym any longer, as he is following the system that is giving him the body he always wanted.

Plus, there are other favorable reviews listed on other websites, and some really good YouTube reviews that can tell you all you need to know. Ben is a pro bodybuilder-just take this good advice and run with it!

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This is a good program all around. Like anything, it has its drawbacks, but what doesn’t? The program is founded on solid principles of good nutrition and very intense exercise coupled with supplements to get your body where you want it.

You can be like Chad and get fit, or you can be like Pak-Man and strive for the ultimate goal. The program is really what you make of it.

The best thing to do is try it out for yourself-it is likely you will really love it if you can put in the amount of work. There are other favorable reviews online from people like you. Check it out!

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