My Cellulite Solution Review

My Cellulite Solution Review

Cellulite, a condition that is common to around 80 to 90 percent of women, remains a major concern for many. According to researches, the skin condition that forms lumps found on buttocks, thighs, and abdomen, is sex-related. The women’s skin structure was found to allow the protrusion of the underlying fat. The protrusion commonly shows up as similar to a rippled orange peel. For those who are not keen on following a strict diet, a lot of options are found in the market. These options include getting a laser treatment, firming lotions and creams, or diet pills. However, some may find these options expensive and unsafe.

To reduce the appearance of cellulite, a lot of women are taking bold steps to learn about adopting better lifestyles. To learn more about how to reduce your cellulite’s appearance, there is a current rave on a program called My Cellulite Solution.

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What Is My Cellulite Solution?

My Cellulite Solution is a three-step program made for women who want to get rid of their cellulite. The program promises users to get rid of their cellulite problem effectively without spending a lot of money. Getting rid of cellulite is a rather challenging task. But My Cellulite Solution is confident in vowing to produce good results. It promises you of getting a good-looking skin and smoother abdomen, thighs, and buttocks in a short period of time. It talks about achieving your desired skin in as little as seven to nine days of using the program.

Cellulite Solution

The program is made up of specialized workouts and exercises where you will not be needing to take pills. The regimen does not also require users to use creams that could be made up of toxic chemicals. People with sensitivities might not just take medicines or apply body lotions without consulting their doctors. That’s where My Cellulite Solution comes in. It features a set of routines that makers guarantee to be safe and effective without having to spend a lot. One good thing here is that the methods it offers target different parts of the body. You’ll get a comprehensive view of what you can do for your cellulite problem on specific body parts.

Aside from these, My Cellulite Solution also provides information on the root cause of cellulite build up. This helps users understand why applying cosmetics is not a sure way of managing cellulite. You can also do the routines right at your home without going into a gym. The program also fits well into the weekly routine of those who have busy schedules. However, since it involves physical activities, it is still best to check with your doctors whether the routines are okay.

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About Gavin Walsh: My Cellulite Solution Author

My Cellulite Solution program is authored by an Englishman named Gavin Walsh. Walsh is a fitness trainer from the UK and has his own website called According to his bio found in, Walsh has spent 15 years helping women to get their bodies in shape.

Walsh has also written the 19 to Lean, a 19-day exercise and weight-loss guide. He is also the author of the Metcon1: Metabolic Conditioning for Faster Fat Loss. Currently, Walsh contributes to health magazines including Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, and Harper’s Bazaar. He has also written for the Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness magazines.

What Will You Learn From My Cellulite Solution?

If you purchase the My Cellulite Solution guide you will get to learn three routines that you should follow. The routines are simple to use and require you to do it for only 20 minutes on a regular basis. Walsh promises that when followed diligently for 28 days, users will notice visibly smoother skin. The routines are designed to tighten the skin and make it firmer.

Cellulite Solution reviews

Here Are The Steps You Will Learn From My Cellulite Solution

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  • Slow Burn – The first part is made up of a simple routine to tone your muscles. When you have toned muscles, you’ll definitely reduce skin lumpiness brought by fat build-up. The Slow Burn routine promises a fast-way to have smooth legs without you having to perform long work-outs. It aims to activate the muscle fibers to help burn cellulite.
  • Velocity – Aside from the continued stimulation of the muscle fibers through this technique, it also tightens the skin on your thighs. The sequences of the second routine target the lower body. The routines claim to end your woes on having “cottage cheese” thighs. It has a detailed guide to allow you to follow the steps easily.
  • Ascend – Ascend targets the buttocks area where cellulite build-up is common. It guides users to do a simple tempo trick of exercises that will burn the fat and reduce cellulite effectively. The Ascend is made up of different exercises which you can perform daily.


Aside from these, the guide also lists tips for recovery and recommendations for supplements you can take. Plus, the package also has the Cellulite Elimination Training that provides additional details on a workout to help you get rid of that cellulite as soon as possible.

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My Cellulite Solution Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons when you use the My Cellulite Solution:


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  • Natural and safe – The program consists of exercise routines, which if followed carefully, is a much safer way to burn fat. It is safer compared to applying lotions and body creams. It also more natural than undergoing laser treatment or surgery.
  • No need to diet – You only need to give time for the program to work. It does not require you to undergo a strict diet plan. However, since you are trying to reduce fat build up leading to cellulite, you might want to watch your diet. We all know that taking in too much unhealthy food and carbs will not do you good. So you need to exercise common sense regarding your food intake.
  • Easy to follow steps – The My Cellulite Solution package offers exercise demos so you don’t have to guess how to do it.
  • More affordable – Aside from having a natural way of reducing fat deposits, it also provides you with a much affordable method. Getting a surgery or undergoing a laser treatment procedure is much costly. You don’t even need to spend for a monthly membership fee at the gym. With My Cellulite Solution, you can do the exercises right at your home.
  • Money-back guarantee. It has a 60-day money back guarantee where you can email Walsh when you are not satisfied with the product. Honestly, this guarantee offers you a risk-free purchase.


best Cellulite Solution


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  • Limited to digital copy – The product is only available in digital format. You may choose to have it printed though if you want to have to carry a copy wherever you are.
  • Results are not immediate – If you are not really working on finishing or following the techniques you probably won’t see any difference. Not even after 28 days.


Does My Cellulite Solution Work?

Whether it works for you or not remains to be seen. The program is a guide for women who want to burn their fats and reduce the appearance of their cellulite. For those who will follow the program as regularly as possible, changes in the body will really be seen.

The program is made up of easy to follow exercise routines. We all know that doing physical activities, especially exercises for a specific purpose, do our body good. My Cellulite Solution might just deliver what it promised if you are really determined to improve your physical appearance.

My Cellulite Solution reviews

It may not be abrupt, but physical changes in doing exercises are really occurring. It is a fact whether you are using this program or not. People with an active lifestyle are really found to be more fit and has a lower risk to develop cellulite. However, we should be realistic when it comes to accepting the differences in our bodies capacity to burn fat. People have different metabolism rates and sometimes hormones also play a vital role.

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Like many other products, the efficiency of this program depends on the user’s body condition and determination to follow routines. Exercises require patience and discipline. So for those who are looking for a quick solution to improving their cellulite, My Cellulite Solution might not be the product for them. Try it if you would like to learn how you can reduce, if not totally eliminate, the appearance of cellulite. The guide is like any other book you can find on the internet, where the results depend on your dedication.

Also, if you are looking for a guide to help you improve your skin appearance, it is worth to try. You can never go wrong in choosing exercises. It improves not just your skin appearance but also contributes to your total wellness. Plus, the money-back guarantee offers you a risk-free purchase if you find that it failed to deliver its promises.

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