Pregnancy Approach Review

Pregnancy Approach Review

For far too many – an estimated 48 million women worldwide in fact – pregnancy can be a vile ugly word. For those unable to conceive, every unsuccessful attempt becomes an excruciating trial of both your relationship and self-esteem. It represents a dream unfulfilled.

A neon reminder that something is wrong, broken. Despite being a woman, you are unable to do that which nature has designed. It becomes emotionally grueling, living pregnancy test to pregnancy test. Sex becomes a job and as a couple you begin to struggle.

Fear and frustration find their way into the liaison and the bedroom. Sex becomes a job. And all because you simply can’t have a child of your own.

But what if you could find hope again? Not from medicines or surgeries, but from simple easy steps that are natural and clinically proven. And from a woman who went through it just like you. Enter Lauren Lee’s Pregnancy Approach Review.

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What Is Pregnancy Approach?

Simply put, Pregnancy Approach is the answer to your infertility. It is a kind of “how to” book for couples having trouble conceiving. Having been there herself, author Lauren Lee has transformed hours of research, testing and self-experience into an easy to follow method that will have you planning for baby in only two short months.

Pregnancy Approach

Pregnancy Approach is simple. It works to guide you through reversing the causes of your infertile conditions and overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way of your baby-making success. Not only will you begin to take control of your body and self-esteem, but you will enjoy getting pregnant now and in the future.

Yet, unlike the most standard fertility techniques, Pregnancy Approach is a guide not a treatment. It does not involve costly fertility drugs that can make you sick nor does it involve those expensive fertility surgeries that empty savings accounts.

There are no icky doctor visits. No poking and prodding. And no expensive trials, to keep you living under false hope. Instead, you have a simple, natural and effective solution that builds your confidence and relationship while creating a wonderful environment for that new baby.

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Who Is Lauren Lee?

Unable to conceive herself, Lauren Lee is a woman just like you, who has been on the long and winding journey of infertility. Lauren too felt the disappointment and suffering of longing for a child.

Lauren, like so many other women, looked at her options grimly. She was uncomfortable with the side effects of the drug options and wasn’t able to financially commit to surgery either. Yet, Lauren wanted a baby.

Pregnancy Approach review

So, instead of seeing her options as limited, Lauren decided there had to be another way. She threw herself into research and became a subject expert in all things fertility. And what she found surprised her. The solutions to this problem were simple and had been in front of her – and all of us – all along.

Armed with information, Lauren set out to make a plan of action. It was a work in progress but, as she finessed her findings, she also enjoyed the fruits of her labor. Lauren was pregnant. Success was visceral. She had found a way to reverse infertility and she needed it to share it with others.

What Will You Learn From Pregnancy Approach?

After all that work creating the program, it is not surprising Lauren wanted to keep some of it under wraps so that she can still sell her product. Yet, she does allow us a rather detailed glimpse into what her method entails.

Her four-step plan details exactly what to do to reverse infertility and help you become pregnant in only two months. But that is not all the book has in store. Lauren details the biggest mistakes couples make and illustrates how they sabotage their own fertility chances.

There are also tips to learn about recognizing when your body is ready to get pregnant and then how to reinforce those signs. In addition, there is also information on things to watch as warning signs for infertility. The book details the reasons other methods are not working and teaches a method that can increase pregnancy chances by up to 200 percent!

approach Pregnancy

Plus, there is information on many common misconceptions including an honest breakdown of the advice and recommendations we receive from medical professionals and how these interfere rather than help conception. There are tools for the gentlemen as well, including a fast and effective method to increase quantity and speed in sperm.

And finally, Lauren provides information on dealing with the frustrations, fears and emotional impacts of not being able to conceive. She gives advice on changing your mindset and your chances.

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Pregnancy Approach Pros And Cons

Like all things the Pregnancy Approach plan has its fair share of pluses and minuses.


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  • Natural approach: Pregnancy Approach does not involve any drugs with unwanted side effects.
  • Cost effective: That isn’t to say there is no cost, but the cost of one book, at $47, is minimal compared to the hundreds of thousands spent on doctors, drugs, in-vitro and other surgeries. And when it comes to return on investment, the much higher success rate speaks volumes!
  • No doctors: No woman likes examinations and numerous appointments can be inconvenient and costly. In addition, the program provides privacy: a great comfort to many women who feel pressured by doctors
  • Risk free: With no drugs or surgeries involved, and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, you can’t get a less risky approach!
  • Easy to understand: Like talking to a girlfriend over tea, this book is purposely written in a casual and conversational style. No medical mumbo jumbo here, the text guides you through the program as though through a conversation, making it incredibly approachable for any and all women.
  • Works for everyone: This isn’t a program for the few. Designed for all women, young, 40, new to infertility or struggling for years, this guide helps find solutions you need to make having a baby a reality.


Pregnancy review


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  • No guaranteed success: While the program certainly boasts a risk-free 60-day guarantee, there are no guarantees that you will become pregnant. Yet, despite this, it does seem a rather low-risk method to try.
  • Must follow the program instructions: They say the first step in helping oneself is being honest. For those of us who want to embark on such a program, that means knowing whether we are the type to follow instructions. While a lack of commitment to the steps isn’t a reason not to read the book, it just means that success might not be easily found. But by being honest with yourself, you are less likely to find disappointment.


Does Pregnancy Approach Work?

Now, of course this all sounds too good to be true and you find yourself skeptical. Not surprising; after all, you are now using up hope on each and every unsuccessful pregnancy test. And the program doesn’t promise success, only a no-questions asked eight-week guarantee.

Incredibly, if after reading the method and putting the plans to work, you do not become pregnant, Lauren will refund your full money. A remarkable guarantee likely because the method has shown some remarkable results.

In the initial test group, 85 percent became successfully pregnant. 85 percent! Compared to the success rates of all other infertility treatments pushed on us by doctors, drug companies and fertility clinics –  many just eager to make a quick buck off our misfortune – that is an extraordinarily high rate.

What makes this success rate even better, the various obstacles that seem to be overcome by the program. According to Lauren, her approach works for all, despite low sperm count or women being over 40 years.

Pregnancy Approach work

Miscarriages, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, uterine scarring, tubal obstruction, even high levels of FSH or PCOS can be conquered through the simple, natural methods outlined in the Pregnancy Approach.

In fact, in only two years, over 742,000 couples worldwide claim success with this program, making it a low-risk high-success treatment option not to be overlooked.

Still not convinced? Well, the method has been mentioned in several magazines and women’s talk shows and has even received glowing reviews online from very happy – albeit likely exhausted from night feeding – customers.

Lauren has even received personal invitations to be present for more than 15 births from parents so glad to have found her and her insights! As Lauren says in her video, “crazy, right?”

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Incredible success rate. Natural process. Money back guarantee. This truly appears an opportunity to change your fertility nightmares back into the dreams they were meant to be. Still, it appears Lauren Lee has found a niche market.

Unfortunately, it took the heartache and hopelessness of her own infertility to guide her to the simple, natural discoveries she shares in her book Pregnancy Approach, a path no couple and no woman should have to embark.

While they say motherhood makes a woman, it appears, thanks to her research and determination to find solutions to infertility, Lauren Lee’s Pregnancy Approach makes motherhood.

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