Psoriasis Revolution Review

Psoriasis Revolution Review

Psoriasis is a type of skin condition that causes your body to produce new skin cells in days, instead of weeks. When the cells pile up by the day, you end up having thick and scaly patches on your skin.

This serious health concern often leads to blistering scabs and oozing sores, and over time, may keep you from living your life to your full potential. People who have psoriasis are bound to have the condition for life. Thus, it helps that you know and understand how you can gain control of this disease so you can improve your health and hopefully, prevent your psoriasis breakouts from worsening.

Treating psoriasis starts from healing the condition’s underlying issues, and not just the symptoms. This is where Psoriasis Revolution comes into the picture. This e-book, created and written by Dan Crawford, gives you a step by step instruction on how you can treat psoriasis and eventually regain your healthy and youthful looking skin.

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What Is Psoriasis Revolution?

Psoriasis Revolution is an e-book written by Dan Crawford. Also a psoriasis patient for 27 years, this medical researcher and nutritionist came up with a downloadable PDF eBook where he shares his 7-step system designed to help lessen the symptoms of psoriasis and get rid of the many causes of this skin condition.

Psoriasis Revolution

Crawford utilizes a holistic approach in curing psoriasis which leads to lesser symptoms over time. The eBook also provides helpful details on how you can treat psoriasis, sans those pricey laser therapies, drugs, and even steroids.

The 7-step program teaches you how to balance your hormonal and nervous system, with the help of healthy habits and supplements. The first step deals with quick relief where you are taught a number of natural ways on how you can reduce the symptoms at home. Step two discusses Psoriasis Diet, supplements, and nutrition. Step 3 is where you will learn about the crucial role your immune system plays to keep your psoriasis breakouts at bay.

Steps To Success

The fourth step discusses fungi in relation to psoriasis, while step five helps you understand how to detoxify and cleanse your body so you can keep away from those unwelcoming toxin build up. Steps 6 and 7 help you recognize how relaxation exercises and spine adjustments can help calm your skin’s reactions.

The whole eBook can successfully help you say goodbye to psoriasis between 30 and 60 days. Psoriasis Revolution will teach you how exactly the skin problem works and guides you in understanding the root of the disease to avoid future recurrences. This extensive eBook has all the critical things you have to be knowledgeable about so you can go through the whole process of treatment in a manner that is sure to get positive results. Symptoms and side effects are further discussed as you start with the method. Since no artificial process is involved, you are guaranteed of lesser repercussions as you go through the whole process of addressing your psoriasis problems.

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Who Is Dan Crawford?

Psoriasis Revolution is an eBook authored and created by Dan Crawford. He is a nutritionist, a health consultant, a medical researcher, and has an extensive background of psoriasis treatments. He used to suffer psoriasis for twenty-seven long years and this has caused him so much pain and discomfort. Determined to deal with the skin condition, he invested a lot of time and effort to find ways of addressing this common skin problem in a healthier and more holistic manner.

psoriasis revolution

It took Crawford more than twelve years of diligent and hard work, along with in-depth research until he finally came up with his eBook. After dozens of trial and errors, and some “eureka” moments in between, and a series of self-experiments, Crawford successfully found the ultimate solution to deal with psoriasis.

Following a year-long polishing of his experiments, he applied his methods to himself with high hopes and great determination. Barely a week after, Crawford’s psoriasis completely disappeared.

The author then began to test his system to other psoriasis patients and surprisingly, the results are amazing. In just less than 7 weeks, all 36 of the participants of his experiments have completely gotten rid of their psoriasis problems and eventually regained their lives.

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What Will You Learn From Psoriasis Revolution?

Here are some of the amazing things Psoriasis Revolution offers to those suffering.

  1. Healing is Quick. Normally, treating psoriasis does not only cost you a lot of money, but it will also take a lot of your time. But with Psoriasis Revolution, you can achieve visible results in as short as two months.
  2. All Natural Methods. The author was keen on stressing that the methods to be used must be natural in order to get your natural skin back. Dan Crawford offers various ways you can address your psoriasis without having to go through the harmful effects normally brought about by synthetic drugs. Some of the methods include proper moisturizing, regular bathing, following a good diet, avoiding alcohol, and keeping yourself away from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  3. Long Lasting Remedy. This method is not just a Band-Aid solution. It does not only mask the real skin problem. Instead, it goes deeper to the roots to address where the problem actually starts. When you look for real and effective solutions, you might notice that you can only achieve it when you address the problem down to its roots.
  4. Added Study Materials. Once you start taking advantage of the many helpful solutions Dan Crawford offers, you also get the chance to receive additional helpful materials to help you stay on the right track. You can also directly access the creator via emails during the first month of your therapy.
  5. Guaranteed Safe with No Side Effects. The more you go from one doctor to another, the more likely you are to be recommended with various medication that will eventually confuse you in the end. Crawford’s eBook is perfect because of its natural and holistic methods that are proven safe and away from potentially damaging side effects.

Psoriasis Revolutions reviews

Dealing With Psoriasis

When dealing with psoriasis, it is crucial that you completely understand how prescription drugs cause severe side effects that will only do you harm than good. Medications like corticosteroids, retinoids, hydroxyurea, methotrexate, and calcineurin inhibitors are just some of them. Side effects normally include:

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  • Stomach upsets and nauseous feelings
  • Imbalanced production of the body’s natural cortisone
  • The skin becomes resistant to treatments over time
  • Continuous medical treatments can potentially weaken the immune system
  • Blood pressure can exponentially increase
  • Kidneys may develop other problems
  • Medicines can damage the liver


When you evaluate all these possible problems and side effects, are creams and medicines worth it?

You’ll find Crawford helps you get exactly what you need and want from this program. Thus, he included bonuses. These include free lifetime updates and free one-on-one coaching for three months once you avail of the eBook.

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Pros And Cons of Psoriasis Revolution


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  • You can easily find and access the eBook since it can be downloadable from the Internet. No more hassle of waiting through snail mail which can really take a lot longer
  • You are guaranteed of your problems to successfully go away for good as what Crawford claims. He can help you get to the very root of your psoriasis problem.
  • Remedies are all natural and safe for use.
  • You can see visible results in just two months or less.
  • The method can help you address other skin-related diseases. These include dandruff, joint pans, and even can help you get rid of the causes of a weak immune system.
  • Money back guarantee is offered that will mature in 60 days.


Psoriasis Revolutions reviews


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  • You have to download it as the book is only available in eBook format.
  • Internet service is required to ask the author questions.

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Does Psoriasis Revolution Work?

Most of the psoriasis treatments found these days only deliver short-term solutions. If not all, most of them only have very little or even no lasting effect. But with Psoriasis Revolution, it goes through the core of the skin condition, and not just its plain symptoms. His program entails a holistic approach; thus, your body heals from the inside out. However, you need to understand that this method is not a magical pill. It will take a lot of work and commitment to religiously follow all the necessary instructions provided in the manual.

The main target of Psoriasis Revolution is to correct your internal imbalances that are the normal reasons for psoriasis. As you go along, effective external applications are also discussed like peanut oil, castor oil, or olive oil. Crawford offers different topical substance suggestions you can use. This will depend on the specific spot of the body where the skin problem occurs.

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More Lessons

The method also teaches you proper food intake. Cutting on specific elements and foods from your diet can greatly help towards treating psoriasis. Crawford provides a complete list of all the possible psoriasis-triggering foods to help you at pace with your food intake.

Psoriasis Revolution also guides you in learning about the best vitamins and minerals. This helps improve your body’s phytochemical levels and antioxidants. Furthermore, you can also learn proper exercise methods and breathing techniques, as well as other natural anti-inflammatory methods. With so many methods Crawford offers, Psoriasis Revolution is definitely a good investment to make for your skin condition.


Psoriasis Revolution is definitely the perfect alternative method to help treat this unwanted skin condition. The sheer amount of positive reviews speaks volumes on the success of the program. The creator certainly deserves the entire accolade for sharing such extensive details and information surrounding this unwanted skin disease. With the 7-step program, you get to discover how you can detoxify and cleanse your system. This results in a better immunity system. Having psoriasis is quite a concern. With the help of the Psoriasis Revolution, treating the problem has never been this easy and achievable.

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