The Red Tea Detox Program Review

The Red Tea Detox Program Review

You’ve surely noticed how the lifestyle of drinking tea has gained traction worldwide. In the latest survey of the Tea Association of the U.S.A. Inc., some 158 million of half of the American population are tea drinkers. Almost everyone — regardless of age, locale and preoccupation — has become a believer of a particular type of this golden liquid.

And even those who scoff at health buffs will even concede its calming and detoxification benefits. Over the years, different plants and plant blends have claimed to produce the best type of tea with a few additional health boosts.

What type of tea do you drink? Have you tried red tea? The Red Tea Detox Review is a brief encapsulation of this one tea alternative that has become quite popular recently. Hopefully, Liz Swann’s program will help you make that switch. Ultimately, the purpose is to make a positive change in your life.

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What is the Red Tea Detox Program

The Red Tea Detox Program is an all-inclusive guideline and schedule outlined in the book The Red Tea Detox. The program was designed by world-famous naturopathist Liz Swann. It will help you in your journey towards achieving a healthier body weight and general wellness. It will give you back your youthful glow and youthful energy so you can take on everyday challenges and counter the stress of daily living.

red tea detox

At the heart of the Red Tea Detox Program is a special drink that has been ingested in Africa for countless years. The five herbs blended to make Red Tea is no doubt responsible for the surprising overall health of many tribes in that continent.

Red tea is believed to be the reason why tribes are still thriving. They survive despite the lack of the complex diet the western world considers essential. This is also despite the medical care that is only available in developing and developed countries.

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Who is Elizabeth Swann Miller?

Elizabeth Swann Miller tea detox reviews

Elizabeth Swann Miller is a mother of two and is a resident of Mt. Carmel, Israel. She has a degree in psychology and naturopathy.

Naturopathy is the branch of medicine that focuses on natural methods for therapy and healing. A naturopathist is a health practitioner who sources medicine from nature, also relying on the benefits of nutrition, water, and exercise.

The push towards convenience has inevitably inundated our lives with pollution, chemical-rich food choices, and stress. Liz Swann diverts from this path and shines the light toward a natural and effective method for weight loss and healthy living.

Her breakthrough came when she was on a trip to Africa. There she heard of a legendary Red Tea that members of a Kenyan tribe drank to stifle hunger pangs. Its supposed benefits were nothing short of miraculous that the drink was referred to as a “voodoo tea.”

Through sheer persistence, she was able to find this drink. She saw for herself how the tribesmen became healthy and happy by ingesting this wonderful Red Tea.

She took this discovery one step further by performing extensive research. She then incorporated all she learned about Red Tea with a diet plan, an exercise schedule, and a healthy mindset. The result is a comprehensive blueprint for a healthier and happier life.

All this is contained in her new book Red Tea Detox. This is Liz Swann’s follow up to her Amazon bestseller Red Smoothie Detox Factor.

Her own personal battle — and success — with weight loss has also made her an expert in the field. In her professional capacity as a weight loss training consultant, she has successfully steered those with health problems to a better life.

Red Tea Detox Program Review

The Red Tea Detox Program is the result of Liz Swann’s more than 10 years of extensive research. Not just that. She also performed close to three years of real-world testing.

Because of this, the program is very comprehensive. However, each premise is simple and rational.

red tea detox reviews

The components are simple. At the center is a wonderful red tea containing five special herbal ingredients. Much like other tea that you have drunk over time, the five herbs in Red Tea work together to flush toxins and fat from the body. However, Red Tea has another kind of magic. It rids you of feelings of hunger and dissatisfaction.

And then there is the rest of Liz Swann’s Red Tea Detox Program. There are three parts — nutrition, exercise, and mindset. These aspects of health and fitness are not entirely unheard of. At one point, surely, you have tried to make yourself healthier by mastering one of these aspects. You just never imagined that you could take on all three at the same time.

In short, all the knowledge contained in the program are facts that you already knew but did not have the expertise to compile. It’s a good thing that Liz Swann and her Red Tea Detox Program have come to help you.

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Diets generally fail because you are made to forget that there are two components to this. The kind of food you can eat and the portion size. Also, there’s a matter of what you can drink. You forget that even those that claim to be ‘health drinks’ contain sugar and many other unhealthy components.

The Red Tea Detox Program takes no such chances.

Liz Swann tells you which foods you can eat and what you can drink. And these differ for each phase of the program. Our favorite naturopathist even takes this one step further by telling you when you’re supposed to eat.

This is especially useful when you get to the part when you’re doing intermittent fasting. In this way, so you can achieve the extra burn during this not so easy part of the Red Tea Detox Program.

red tea detox program

Liz Swann also takes the time to explain the rationale behind each diet move. You learn the way that toxins actually negatively affect metabolism. You also learn the science behind detoxification, particularly the detox effects of Red Tea.

The part of the Red Tea Detox that talks about diet also teaches you the health benefits of each kind of food. This way you learn the rationale why you need to eat it at each phase of your diet.

You will be especially hooked on the Liz Swann’s detailed take on which foods are rich in energy. You will learn which ones your body needs on its way to achieving that flat tummy you’ve always dreamed of.


You already know that exercise is an inevitable sacrifice essential to a better body. But did you also know about the endorphins that release the hormones that make you feel better?

You’ll learn about all that with Liz Swann’s The Red Tea Detox.

detox tea that really works

In this part, you will also be made aware of the ways to amp up your metabolism. How you can potentially double your weight loss — makes you shed the pounds faster. This program reiterates something else you already know. Exercise is always a good thing, but intensive exercise is more effective when your goal is weight loss.

The Red Tea Detox Program helps you in this aspect by providing samples of exercises that any beginner can perform. This will rid you of the feeling of clumsiness that makes one stop when starting an exercise regime.


Finally, the Red Tea Detox Program confirms that it really is all in the mind. You can never succeed in any endeavor if your mind is an unwilling participant in what your body is doing.

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As a psychology graduate, Liz Swann knows that the secret to any successful endeavor is that you apply your whole mind and body. Thus, for the Red Book Detox Program, she incorporates her diet and exercise plan with the magic of mindset. She explains why motivation and willpower are essential when on the road to achieving a perfect body.

She shares special tips on how to inspire yourself to skip on dessert and to walk that extra mile. The Red Tea Detox Program will explain that the satisfaction of eating a healthy meal can actually work to make you more content in your personal life.

Imagine that! Food can actually make you happy!

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Pros and Cons of the Red Tea Detox Program


You should appreciate how Liz Swann’s Red Tea Detox Program is not just dependent on a single aspect in achieving weight loss and well-being.

This is true for many facets of our lives. There should always be a combination of many individual features working together.

In the Red Tea Detox, Liz Swann effectively combines diet, exercise, and mindset in a rational and comprehensive program that you can easily work. Her book features a simple presentation that is easy to comprehend.

The Red Tea Detox does not hide behind hide behind complicated mumbo-jumbo. There is nothing to hide because the rationale is simple and speaks to the truth.

A bonus of reading the Red Tea Detox is that is so well-written. It is so readable that you won’t be able to put it down. You’ll find yourself curled up by your bay window with your feet tucked underneath you as if you were reading your favorite novel.

To sum up:

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  • It’s multi-faceted
  • It’s uncomplicated
  • Each phase is explained clearly
  • It’s readable and easy-to-follow
  • It’s extremely detailed



The Red Tea Detox Program is not a part-time endeavor. It is a major production involving every aspect of your life.

In other words, if you’re not serious about losing weight and becoming a healthier version of yourself, don’t bother. If you do not love yourself and your family enough not to make major sacrifices, this is not for you.

The Red Tea Detox Program demands that you cut down if not totally eliminate tasty food that has been your standard since… well, ever since. This health program pushes you to exercise for 30 minutes a day. This is a lot more time than many can spare. This is the time that you would rather spend sleeping or catching up with your Facebook friends or YouTube shows.

Another downside of the Red Tea Detox Program is that there is no clear enumeration of the five herbs that supposedly help stave off hunger and boost your energy. This is a problem if you’re allergy-prone. However, the fact that it is available in groceries assures you that it has been checked by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA)

To sum up:

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  • It’s detailed so you really have to digest the information
  • It needs a commitment from the user
  • The five herbs are not outlined


Does Red Tea Detox Work?

To say that the Red Tea Detox Program is the answer to everyone’s health concerns would be less than accurate. No one product is for everyone. There is no miracle cure-all when it comes to weight loss and overall wellness.

However, the proliferation of tea drinkers and the positive feedback from all types of medical practitioners and health buffs point to the fact that the health benefits of drinking tea are a fact.

Does Red Tea Detox Work?

The Red Tea Detox Program beats all these generalizations because there are clear testimonies that attest to actual weight loss. Devotees of the Red Tea Detox Program also report more vigor and better well-being.

Liz Swann herself lost 41 pounds from the Red Tea Detox Program by regularly ingesting Red Tea and being faithful to the program she designed. Thus, the Red Tea Detox Program is a product of actual research and personal experience. Not just vague theories.

One of the best ways that will make you believe in the book the Red Tea Detox is that Liz Swann’s personal belief in her program. So much so that she put in a 60-day money back guarantee. Under this agreement, you’ll get your money back if you do not lose at least five pounds in as little as 14 days.

Imagine a weight loss and wellness program that can give you that guarantee!

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So, what are you waiting for?

Rid yourself of the lethargy and depression from being overweight and unhealthy. The Red Tea Detox Program will help you gain the energy and focus to take care of your family and excel in your work. And all because you took the extra effort and made sacrifices to exercise eat healthier. All because you took better care of yourself!

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