Respark The Romance Review

Respark The Romance Review

Undeniably, while romantic relationships bring us happiness, it also brings heartaches. Studies would show that heartache increases the risk of death. Well, even if we don’t end up dead, heartaches brought by romantic relationships affect our well-being. This is because our brain is found to react to getting a heartbreak similar to experiencing physical pain.

One of the causes of heartaches is the lack of romance between partners. Failed marriages could lead to divorce. Statistics show between 40 to 50 percent of married partners go through a divorce. Sadly, divorce affects not just the couple, but their families as well.

To keep a healthy relationship, we need to make it work. One of the aspects of a successful relationship is the romance shared by partners. To help partners rekindle their romance, a lot of references on salvaging relationships are out in the market.

One of these is the eBook manual called “Respark the Romance,” is gaining popularity today.

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What Is Respark The Romance?

The Respark the Romance is a program to help couples across all ages to bring life to their romantic relationships. We know that various problems faced by couples tend to dry up the romance between them. But there are ways to manage difficult relationships. Problems often start with lack of communication and romance and eventually, it ends in break up.

Respark The Romance

The Respark the Romance course shares insights and useful tips on how to rekindle the flame of passion and love among couples. It lists down tricks proven by many to help you feel being desired by your partner once again. You may choose between a woman and man’s versions when buying the guide.

The chronological program will guide you, step by step, on how to make your partner fall in love with you. It outlines the factors affecting the interests of a man or a woman in their partners. It also guides you on what to do to keep the passion burning and refuel it as necessary.

The Respark the Romance discusses formulas on how brain functions to give the feeling of love, desire, and even rejection. What causes men to tick? What is it that interests’ women? The eBook also shares information about how and why a man and a woman desire their partners. It also gives you an idea of how a man or a woman loses the desire for their partners.

Each guide, whether for men or women, has two parts. The first part will give you an idea of how a romantic relationship is built. The second part explains how the relationships become deeper. Once you know the basics and the insights, you will understand how to apply these to your own relationships.

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Who Is Brian Robbens?

Respark the Romance was authored by Brian Robbens. Robbens created the formulas, including the “Emotional Hunger Technique” and the “Emotional Turbulence Formula.”  Robbens is a guest blogger of the blog called  His topics of expertise on the blog are more about relationships and dating. Robbens has written tips on how to achieve a happy relationship, how to save a failing relationship and how to recognize the characteristics of a person you are dating.

Respark The Romance reviews

Robbens claims to be a best-selling author and romance coach for women and men in their 30s, 40s, and above. He also identifies himself as a marriage counselor, who is an expert on dating and marriage. However, we are unsure, whether Brian Robbens is just a pen name used by the author as there are no other references to verify his identity. A Facebook account of Brian Robbens, who indicated that he is an author, which we found online seemed to have been created just days ago and does not include a bio. So while his eBook holds a lot of helpful information to keep a relationship healthy, Robben’s identity is a mystery.

What Will You Learn From Respark The Romance?

The title of the eBook, Respark The Romance, says it all. The book provides you with a comprehensive and practical guide to bring back that spark in your love life. Reigniting the lost interest of your partners could be difficult. This is possible when you do not understand the basic foundation of successful relationships. Here are some of the main lessons you will get from Respark the Romance:

The Common Mistakes People Make In Relationships

The book starts with a foreword from Robbens before he introduces the first part of the book. The first part tackles the “Emotional Turbulence Formula,” created by Robbens himself. It outlines the five biggest mistakes people commit in relationships that affect their partners negatively. This is a good reminder for couples. Both men and women tend to forget that their habits can negatively impact their relationships leading to losing the spark.

After the common mistakes in relationships, the first part will go into detail on how to improve problematic relationships. The book discusses the five techniques on how a person can make their partners aroused again.

Respark The Romance review

Psychology Of Romance

After the first part, Respark The Romance will discuss the second part which includes the psychology of romance. In this part, Robbens tackles topics including:

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  • Ebbs and flows of everlasting love
  • Recipe for romance
  • Developing a romantic mindset
  • Creative solutions for stale romance
  • Romance for people in their 40s and beyond


This part discusses relationships deeper to help readers understand why their partners act in a certain way. Most importantly, it tries to explain the science of what turns people on.

Respark The Romance: A Guide For Men And Women

Respark The Romance discusses the common problems faced by women and men in relationships. The eBook discusses a lot of factors that affect relationships. It could be the physical changes in the body, aging, or communication gaps of what one of the partners need. The eBook is full of a practical guide.

For the Men Version of the Ebook, it gives a guide on how men could get their partners to desire them once more. Robbens call it a Sexual Rubber Band technique to make your wife or girlfriend rekindle their passion for them. The author claims that the technique can turn on women immediately. Robbens said the trick works even for those who have been together for a long time.

Respark The Romance guide

The technique was also referred to as the rubber band trick. Robbens said takes him only 90 minutes to explain to his supposed clients. Robbens also has come up with various terms to categorize the techniques he presents in the eBook. Here are some of those “techniques” you will learn from Respark The Romance:

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  • Slippery Slope Technique – If you order the eBook, you will get to know the Slippery Slope technique. Robbens says this is a “sexual intensifier” that helps men get their wives and girlfriends turned on immediately.
  • Sexual Arousal Control – Readers will also learn about “Sexual Arousal Control” to get their partners to fantasize about them.
  • Who Moved My Sex Toy Teaser Technique – Robbens described this as a psychological technique to help men be desired by their partners.
  • Thumb Trick – Robbens says this 30-second trick can turn on women even without having you to touch them. Robbens claims the trick will make women happy and fulfilled


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The Other Techniques Included In The eBook Are:

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  • Stolen Love Technique
  • A “two-step method” to arouse women
  • A humor trick
  • Candy Trick Technique
  • 10 Step Cheat Sheet


The Respark The Romance course claims these techniques will have women desire sex “automatically”. Robbens claims his “patented” techniques are effortless.

Meanwhile, for the women version, Robbens discusses topics about:

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  • The truth about unconditional love
  • Robben’s Emotional Turbulence Formula
  • How to stop your partner from walking away
  • How to give your relationship a much-needed boost


The version for women contains mostly the same concepts and techniques. The only difference is it came from a point of view of women and the problems they face in relationships. The topics inform readers about how they can make men commit to them wholeheartedly. The eBook for women will also share a testimony from a woman who managed to save her problematic relationship. It aims to inspire women that mending relationships is possible.

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Other Bonuses

Aside from the 120-page eBook, you can also receive a lot of bonus materials including the following:

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  • Quick Start Romantic Black Book – This book gives an overview of Robbens’s most important advice in relationships. It is a quick reference material of the eBook, Respark the Romance. So, when you have no time yet to read the whole manual, you can refer to this one and scan your way through how to keep your relationships happy.
  • The Advanced Enchantment Report – This report discusses the five keys needed to awaken your partner’s romantic side. It promises to help you enchant your partner and it works for all women regardless of relationship stage.

Respark The Romance book

  • Unleash His Hidden Passion Secret Notebook – This book contains the secrets on what men want in relationships. It guides women on how they can create moments to help them keep their men by their side. It shares some ways on how women can use their non-verbal cues to promote intimacy with their partners.
  • Long Term AttractionThis document is a guide to reignite and maintain attraction among couples. This guide will help you understand how factors such as laughter and sex life keep a healthy relationship. The audio version of Long-Term Attraction also comes as an added bonus.


Respark The Romance Pros & Cons

 You may want to check out Respark The Romance if you want additional references on how to improve relationships. It offers a practical guide on how men and women can rekindle their passionate love life with their partners.


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  • The manual offers a comprehensive and well-detailed guide.
  • Good for those who are looking for references on how to improve their marriage lives or relationships, in general.
  • It is a product for both men and women who are going through a difficult stage of a stagnant sex life.
  • It is for men and women who need to reignite the spark in their romantic lives. The manual is designed to address the specific needs of men and women.
  • Robbens’ methods are already proven efficient by many people who are in relationships.
  • The program is helpful for people from almost all age brackets. You do not need to worry if you are in your 20s or 60s.
  • They offer a 60-day money-back guarantee when you are not satisfied with their product.
  • It has an elegant eBook cover that is eye-catchy.
  • The whole manual comes with a lot of bonuses.


Respark The Romance advice


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  • The author seemed to forget to cite authoritative sources and credible references properly. This is very important since the book uses psychological and scientific explanations in interpreting human relationships.
  • The citation of sources is limited to other non-scientific documents and journals.
  • There are some parts in the book which do not flow cohesively and needs some editing.
  • Some of the portions are also too wordy to read and needs editing.
  • While the book cover is good, the layout of the inside pages lacks images
  • The identity of the author remains a mystery despite his claims of being a known author and relationship guru.
  • The program has left out members of the LGBTQ community
  • Only available in PDF file and you would need to shell out money to have the whole references printed.


Does Respark The Romance Work?

The eBook includes testimonials from various people who were facing challenges in their relationships. The testimonials attest that Robbens’s techniques helped their relationships become better. These stories were actually inspiring. But to say that what they happened to them will also happen to you remains to be seen.

Remember that each relationship is unique. Each person is unique, to say the least.  Some reviews who tried it found the techniques highly unlikely to work. However, it is still up to the buyers to test out the product themselves.

For those who are just looking a practical guide, Respark The Romance might interest them. As we have said, the techniques presented are really practical and common. You may not know it, but you might have been practicing it before and you just needed a refresher.

The Respark The Romance is culled from testimonials and various publications discussing relationships. You might get insights a bit as the whole manual comprehensively discussed topics on sex and relationships.

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A Comprehensive Guide

The Respark the Romance offers a comprehensive and doable guide on rekindling the spark among couples, you could give it a try. Robbens might really have the intention to help couples who are experiencing difficulties in their romantic life. However, we have to point out that the presentation of the whole book might turn other buyers off. The total package like the lack of citation and editing might affect its credibility too.

Aside from the issue of editing and layout, an unresolved issue remains, the author’s identity. It’ll be impossible for people to question the whole program if the creator’s identity remains shady.

But if you would like to take the risk of trying whether the product would work for you, go ahead. The 60-day money-back guarantee of the Respark The Romance would save you your money if you are unsatisfied. Just make sure that you are able to contact them to process the returns within the 60-day period.

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Other Similar Products

Meanwhile, if you would like to try other products that offer the same guide, you might want to check the following:

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Try Respark The Romance if you are desperately looking for an easy-to-read reference guide to help you rekindle your relationship. Spending $47 for a book that comprehensively tackles sex and relationships is just a small amount for some people. When it comes to mending problems in our personal relationships, we would often be very ready to spend any amount. It won’t be a problem anyway since they offer a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product. You have nothing to lose if you want to give in to your curiosity.

Once you have completed reading the manual, you may pass it to others who you think would benefit from it. Respark The Romance has various techniques up its sleeves that many of you may like to try. The guide is fairly easy to follow. Aside from that, it is practical and doable. But keep in mind that relationships need two to tango. It is important to make sure that your partner is also willing to try and keep the relationship working.

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