Save The Marriage System Review

Save The Marriage System Review

Divorce is more common than ever in today’s society. There are many reasons why a marriage can fail. Couples fight over many things, mostly money. If one person is not faithful to the marriage, conflict can and will arise. It is inevitable that a change will take place, often a divorce.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you wish to get back with the one you love, there is help. If you were the one who made a mistake, you can get a second chance.

You can avoid all the bad things that come from divorce with a revolutionary system. In this Save the Marriage System review, we are going to show you all you need to know.

You can then use it to get on the path to healing. Or, if you know a friend could use it, you can recommend it to them!

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What is Save The Marriage System?

save the marriage system

In short, this is a 159-page e-book that teaches you how to revive your marriage. It is not just a book that you simply read and absorb. The book itself is like having a face to face conversation with Dr. Baucom. As you read along, you answer questions that will get your mind moving, and explore further into their answers. There is a space to make notes inside the margins.

It arrives instantly, as it is an e-book. Therefore, you can start the process of saving your marriage immediately, without hunting through a bookstore or waiting for a package to ship.

You will find the eBook contains 17 comprehensive chapters that cover many aspects of marital problems, and then offers you solutions on fixing them. There are eight great bonuses included for your benefit.

Who is Dr. Lee Baucom?

Dr. Lee Baucom

Dr. Lee Baucom is a marriage counselor, and a specialist in guidance and therapy. He has helped hundreds of thousands of couples to rekindle their love just by talking things over.  Thanks to his many years helping people get their love back on track, he has come up with this helpful system. It is years of experience condensed into one great eBook.

Baucom himself has been married for nearly 25 years and has two adult kids. His education is extensive-two master’s degrees and a PhD in family and marriage counseling.

Baucom believes that effective communication is important, but it is not the main ingredient to ALL relationships. He believes that when couples look over problems and solve them together, the results are stronger. He places an emphasis on family and argues for saving marriage for the sake of the kids, if nothing else.

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What Will You Learn from Save The Marriage System?

save the marriage lee baucom

The First 4

In this section, we will look at the 17 chapters contained within the eBook. This way, you’ll know what you’ll be learning.

Chapter 1 tells you why traditional couple’s therapy can fail, so this will give you some insight about therapy and why it might not help.

Chapter 2 tells you how to focus your marriage on making it about “we” instead of “me” and “you”. Often, we feel that the problems in a marriage are a result of just one person. This will help you see things in a new way.

Chapter 3-Chapter 3 contains a huge realization moment for many people-it contains the recipe for a successful marriage. You learn the elements that go into it so you can practice them yourself.

Chapter 4- Here you will find the North Star of your relationship. You find something that you want to look to and use that as your focal point for success. You will learn good things to look toward-like growing old together, for example-and use it to your advantage.

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The Next 5

save the marriage system review

Chapter 5-it contains secrets to a successful marriage.  They will certainly change your perspective in a big way-many people aren’t doing them.

Chapter 6- Chapter 6 is all about getting off the down-cycle your marriage is in and getting it on the up-cycle. You learn how to make a momentum shift for the greater good.

Chapter 7-Chapter 7 is one where you make a perception shift. You should not ask whether or not you still love your spouse. Rather, you will rephrase the question to help save the marriage.

Chapter 8- It is all about getting your emotions in check. Here, you will learn to control anger, coldness, and other negative feelings and get beyond them.

Chapter 9-You will find your paradigm here. This is a filter that you will use to process incoming information. It is your way of seeing the world. It is a changeable thing, and this chapter teaches you how to make that paradigm shift for a better outlook on your marriage.

save the marriage system reviews

The Last 8

Chapter 10-This chapter helps you to set boundaries in your marriage.

Chapter 11-This chapter focuses on putting best practices together that will apply to your life and your marriage. They will help ensure more peace and will help avoid separation or divorce as an option.

Chapter 12-This chapter focuses on intimacy. It is not so much physical as it is appreciation. Many marriages are abandoned by the time the third stage of intimacy is reached, so this will help prevent that abandonment.

Chapter 13-This chapter is all about relating to your spouse. You will learn the two moods-one of which leads you to marital problems and one that leads you away from those problems. It is very eye-opening.

Chapter 14- This one is all about time. You will learn to be present with your spouse and how to get over the past.

Chapter 15-This chapter focuses on gaining sexual self-esteem, and why sex is important in a marriage. It discusses how sex can move us away from the “we” mentality and shows you how to avoid it.

Chapter 16- This shows you how to talk about money, and how to understand the role it plays in your marriage. Money is a huge point of contention for marriages, so this will help you for sure.

Chapter 17-This will show you how to put all you’ve learned into practice to preserve and maintain a healthy marriage. It offers big ways you can make a change for the better.

Save The Marriage Pros & Cons

Now that you know what you will learn, we will talk about the good and the bad, so you can decide what’s right for you.

save the marriage


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  • Information is easy to take in. Even though Dr. Baucom is a very smart man with many degrees, he writes in a way that we all can understand. You don’t need years of college or higher learning to absorb his message.
  • The book is gentle and informative, but very straightforward and honest. It’s a tough topic for anybody, and if you are buying this, chances are you are in a low point and need honest, good help. This will give you that.
  • There are tons of ideas inside you can use to take action. If you feel lost, confused or scared, this will give you a strong foothold to start on saving your marriage.



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  • There is a ton of material here. It’s really good material, but not everybody has the time on their hands to read this much information. Also, some of the bonuses seem like they are “fluffy”-AKA things many of us already knew. The eBook, on the other hand, was full of great information.
  • The program is only available as an eBook. Some people might like a physical copy of this book.
  • The information contained within focuses on married people. If you are in a long-term relationship, you might brush this off thinking it’s not for you.


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Does the Save the Marriage System Work?

save the marriage book

The answer is YES. It’s much less expensive than therapist visits. And, you can do the practices right in your own home.  Chances are, you are feeling lost and confused about where to start fixing your marriage.

This program lays it all out for you in neat, orderly chapters. All you need to do is be willing to work hard and follow the instructions Dr. Baucom lays out. Just have an open mind and try it. You will be happy with the results.

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You no longer need to feel that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. When things go downhill, it can start to feel like you are in a dark place, and you cannot get out. Well, that is all going to change when you grab hold of this great program. Follow the good doctor’s advice, work hard, and watch the changes. We wish you best of luck.

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