Smart Solar Box Review

Smart Solar Box Review

Can you imagine a life without the electricity bill coming to you every month? How about taking a vacation with all the money you save? If you spend a hundred a month over a year, that’s a minimum of 1200 dollars.

If you just multiply that by a mere three years, that’s 3600 in your pocket! That’s enough for a good used car, dream vacation, or a new deck on your home. The possibilities are really endless.

But you don’t need to sit there and dream about it. You can get access to a great program that will get you energy independence and more money in your pocket. Get to reading this Smart Solar Box review and you will see.

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What Is Smart Solar Box?

 Smart Solar Box is a module that you build yourself. It is small and can fit and go just about anywhere with you. A 52-year-old mechanic named Ryan Tanner invented it. He was visiting his father’s cabin when suddenly, the power went out! Heavy snow had cut off all the electric.

Smart Solar Box

Yet, the cabin still was able to get power. How? Some old toolboxes that Ryan’s dad had converted into power banks. He borrowed the idea from his dad and now sells it to people like us who might need that extra boost someday…or who want to leave behind the power company for good.

You will spend about $200 plus the cost of the eBook to create this tool. It’s a bit of an investment, but it will pay for itself over time when you enjoy freedom from the power company. You can use car batteries found at any big box store or mechanic’s garage.

The instructions are very clear and written in a way that anybody can follow them. You needn’t be a genius or engineer to understand and construct your own box. Best of all it will slash 68% from your electricity bill!

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What Will You Learn From Smart Solar Box?

 You are first going to learn that the electric companies are taking advantage of innocent consumers like yourself. Energy prices keep endlessly going up with no end in sight. And the bill always indicates it is the “delivery charge” that is causing the bill to skyrocket.

Think again. You will learn from this program a revolutionary way to be your own boss as far as the power in your house goes.

If you have never built anything before, you will learn how to build, solder and put together your own box. Do not worry if you’ve never done it before. It can be done by anybody of any skill level or age.

smart solar box reviews

You’re going to learn the ins and outs of solar panels. You will even build your own solar panel, and then run your own electricity. You won’t need to use the city’s grid any longer.

Also, you will learn that a solar panel is not so hard and complicated to put together or use. It uses renewable solar energy, so you never have to fear running out. Some people even generate so much electricity the city pays them for it! Imagine having a side hustle of selling energy. That’s easy passive income.

This solar panel sends units of electricity from your home to the grid. That’s when the checks begin coming to you.

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Smart Solar Box Pros & Cons

 Here are the Pros and Cons-so that you can decide.


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  • Easy to build
  • The box can fit anywhere
  • The step by step videos make everything easy
  • The build price is pretty cheap, when you think of what you will save.
  • You can build your own turbine if you want
  • The eBook comes with a 60 Day Money-Back guarantee
  • Others have rated it favorably


Smart Solar Box Review


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  • eBook only format. Some people might want a real book to hold.
  • The solar panels might take a while to charge on a cloudy, dark day.
  • May need to build several if you have a big house.


 Does Smart Solar Box Work?

Yes. First of all, Ryan learned the idea from his dad, who had used six of these boxes to power their cabin and keep them warm. It runs on the basic principles of electricity. That never changes-it’s been the same since it was first discovered.

The batteries are recharged using solar power, a renewable, free resource that has been proven to work-solar panels are popping up all over the place.

smart solar box

Secondly, take a look at other review sites. This product received a favorable 5 out of 5-star review on another website that reviewed it. Consumers wrote positive comments about the product, including one woman who was left without air conditioning for one week after inclement weather had hit.

Lastly, just take a look at some other satisfied customers on YouTube. They have built their own solar boxes and are using them as we speak. You can use it anywhere you go, even camping.

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You can stop being the victim of those crooks over at the power company with this helpful compact solar box. You can build it yourself and take pride in what you have done. It is very easy to build and is eco-friendly, too.

All you need is a few tools and materials. Just follow the step by step guide, and you can build this right in your own backyard with ease. You are going to save money the second you plug it in.

Many homes save an average of 65%, and big homes saved about 75%. It’s super easy to use and when you plug it in, your household appliances will all work the way they did before.

So, don’t waste your time anymore. Get your own solar box plans and get to work!

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