Tesla Code Secrets Review

Tesla Code Secrets Review

What do you want? Your life is your own. You can do whatever you want with it. Sometimes it’s difficult to get out there, though. It’s difficult to just live exactly how you’ve always wanted. It’s difficult to know how to get what you want and what you deserve.

That’s where the Tesla Code comes in.

Now, it may seem strange that a Serbian scientist from the past may still hold the secrets to your future. This is Tesla though. The Nikola Tesla. The incredible, unparalleled mind that modernized electrical systems and created a better future.

Alex West has managed to unlock the potential of the scientist and apply it to everyday life.

So, instead of Tesla being the only genius that can help you feel luckier, thinner, more successful, Alex West is there too. However, in this Tesla Code Secrets Review, I’ll be looking at West more than Tesla.

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What is Tesla Code Secrets?

tesla code secrets

To start off I’m going to talk a little bit about one of the men behind the program. Not Alex West, but Tesla himself.

So, you may wonder how Tesla can help you when it comes to your own life.

Tesla was a scientist. An inventor. He was famously reclusive. Yet he managed to make his patents free. This was blocked by the government, but if Tesla had his way your electricity bills would be completely free.


So, how can a reclusive scientist help your life today?

It’s quite simple. Alex West in his program taps into Tesla’s genius and unlocks it.

He unlocks something he calls “cerebral power” in order to help you think through any problem.

So maybe at the moment the smaller things make you anxious. You might get hung up on missing the bus or not getting up on time.

What’s the solution, then? Unlocking Tesla’s cerebral power in getting to a solution faster. Before long you’ll be looking at the problem and instantly brushing it off.

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Self Help

It is, therefore, a self-program in a sense. It will help assist you in finding the way from being stuck in the day to day to managing to do whatever you want with your time.

Alex West has a theory that every self-made millionaire knows how to unlock their absolute potential.

Although it is a myth that we only use ten percent of our brains, the metaphor is still clear. Only instead of ten percent of your brain, imagine you’re only using ten percent of your time.

Now think of all of the entrepreneurs in the world. Famously, people like Elon Musk (possibly a modern-day Tesla), Mark Zuckerberg, and others such as Richard Branson get hardly any sleep. They look to us as if they’re workaholics, but really, they’ve just unlocked the potential that West wishes to help you unlock, also.

Who Is Alex West?

Onto Alex West. The modern man behind the secrets of the past.

He has studied Tesla and studied successful individuals and he wants you to know how such a “strange, reclusive scientist” can help you.

He knows about focus. He knows about individuality. He knows about creativity.

So, one day he decided to share his knowledge by creating this program.

He uses thoughts such as how you can take control of and utilize your focus.

To do this he’s created a formula he calls “Miracle Magic Mind Simulator”.

So, in short, Alex West is both a teacher and a messenger. He’s the one passing on the knowledge and the methods of the past to you. This way you yourself can be as sharp, successful, and ingenious as Tesla just through a few simple methods.

In all, Alex West knows people. He knows how their minds work and so he knows the ways in which he can “reprogram” them. So instead of rolling over to switch your alarm onto snooze for a fourth or fifth time, with his help you’ll be up and ready in no time.

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What Will You Learn from Tesla Code Secrets?

This is what the program itself is all about. It’s about creating an image of yourself and following it.

That’s why Tesla is such a perfect individual to look at. Alex West understands this, and he’s used it to perfection.

tesla code secrets review

Tesla had faults. His reclusive nature really humanizes him and gives us an insight into his character. So, instead of finding a view of yourself in order to improve, you already have a natural picture before you.

Because of this, you won’t need to struggle with finding your way or your identity. Instead, you’ll immediately be thinking of the human ahead of you that you can be just like.

Tesla may have been introverted, but he was still kind. Kindness is one of the keys to living a better life. Tesla was also a problem solver, and a brilliant one at that. He was persecuted in his time and had many of his ideas stolen, but this never held him back.

How? You’ll learn all of this from the program!

It’s not just about “becoming like Tesla”, though. It’s first and foremost about you and who you are as a person. Yes, Tesla was brilliant, but he’s also the backdrop of the program. He’s the rule and the person that exemplifies the rule.

The Rule

tesla code secrets pdf

So, what is the rule? How do you learn to live a better life from it?

The rule is about “Cerebral Power”. It’s about how self-made millionaires become self-made millionaires.

It’s not just about working hard, getting up on time, and eating healthily.

If it was just these points, it would be a simplistic program. No, instead it’s about how to fully unlock your potential.

So instead of it being about what you’re supposed to do, it’s about how you do it and love it. It’s about how to unlock the deep parts of you that make the hardest work simple.

What you learn from the program, therefore, is how to make working hard and self-improvement and easy and stimulating second nature.

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Tesla Code Secrets Pros & Cons


The Pros are simple.

  • Ingenuity

Alex West is using a perfect example of cerebral power. He uses a genius as a conduit to show his own.

  • Simplicity

The program is presented simply and within moments you’ll know that you can tackle it.

  • Fun

This is probably the most important thing. It’s fun!

  • Interesting

You’ll be learning about real world examples and how to apply them to yourself.

  • Difference

It won’t take long to see the difference it has on your life.


The cons are a bit more complex.

  • Salesman-y?

At times it can feel a bit like a sales pitch. If you’ve bought the product you’re already on West’s side, but it can feel like he’s trying to win your favor.

  • Difficulty

Although it is simple and easy to commence, it can be overly complicated at times. The use of buzzwords does help to ease this; however, they don’t always feel necessary.

  • More than just Tesla?

At times the links to Tesla can feel a bit thin. It is the “Tesla Code” but there are other geniuses out there!

Does Tesla Code Secrets Work?

At first you may think that the program would be an uphill struggle. It never does feel like this, however.

In spite of it getting over-complicated at times, the background simplicity is still ever-present.

The best thing is that you never once think of it as a chore.

But Tesla Code Secrets Does Work!

This is possibly the best thing about the program.

It never feels like a chore. Yet, it helps you immeasurably when it comes to actual chores!

So, if you indulge yourself a little bit in this fun and interesting program, then before long you’ll find yourself doing things you never dreamed of!

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Overall what is Tesla Code Secrets like, then?

There are lots of simple, one-word adjectives to use. Great. Interesting. Fun. Practical.

Yet, the program is so much more than that.

It’s about unlocking your own mind and your own thoughts by looking at someone else’s. It’s about the internal mind and how we project that onto others.

Think of it this way, Alex West has managed to reverse the process. Instead of us projecting our own thoughts and opinions onto another, West has managed to ease out the thoughts and opinions of Tesla.

I can’t say enough how wildly successful this process is. Tesla was a great man and knew what he was doing with his life. In spite of everything happening around him, he was happy, and he was kind.

That’s what it’s all about. Finding out what makes you happy and finding out how to squeeze it for all it’s worth.

No longer will there be slight intentions at the back of your mind. Alex West will bring them right to the front!

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