Text Your Ex Back Review

Text Your Ex Back Review

Is love really lovelier the second time around? Sure, a lot of us may cringe at the idea of rekindling the fire with a former flame. Just the idea of drunk-texting your ex is enough to make sure you delete all the contacts from your phone. Or better yet, take out the memory card and torch it to Kingdom come.

But for some women, their relationships are worth giving the second chance. And for those relationships, you better read up on this Text Your Ex Back review to understand what Michael Fiore’s book is all about.

First, a caveat: if you were in an abusive relationship and developed co-dependence, it’s better to move forward. There’s no conceivable reason that will justify getting back with your ex.

Text Your Ex Back Michael Fiore Review

What Is Text Your Ex Back All About?

Text Your Ex Back

Writing in a crisp and clear language, the author also doesn’t fail to sprinkle some humor in the book. In fact, fair warning, don’t read this in a public place because there are portions here that will make you laugh out loud.

But this is not a comedy sketch. This is a how-to guide on improving yourself in order to boost the chances of your ex begging to come back into your life.

The author breaks each step down into easily digestible portions. You will also understand why each step is necessary. With knowledge comes belief. With belief comes repetition and that, in turn, will develop a habit.

Once you learn all the guides and steps outlined in the book, you can vary them to better serve your purpose.

Text Your Ex Back doesn’t claim to provide the secret to consistent success. The beauty about the instructions is that they are very easy to modify so the outcome is tailor-fitted to your needs.

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Digital Love Letter

Remember the time when actual love letters are actually imprinted on paper? Now, nobody really knows how to write a love letter anymore.

For women, it’s not actually the length of the missive, but rather the tangible words committed to paper. It’s about how to make them feel.

But does it work on a man?

Instead of a love letter, however, this book will teach you how to use trigger words to elicit a raw response.

The idea is to delay the meeting as long as possible. Just concentrate on text conversations for now.

One of the main goals is to get them reminiscing about the good times. Nostalgia will always allow you to view the past through rose-colored lenses.

You are encouraged to modify some of the text examples to ensure that it’s your “voice” that your ex will be reading. In that way, you don’t come off as pretentious.

Of course, words won’t matter if you don’t follow through with action.

In fact, getting back your ex is just a secondary goal. The book teaches you a positive outlook, forgiveness, acceptance, and how to become a better version of yourself.

Regardless of whether or not you win back your ex, the book serves its purpose.

When you enter into another relationship in the future, you will be armed with enough ammunition to make it work this time around.

Who is Michael Fiore?

Michael Fiore - Text Your Ex Back author

But first, let’s talk about the book’s author. Michael Fiore is a successful dating and relationship coach who has been ruling the game for so long.  A diligent student of human behavior, he manages to leverage on his unique understanding of how relationships work to write several books on the topic.

The Seattle-based coach also wrote several other books such as “Make Him Beg to be Your Boyfriend in 6 Easy Steps,” “The Secret Survey: What Men Desperately Want You To Know But Will Never Tell You,” and “6 Simple Tricks To CRACK THE MAN CODE And Get Any Guy To Open His Heart.”

For the texting series, he also wrote “Text the Romance Back,” and “Text Your Wife Into Bed.”

Texting is a technology that provides instant feedback. It would be such a waste to utilize it to send useless emojis.

He also appeared as a resource person in shows such as the Rachel Ray, CBS Radio, and Fox News.

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What Will You Learn from Text Your Ex Back?

Despite the title of the book, however, the principles and guidelines stated in the book go beyond just texting. You see, the platform is immaterial once you know the basic foundation of the concept.

Almost dating books claimed to provide an insight into how men think. These books are rotting on the shelves.

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What makes Text Your Ex Back different?

There may be some portions in the book that are familiar to most women. That’s because the author is not trying to reinvent the wheel.  On the other hand, some of the steps are mentioned to reinforce his thesis. In the context of texting to get your ex back, the truisms on the behavior of men will take on a different meaning.

Text Your Ex Back Reviews

At the outset, the book will ask you to be honest with what went wrong with your relationship. But you will be required to take out your emotions as you look at the whole thing with fresh eyes.

While you are asked to look at what happened from your own perspective, the author will also ask you to view it from the point of view of your former partner.

The answers you give will determine the program that is right for you.

Throughout the book, you will switch back and forth between your own POV and that of your former partner. In the end, you will gain a great insight into how the minds of the opposite sex work.

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Text Your Ex Back and You Will Teach You:

  1. How to regain your self-esteem so you are in a much better place if you will get a second chance with your ex.
  2. How to analyze your own weaknesses and the mistakes committed which contributed to the split
  3. Highlight the best moments in your relationship in order to remind you what made you fall in love with your ex in the first place.
  4. Create a proper power balance in your relationship. It’s not about being dominant in the relationship. It’s about give and take. No man or woman should be beneath or above in the relationship. That’s why it’s called a partnership or union.
  5. Write effective texts. These can easily be changed to adapt to your unique situation. These texts have been proven to be very effective in triggering a positive response.
  6. How to take care of your relationship with your ex this time around. It’s better if you can also show this to your partner so they, too, will learn all the foundation of a good relationship.

The book offers plenty of real-life scenarios and examples so you can better understand what the author is trying to convey. The examples run the whole gamut of human emotions.

If your ex is angry or irritable at the moment, there’s a specific text that will change their mood. If your ex is sad or happy, there’s also a text for those occasions.

Michael Fiore basically anticipated all possible scenarios so you won’t be caught off-guard.

For instance, what if the ex texts you first? Yep, there’s also an answer in the book for that.

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Text Your Ex Back Review: Pros & Cons

There’s no system is perfect. Our Text Your Ex Back review strives to provide an unfiltered insight into what the book is about. There are some pros and cons regarding Michael Fiore’s latest creation.


Digital download – Downloading it to your device means you can bring it with you anywhere you go. It will also take an extraordinary case of bad luck if the copy goes missing. The digital download also means you can share it with your friends and families.

Easy to follow steps – The steps written in the book are quite practical. Once you learn the concepts and the context, you can immediately apply these steps in real life.

Money back guarantee – What else are you going to lose when you can return the product and get your money back?


Too short –  The book may be too short for some people. However, the whole concept is included in the trilogy so there’s a reason why the length may appear to be lacking.

Too many references in his other books – Some women complained that the author took liberties to quote some of his own materials in his other books. While it could be a form of promoting his other works, it also kills the pace and flow of the book.

It requires introspection – If you can’t be honest with yourself then the principles stated in the book will be useless. This book will demand of you a lot of self-criticism and introspection.

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Does It Work For You?

Does Text Your Ex Back Work For You?

There are so many testimonies from women readers who swore by the principles and guidelines stated in the book. Meanwhile, Michael Fiore is offering a 60-day money back guarantee for women who didn’t believe that the book helped them in any way.

What is the main reason why you don’t call your ex even if you two parted ways as friends? There are several causes for this. Pride and ego are two of the most common, especially for women who think that the men should make the first move.

Besides, you will be contacting your ex when you are in a place of understanding. You now know that the breakup also hurt your former partner and not just you. This way, it’s easier to swallow your pride and take that big leap.

When you are ready to speak to your ex, what do you say?

No worries! The book has got you covered.

The book will teach you not just what to say, but also how to say it, and when to say it.

One thing we like about the product is the accessories that come with the e-book. For instance, you will also get several videos to better explain the concepts in the handbook.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm

Nevertheless, it’s still a good idea to temper your enthusiasm with realistic goals. Although a good number of women have been helped by the book, their success won’t necessarily translate to your situation.

Understandably, the success of Michael Fiore’s other books has added to the hype of this one. For instance, the fact that we are making a Text Your Ex Back review means that the book is generating a lot of hype.

In essence, if you think that this is the magic bullet that will save your relationship with your ex, you may be disappointed.

Each breakup is unique.  There are countless variables that go into the relationship. Every one of those contributes to the outcome of the relationship.

If you’ve been together for many years, the book will allow you to spot the red flags that have existed in your relationship. Most women couldn’t recognize these warning signs until it’s too late.

Lastly, this book doesn’t teach you to be manipulative. On the contrary, you learn to be selfless enough to want to mend your ways to get back your ex.


Even if this book will not help you get back with your ex, it still meets its purpose. Despite the book’s title, this is not about getting back your former boyfriend. It’s about assessing all your weaknesses and strength with the aim of improving your attitude.

You will also understand the value of forgiveness. Sincere forgiveness doesn’t mean bringing back what happened in the past in any argument. It’s about moving forward by owning up to some of the mistakes.

Even if you didn’t your man back, at the very least, you come prepared for your next relationship. Besides, we can’t take our mind off that 60-day money-back guarantee. No author in his right mind would dangle that without the full confidence of his product.  Basically, it’s a win-win for you.

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