The Ex Factor Guide Review

The Ex Factor Guide Review

Nearly everyone has been in a relationship. Sometimes they work out and sometimes they don’t. It is normal to wonder what went wrong and to reexamine what happened while you were dating.

If you have ever done this and determined you wanted an ex back, this is a resource you may want to look into. It is designed to help you date your ex again, whether you are a man or a woman. Keep reading The Ex Factor Guide Review to find out how to woo your ex and possibly get them back.

the ex factor guide reviews

What is The Ex Factor Guide All About?

ex factor guide review

Essentially The Ex Factor Guide is about helping you win back an ex that you have not gotten over yet. At the same time, it’s about much more than that. For example, one of the aspects taught in the book is that you have to spend 31 days having no contact with your ex.

This can help you not only get your life together, but it can also help you seem less desperate for this person to talk to you again. The book describes what you can do during this time, and of course, at any reason, you can choose to move on with your life.

The book also sets out to help you understand what you do wrong and right in relationships. It attempts to explain what the issues with your behavior may be and how to change them. This is something that is not only good when it comes to romantic aspects, but can also help all interpersonal aspects.

There are even bonuses, which are books on how to get into shape and how to text the proper way.

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Who is Brad Browning?

brad browning review

Brad Browning is the author of this book and has a decade of experience as a relationship coach. He has actually helped many people through their relationships and even their divorces or breakups. In fact, he has assisted thousands of people solve their problems. He even offers personalized counseling to those interested.

Additionally, he has a successful YouTube channel and writes articles for some popular websites. This means you can look into his advice and skills before you purchase this guide. It also gives you other resources to look at after you do. You can be sure you are reading a book by a writer that knows what he is talking about.

Many people agree that he is personable and explains things in an easy to digest manner. You shouldn’t be confused by anything he says. In this book, he describes things in a way that seems like he is talking directly to you.

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What will you learn from The Ex Factor Guide?

If you read this book and use it for what it is intended to be used for, you can learn so much. Besides the ideas previously mentioned, you will learn ways to spend your time.

This includes dating other people and perhaps flaunting your dating life on social media, if that’s something you want to do. There are many examples of what you can do, and not all of them will likely be beneficial to you.

At the same time, this one is for people of all backgrounds, so there has to be advice for everyone. Reading through all of these parts will likely help you understand your own actions better, which can make you a better dater in general.

Other topics you’ll learn are what to do when an ex contacts you and what to do if they don’t. If you are able to win them back, there is information on what to do next. This includes how to initiate intimate contact with them and what that may mean for your relationship.

the ex factor guide

Perhaps the most important thing you’ll learn is how to prevent breaking up again. Whether or not you get an ex back, this can be valuable.

Overall, this is a self-help book disguised in a dating book. The idea is that you work on yourself and become better at dating and being in a couple. Once you can pick out the bad and good things you normally do, you can start to see what works. This is half of what relationships are, at their core. When you know what your weaknesses are, you will be able to work on them, and this book can show you how to do that.

the ex factor book

On the other hand, it is also a book about dating. If you are new to relationships and need help and advice, this is a great tool. It tells you different methods for dating, spending your time, and even advice about the bedroom.

Some of the things suggested in the book are not positive though. There are some dishonest ideas that you do not have to follow if they make you uncomfortable. One example is doing deceptive things. This is likely something that will not get you an ex back. It’s up to you whether you want to do it.

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The Ex Factor Guide Pros & Cons


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  • The online book means instant access.
  • Book provides much information and guidance.
  • There are easy to follow steps.
  • There is a money back guarantee.
  • You get bonus books and information.
  • Men or women can use these techniques.



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  • Not all tips will work for everyone.
  • You may not agree with everything discussed.
  • It will not happen overnight.


Does The Ex Factor Guide work for You?

There is no reason why this book can’t work for you. It doesn’t matter who you are or want you want to accomplish. There are suggestions and tips for people from all walks of life. They will also work for males or females. Virtually anyone can use this book. The only downside is that you can’t just read it. It is useless if you are not going to insert some of these tips into your life and routine. It will take real time and effort.

the ex factor

Furthermore, you are going to have to work on yourself. Many times a breakup happened because of the behavior of both parties. You will need to look at the way you are acting and change. You won’t have to do it alone though. With the help of this book, you can figure out exactly how to act in the future.

The book doesn’t tear you down or tell you that everything is your fault. At the same time, it will not let you off the hook. It is realistic, but also helps you realize that you can change your future.

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If you are trying to learn how to avoid frequent breakups or want to get an ex back, this book is something that will become valuable to you. Besides just scratching the surface, it contains lessons that you can’t find in all books on dating.

The author is someone that has counseled many people, and is married himself. The best thing is that the book can be downloaded right after purchase. It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. This is long enough to figure out if it will work for you and your needs.

Overall, it gives you helpful coaching through your situation, and gives you advice that you can understand. No one likes admitting they need help, but when they seek it, it shouldn’t be hard. The Ex Factor Guide isn’t hard to read, understand, or follow.  It also can help you win back an ex, or get you dating again.

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