The Fat Burning Kitchen Review

The Fat Burning Kitchen Review

The biggest challenge yet for people from all walks of life in this modern world is losing weight. As easy as it is to gain weight just by simply indulging yourself with sumptuous fatty food, you’ll find it doubly hard to lose it. Even if you successfully lose a few pounds, more fat is stuck in the body which becomes a threat to your health over time.

This is why the search for the ultimate and most effective diet program is in such high demand. The fat burning kitchen might just be the answer to weight problems. Unlike other books, this one does not just tell you what to do but it guides you on how to achieve your ultimate goal. You will be surprised to learn that what actually makes you fat is not the number of calories you eat! This book will tell you all about it.

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What Is The Fat Burning Kitchen?

I think I have never read anything more interesting than this book. It opened a pandora’s box for me where food is concerned. All the while we feel so proud of ourselves for being choosy with what we eat believing all the advertisements we read and see on TV and the internet.

The Fat Burning Kitchen

We don’t even realize that the real cause of our problem is not so much the number of calories we take or how seldom we take work out but rather what we are feeding our bodies. Even the so-called healthy food is causing more damage than good.

This book will guide you on how you can achieve your ultimate weight loss goal. It does not only make sense if you think of it, everything in this book is backed by solid research and science making it twice as effective as other diet programs.

It has incorporated a no-nonsense approach to losing weight, that you and I can easily relate to and follow. One of the things I really appreciate about this book is that although it made use of a lot of technical terms, it was explained in a very simple manner that makes you understand it easily.

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Change of Information

From way back when we have already been told a lot of different things and ways to lose weight. So many have claimed to have discovered the most effective way to become slimmer and healthier but even to this day 1 out of 3 Americans are believed to be obese and the statistics keep rising even in other parts of the world.

This book will tell just the reasons why this is happening and why no one is the wiser. We have all been lied to by our doctors, fitness guru, food companies and even your government. This book will be your guide to finally achieve your health and diet goal.

Who Is Mike Geary?

This book was written by Mike Geary who happens to be a professional trainer and fitness expert. He has written a lot of other stuff for different fitness magazines and has published 2 other books.

During his years of working with clients trying to find the best solutions to weight gain, he’s come upon a lot of scientific researches that explains the body’s metabolic system and how our food intake is actually the biggest culprit in the failure of most diet programs.

Best Fat Burning

He collaborated with Catherine Ebeling, a professional nutritionist so they can come up with the best guide for you to achieve your fitness goal. They concocted ways for you to easily follow through your program and achieve results in no time. Their intensive research and experience have been the foundation of all the information they shared with you in this book.

It does not just provide you with a program, the book helps you understand the importance of why you should start cleaning your food cabinets and refrigerators and replacing them with real healthy food that will not just make you lose weight but turn your body into a fat burning machine.

What Will You Learn From The Fat Burning Kitchen?

This Fat Burning Kitchen is your step by step program to not just a leaner body but also healthier and younger you. Each chapter will explain details about the following:

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  • On pages 1-2 you will be introduced to a principle that will help you forget about calorie counting and achieve better results. You will also discover ways to cut your craving permanently.
  • On page 18, you will discover facts about polyunsaturated fats that are kept a secret all these times.
  • Page 50, will give you a full disclosure of which protein bars are actually making you gain more weight and which candy bars are actually beneficial to your health.
  • On page 59 you will understand the important role of saturated fat in your diet and the reason why you need a good amount of cholesterol in your diet.

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  • And the biggest reveal is on page 9, where you will learn all you need to know about wheat; why it is actually doing more harm than good. You will also discover that the real reason you are not losing weight is that of your wheat intake.
  • This book also explains the real reason why you should stop consuming skim milk and other homogenized milk for that matter; found on page 29.
  • Some interesting facts about tilapia and salmon are also discussed on page 36.
  • The truth about drinking green tea and oolong tea are on page 90.
  • Remember switching to soy products and veggie burgers but never really losing weight? Page 41 will explain them all to you.
  • You will understand why energy drinks are making you age faster on page 46.
  • You will discover the only healthy alternative sweetener you can use on page 83.


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More of What You’ll Learn

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  • Some amazing discoveries are shared with you such as fats that are healthy which are found in animal products. These actually aid in burning fat and building more muscle making you leaner and stronger. This is discussed on page 60.
  • You’ll learn another big mistake that has been pushed to follow all these years and that is eating egg whites. This is found on page 65.
  • Another exciting reveal is that chocolate can aid your cravings and even contribute to improved blood pressure. Read the full story on page 88.


These are just a few of the interesting things you will learn from this book, so it’s not just an ordinary diet program. You will understand the logic of why you need to watch what you are eating and not just counting the calories.

While losing weight for some can be as superficial as just wanting to look good on the outside, the real importance of losing weight and keeping it is that belly fat and weight gain is actually very harmful to your health. It ages you quickly, resulting in serious illnesses that cut back on your years and leads to bad quality of life.

The Fat Burning Kitchen Pros and Cons


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  • This book is a goldmine of useful information about the real reason why we aren’t losing weight as we should. It shows us why we keep adding more pounds despite our diet program and exercise regimen.
  • The book will give you a complete guide on what food you must eat to achieve your fitness goal and burn fat.
  • This book is very informative. Plus, it comes with a PDF summary of information that is very helpful in your decision to purchase.
  • They help not just with your diet but also offer tips on how to cut your cravings for good.
  • They found the answer to the real fountain of youth and that is eating the right kind of food to nourish the body the right way.
  • It gives the buyer immediate access to the product since it is downloadable.
  • The information in this book is scientifically proven and backed by extensive research.
  • Highly effective as revealed by so many success stories and positive testimonies of real people.


best fat burning reviews


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  • This book is not available in any bookstore near you.
  • It can be challenging for some people because it requires a complete lifestyle and diet change.
  • There are so many technical terms that some people may find a nuisance and will make them lose interest. A guide with an explanation and step by step instructions is inlcuded. They will eventually help you get the point of it all.


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So, will this book help you in your fitness journey and help you achieve your fitness goal? I can assure you that having read this, itis definitely the real deal! It is actually plain and simple but will require a lot of commitment.

This is not impossible to achieve. At times, it may look and seem overwhelming. It will make you realize that what you are eating is the actual culprit in your weight gain and illness. Making a drastic change can seem like too much.

But if you are really serious about losing weight, this is the best fitness program and guide you can get. So, what are you waiting for, click the link below and order your copy now!

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