The Half Day Diet Review

The Half Day Diet Review

Because of the growing rate of obesity and its health-related concerns, many people are tapping on various diet programs. Various types of diet programs limit or even ban people from eating carbohydrates. One of these is the Atkins program that concentrates on limiting carbohydrates intake. This includes foods that contain ingredients like refined grains and sugar to minimize fat.

According to Nate Miyaki, the creator of the Half Day Diet, these kinds of diet programs do not really work. He believes that one of the problems is that it is hard to maintain in the long run. This could be due to certain factors such as binge eating, cravings, and brain fog. This is also one of the reasons he created the Half Day Diet program.

Miyaki would like people to still enjoy the carbs while convincing the body to burn more fats. You may check out the Half Day Diet review below to know more about it.

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What Is The Half Day Diet?

Unlike most of the weight loss products in the market today, the Half Day Diet is a little bit distinct. It was created so you could have a unique way of losing weight while promoting a healthy lifestyle. This program aims to educate you on how to lose weight without limiting yourself from taking carbohydrates. If you think this is too good to be true, plow on to learn more about the program.

The Half Day Diet

The principle behind this unique weight loss program is that you have to restrict when you take these carbs. In addition, you are only allowed to eat them once each day at night. You may ask, how does this work and what makes it more effective than other diet programs? The Half Day Diet is crafted to work alongside your body and not against it.

The program claims that most of us take carbs at the wrong part of the day. This faulty choice causes the carbs to store it as fat instead of energy. The answer to losing weight is not about limiting yourself. Rather, it is determining the kind of food to eat at a particular time. This process allows you to achieve improved health and maximize the results.

This diet program aims to explain the type of foods to eat and when. This innovative way of classifying the food and scheduling when to eat them help you to stay on track with your diet. It also claims that the ideal way is not by completely removing carbs from your diet. Instead, a particular type of food should be eaten at a specific time frame.

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Who Is Nate Miyaki?

Nate Miyaki is the man behind the Half Day Diet program. He graduated from the University of Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. He also got a postgraduate degree in Kinesiology from San Francisco State University. Miyaki has an amazing list of credentials in fitness and in health. This includes fitness nutrition and Yoga instructor.


Aside from his career in the health and wellness, he also authored four books on nutrition and weight loss. All four books are Amazon’s bestsellers. He was also hailed by Greatist as one of the most influential people in health and fitness. Miyaki also won twice as a bodybuilding champion.

Aside from his bestsellers, he also pens articles for various magazines and websites. This includes Men’s Health, Livestrong, Men’s Fitness, Muscle and Fitness, and to name a few. On top of all these achievements, Nate Miyaki worked as a wrestler, a martial atrial artist, a stuntman, and a fitness guru.

He has a long list of achievements in his careers and his experiences in health, fitness, and wellness. These are essential proofs that Nate Miyaki is highly qualified to recommend a program that could help you lose weight.

What Will You Learn From The Half Day Diet?

The Half Day Diet program is consists of three parts. The primary part expounds on the role of macronutrients. It explains how you can take them in a manner that will let you optimize fat loss. It also has several templates to help you choose what will work for you.

The second part of this program will teach you how to create your own distinct diet. It believes that we all have various preferences and what could work with one person might not work for you. This section will allow you to design your own diet plan based on what will really work for you.

The Half Day Diet Plan

The third part of the book the reality that when you begin losing weight, your nutritional needs will be different. This tackles several adjustments to your diet to avoid the usual thing that happens in a weight loss program, the plateau. With your body changing, it’s needs also change and you have to continuously adjust to keep up with the pace.

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Three Sections

These three sections are discussed in an easy and straightforward way so you can easily understand it. One of the benefits that you can learn from this diet program is it helps you avoid the carbohydrates loop. This is a nasty cycle where you experience extreme cravings when you try to eliminate carbs in your diet. It also prevents you from lowering your thyroid hormones that destroy men’s testosterone and damages your immune system.

Half Day Diet Plan reviews

This diet program influences your body that you are on a diet that is low on carbohydrates when in reality you are not. The truth is you are just eating at nighttime. This diet will teach you to eat healthy foods. It also encourages you to drink a lot of water, and fast for the most part of the day. You will get most of the calories at night.

When you are fasting for the most part of the day, it is easier for you to keep your deficit in calorie. By the time you end the fast, you are ingesting a healthy meal composed of nutrient-packed foods. If you have the determination to keep the fasting, the program claims that you will see significant results in a short time.

Miyaki has a long list of achievements and experiences in the health and wellness industry. But, he was still able to break down the program in an easy to comprehend way.

The Half Day Diet Pros And Cons


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  • This diet program does not require strong willpower to do it. You can always eat delicious carbs in the nighttime.
  • The handbook is consists of various charts and programs for various types of goals and lifestyles. In other words, you can utilize it without considering your activity levels or your recent BFP or body fat percentage.
  • It encourages a healthy lifestyle that concentrates on long-term losing weight.
  • This program concentrates on the food. The author even claims that you can use the food to lose weight without even exercising.
  • It offers in-depth and comprehensive information about diet. It includes the different types of food that you can take, the right time to eat them and why the diet is effective.
  • This diet program helps you to adapt as you begin to see development.


Half Day Diet Plan reviews


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  • While the program discusses dieting and food, it offers very little information about exercise. This is not for people who are looking for the kind of program that offers a complete system for exercise and diet.
  • It lacks encouragement or encouraging quotes and words as the author does not try hard to motivate you to diet.
  • The recipes included in the book are limited.
  • The bonuses and the handbook are only available in digital form.


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Does The Half Day Diet Work?

The Half Day Diet program was founded on the following principles:

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  • Eat nutrient-rich and wholesome foods that are satisfying but also low in calorie level. This includes fish, fruits, vegetables, and meats.
  • Consume lots of water
  • Fast for the most part of the day and consume most of the calories during nighttime.
  • Integrate carbohydrates from sweet potatoes and rice if you are exercising
  • If you are not exercising, raise your fat consumption from healthy foods such as those from animal protein, coconut oil, and even avocado.
  • Have cheat meals once or twice a week so you can have a psychological and physiological break from fasting or dieting.


This product offers clear details on various topics including studies, articles, and sources that support why this program is effective. The website shows before and after photos but almost all of the diet programs are offering this type of advertisement. Aside from his personal credentials, there is no scientific proof why Miyaki’s formula is seen to work, in addition, there is little, if not, zero testimonials of actual users on the website. The website does not offer customer service number to call to.


The Half Day Diet program sounds too good to be true. But, if you are curious about the effectiveness of the program and would like to give it a try, there is only a little risk involved. In case you do not like the product or is not happy with the results after a couple of months. You can have your money refunded without any questions asked.

If you are looking for a better way to lose weight without restricting yourself from eating carbs, this product might be the answer.

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