Thought Elevators Review

Thought Elevators Review

Science has shown over the last decades that the mind is a very powerful instrument. And yet, this knowledge has not made it any easier for people to purposefully utilize this implement to advance their own individual purposes. Instead, it can seem that no amount of hard work can bring the success you have worked for and so richly deserve.

Read this Thought Elevators review so you know if this is the program that you have been hoping for. Maybe your very thoughts, in fact, paved the way for this program to come into fruition.

The Thought Elevators provides information on re-wiring the brain to make it work for you. It can show you how to use your brain to obtain the most basic and yet usually the most difficult human aspirations. With Thought Elevators, your goal of having relationships that bring genuine happiness, of financial and career success, and of physical and mental health, can easily become a reality.

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What Is Thought Elevators?

Verified research in the competitive field of neuroscience research conducted at the Stanford University has shown that the mind is actually as malleable as clay. Thus, it easily can be reshaped to effortlessly flush out negative thoughts from your own system and instead attract positivism and success. This was seen via a study of the brains of meditating monks. A peek at the monks’ brains clearly showed that their specific style of meditation actually changed the physical characteristics of their brains. This allowed the monks to experience a higher level of happiness in their lives.

Thought Elevators review

Re-training your brain using the Train Elevators program is easy and takes up a mere 10 minutes of your time each day. This is one of the secrets of why this program is so effective. It does not take away too much time from your work and your family. Those who undergo brain re-training using the train Elevators program do not experience additional stress from being burdened and bogged down by complicated terminologies that have to be understood and even remembered.

There are also no long-winded ‘tasks’ that have to be accomplished. Instead, the easy-to-follow audio and video courses reach deep into your subconscious to change your life for the better. Training your brain utilizes four easy steps to achieve theta state, a secret that is already being utilized — with proven success by Fortune 500 industry leaders, and other persons who have conquered their own fields with great success and fulfillment.

The Train Elevators program then specifically targets nine areas that affect the quality of your life, ensuring success in your relationships, wealth, ideal partner, health, energy, weight, accelerated learning, anxiety and stress relief, and business.

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Who Is Eric Taller?

The Thought Elevators program was discovered and developed and by Eric Taller, a businessman with his own business consulting company.

Eric claims that each person’s thought processes and even actions are an unfortunate byproduct of each person’s individual childhood experiences. These experiences can program your brain with thought and behavior patterns that negatively affect successes as adults and instead attract failures.

thought elevators

Eric’s breakthrough discovery is that this state of mind is in fact not permanent. He saw that the brain can be re-wired with correct training and techniques, such as meditation. What’s more, Eric has found an effective way to present the Thought Elevators program in a very uncomplicated that endears itself to learners everywhere.

Using the Thought Elevators program, Eric guides you into the Theta State.

Eric himself has benefited from rebooting and re-wiring his own brain using the principles of the program, studied and modifying each step to make it as effective as possible. He has become the successful business person with the use of scientific methods that he has now benevolently shared so that you too might achieve success in your career and in your life.

What Will You Learn From Thought Elevators?

The Thought Elevators ‘course guide’ is a simple 34-page main booklet, with nine videos, ten audio courses, and five additional bonus programs.

At the heart of this wonderfully effective program is four simple steps that will help your brain achieve the Theta State and reprogram it to work for your ultimate interests! Eric Taller’s program also points out the nine areas of your life that will highly benefit from a re-wired brain.

does thought elevators work

Let us start with the steps to achieving a Theta State:

First, Eric will teach you to achieve a Clean Slate Mind or a tabula rasa, if you will. These will remove all negative thoughts that are blocking your path to success.

Second, you need to Prime the Positivity Pump. After your brain has been freed from negativity, Eric will ensure that these negatives stay away and cannot anymore influence your life.

The third step involves Daytime Dreaming Visualization Techniques. You may already be familiar with this prevalent method for inviting success into your life. Successful athletes Muhamad Ali and Michael Jordan have been known to employ this method, and they are leaders in their field.

Techniques Debunked

However, Eric easily debunks meditation techniques that you might also have learned. Instead, he teaches the correct way of visualizing success, reaping you optimum benefits.

Finally, you are on the verge of achieving the monumental Theta State. This brain functioning is usually achieved only via sleep or proper meditation. However, Eric can train you to achieve the benefits of this deep subconscious state while actually very conscious.

is thought elevators scam

Achieving Theta State allows you to reprogram your brain to work towards your success. Training you to achieve this state is Eric Taller’s gift to the world.

The Thought Elevators program also specifies the nine areas that will benefit the most from being a patient student:

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  • Wealth and Money
  • Relationships
  • Ideal partner
  • Health And Healing
  • Energy
  • Weight
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Helps Relieve Anxiety and Stress
  • Business Success


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Thought Elevators Pros & Cons

The Train Elevators program, sure, has negative effects but all of them are easily justifiable. At the same time, its benefits can be clearly seen and objectified.


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  • Flexible

The Train Elevators program does not require you to learn its techniques in a fixed period. You decide when you want to watch a course video or listen to an audio course.

  •  Stress-free

This is related to the earlier point. It does not add to your already daily experience of rigid tasks because there is no timeline involved.

  • Uncomplicated

The explanations are simple and do not require you to be an academic or any kind of technical expert.

  • Short courses

Time has become the most valuable commodity. And so, everything that takes too much time takes away something of value from your career or your

  • Proven success story

Author Eric Taller’s own clear success proves that his system works.

  • Positive reviews

An amazing occurrence in these cynical times.

  •  60-day full refund guarantee

Only available when a company or author believes in his product.


thought elevators reviews


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  •  Expensive

At $47, this program is indeed not cheap. However, it is an investment that you can earn back a hundredfold.

  • No time constraints.

Yes, this is a bad thing, too. Deadlines can be necessary because they force you to get out of the rut, to go beyond your comfort zone — and as soon as possible.

  • Money before relationships


Success in one’s career and business seems to be the priority of the Train Elevators program. However, the exhilarating freedom that financial success brings cannot also be denied.

Does It Work For you?

The Train Elevators program is not for you if you want the shortcut to success, unwilling to put in any work. Nor is it a program for those who want a quick fix. If you are serious in your quest for success, you need this program that has been proven to be effective. The Train Elevators can make your journey towards success easier. Just remember, this is science. Not magic. You have to read the booklet, watch the videos and listen to the audio course.

thought elevators pros cons

Luckily, the format for these is short and easy and fun. It won’t make you feel as if you’re taking evening classes. It makes you feel as if you were spending downtime with a smart friend; a friend who’s sharing his own successes with you. One of the amazing aspects of this program is its reviews. Most of them are positive. And if this isn’t convincing enough, the program has a 60-day full refund guarantee.

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You are not alone in feeling the stress of stretching the limited — and highly overworked — the capacity of your mind. The ideas proposed by Eric Taller’s Train Elevators program is backed by solid scientific research from a well-respected university.

It is instinctively logical and does not drown you with highfalutin science. Instead, the steps are simple and all the facts are presented clearly.

The only obstacle standing in your way is your own hesitation. You but need to take that brave single step. Step away from your grim past and move forward towards your personal growth and success.

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