Total Money Magnetism Review

Total Money Magnetism Review

Have you ever wondered why despite working so hard you still haven’t achieved the kind of financial freedom that would allow you to buy the things you want when you want it? Have you ever wonder why despite being diligent in paying your loans, you still have a mountain of debts?

The reason for all these, according to Dr. Steve G. Jones, founder of Total Money Magnetism Program, is simply because our brains are wired to think like a poor man. A poor man’s brain emanates from a space of scarcity, which thinks that as long as the body is safe, it’s okay if the surrounding circumstances, including the finances, are poor.

In Dr. Jone’s 6 Step Total Money Magnetism Program, he talked about how we can rewire our poor man’s brain and think like a millionaire who regardless of what he does, will always end up abundant and successful.

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What Is Total Money Magnetism?

Total Money Magnetism is a program designed by Dr. Steve G. Jones, a world-renowned hypnosis expert and a self-made millionaire, to help any individual struggling with his finances attract wealth, abundance, and success. This program is a product of Dr. Jone’s personal experiences with failure and financial struggle. Learning from experience, Dr. Jones shares the 6 fundamental strategies to ditch the poor mindset and embrace the abundant, successful life.

Total Money Magnetism

In this program, people are taught that our brain determines our realities and outcomes. If we have a poor man’s brain, most probably, our output in life is also poor. According to Dr. Jones, humans are programmed to think about their physical safety. This is why they also settle for what’s available in exchange for safety. If you put it in the context of hunting and gathering period, it would appear like a man won’t risk going out of their caves because they know that a lot of animals can prey on them. The problem is we are no longer in the Paleolithic era and going out of our comfort zones will not compromise our safety. Despite this fact, the man still clings to their “scarce but safe” mindset.

To our poor man’s brain, anything new is considered a threat. Whether it’s a new idea or a new opportunity, our brain thinks that these are just threats. At the end of the day, we prefer sitting on the couch safe than going out in the world and try new things and new ventures. This survival instinct, in essence, hindered us from achieving a millionaire’s mindset.

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Personal Guide

With Total Money Magnetism, the person is guided on how to shift his poor man’s brain into a millionaire’s brain. His system does not require the person to think since its automated and all you have to do is listen to it for a couple minutes a day and see enormous changes in the way you think, feel, and respond.

The step-by-step program will help the person making use of his brain powers to create total financial autonomy, wealth, and success. As a mechanism to achieve these results, you will be taught how to eliminate limiting and sabotaging belief systems that hinder your path towards abundance and success. Dr. Jones also shares concrete reasons why you should eliminate these toxic beliefs and be a wealth-attracting machine.

In the same program, Dr. Jones also taught how to use neuroscience in attracting wealth. He provides a vast collection of hypnosis information to help you achieve your financial goal.

Aside from the main manual, the Total Magnetism Programs also provides audiobooks, especially recorded by the founder himself to help you condition your mind to stay true to your financial goal.

Also, aside from the main manual and the audiobooks, video interviews of self-made millionaires like Mark Ling and many others are provided to teach you strategies to help you move many steps closer to your success goals. Hypnosis tracks to help you rewire your brain are also included in the package.

Who Is The Life Of Dr. Steve G. Jones?


Just like the rest of us, Dr. Jones started with a poor man’s mindset. Though he had a clinic in the posh buildings of Beverly Hills and had rich clients, the truth is he has a huge amount of debt. He had been sleeping in his office to save on the rent and he had been living on beans and crackers.

He was scared to face his debts so he treated it as if it didn’t exist. One day, while he was busy talking to his client, a gentleman from the bank came to his clinic and delivered the news that he needs to pay 30,000 USD in 3 weeks. If he fails, he will be sued. He begged to take personal loans from friends. No one was willing to lend him money.

While buying beans and crackers in the grocery, Dr. Jones met his old friend Dan and without hesitation, he asked Dan’s help. Dan did not lend him money but he taught Dr. Jones the strategies that soon changed Dr. Jone’s life. After hearing about these strategies, Dr. Jones applied the same in his life and just after a few days, the money just kept on coming in.

What I Learned From Total Money Magnetism

From Total Money Magnetism, I learned that I hold the key to my own success, wealth, and financial freedom. Though there are strategies that would help me achieve these, the fact is I will be the one to choose if I will accept these changes and if I will make the most out of it. These learnings could be just anywhere and they will remain as such if I don’t act on it.

It’s sad to realize how we are all caught up in the poor man’s mindset and how this kind of belief actually sabotaged our own successes. It’s an eye opener when Dr. Jones discussed that we prefer physical safety over success. Even if we are no longer in the hunting and gathering era, it’s as if our brains are still tied up to this era’s mindset. We become contended with what’s available in our environment that we forget that we can seek out new opportunities outside in order to improve our way of lives.

Total Money Magnetism guide

At present, opportunities are just everywhere. Even if you just stay at home, we can still find ways to earn. However, since these are new concepts and ideas, we automatically shut it down because we feel scared of the need to learn and to get out of our comfort zones. If we can just get past through these limiting beliefs, we can be greater than what and who we are right now.

More Lessons Learned

Another realization after getting immersed into the Total Money Magnetism program is the fact that this mind shift is so easy. Had we learned about this in the past, we could have been in a different, better path today. If I could have learned about the secrets to the millionaire’s mindset when I was younger, I could have built a house for my family, I could have traveled the world, and I could have helped so many people. But as Dr. Jones’ said, it’s never too late to change your mind, then I can still say that even I just learned about this now, I can immediately apply the principles and start seeing results in the days and weeks to come.

total money magnetism review

I think what makes this program work is the fact that the concepts they share are really true and scientifically-proven. Our minds are really powerful. When we set out to achieve better things, good things, or bad things, it determines our results. This also explains the reason why those kids who were programmed to stick to rules and to always follow what their parents want to end up fearing authority and being by the book later in their lives. Though it’s not bad to respect authority and follow our parents, these pre-programmed beliefs can limit our choices later on. In the same vein, if we can teach our kids that they should welcome changes and that money is not hard to find, then maybe, when they grow up, they will have a better concept of life, success, and abundance.

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Pros And Cons Of Total Money Magnetism


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  • The program is easy to follow and don’t require much effort to understand.
  • There’re a lot of resources provided in the package — manual, audiobooks, and videos. You’ll have a guide every step of the way.
  • The principles shared are so true that you can’t help but agree.
  • The principles are also based on the real-life experiences of the author so you can be sure that it’s effective.
  • The author also backed his claims with evidence, examples, and undisputable analogies that will persuade you of its legitimacy and usefulness.
  • If you apply the principle, you see the results in a couple of days or weeks. It’s that fast.
  • The author used self-made millionaires as examples and as other coaches. This helps you to be persuaded to believe that it works.
  • What you learn is actually an eye-opener. The author states that we sabotage our own success by sticking to our limiting belief systems. This is really true because we have all experienced how our own fear stopped us from trying new things and ventures.
  • The module offers a morale boost to the learner that could enable him to act more proactively on his ideas and plans.


Total Money Magnetism work


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  • For those who are new to the concept and are very antagonistic to change, it might be difficult to persuade them to believe these concepts.
  • The price is a bit of a concern. The program is quite expensive. Those people who currently are not financially well-off but want to learn, can’t have access to these methods. That’s because there’s a high chance that they can’t afford it.
  • There must be a follow-through plan. Otherwise, the principles are forgotten. They will end up like a mere “seminar high.”
  • People might want to see immediate results in their finances to gauge the effectiveness of the program. The author himself declared that the change he saw happened after a couple of days or weeks.


Does Total Money Magnetism Work?

If you go over different reviews and comments of people who have tried using the program, you can hear them explaining how the program helped them change the way they think, feel, and act. From that alone, you can say that the program works.

Also, there are many people who’ve tried this program and received great results. You can be convinced that this system is actually effective. If you changed the way you think, or even have a higher level of awareness every time you shift to a poor man’s mindset, that’s already a proof that the program is working.

You determine the outcome of this program.  If you set a different goal for yourself, then the success of the program is dependent on that goal. Meeting your goal matters. This is regardless of what that particular goal might be.

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The bottom line is it doesn’t matter how persuasive and how powerful the ideas and strategies are. If the person is not open to new learnings, then all will be for nothing. The first step towards change is to open our minds. You must accept that you don’t monopolize the truth. There are people who have figured things out more efficiently. By opening our minds and accepting these valuable pieces of learnings, we can change our lives. Also, mere knowledge is not enough in this case. You must act on what you know to see changes. This is for all aspects of your life.

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