Ultimate Energy Freedom Generator Review

Ultimate Energy Freedom Generator Review

Owning a home is a wonderful thing. You get to customize it and make it your very own. You get to plant the flowers you like and have parties.

But we all know the worst part is paying the bills-especially the electricity bill.

That particular one always seems to keep on climbing in price. No matter what you do-turning off lights, switching to eco-friendly bulbs, or running the fan instead of the air conditioner-it just never works.

Fortunately, an ingenious eBook has emerged that will free us all from high energy cost, and work even when the power goes down during bad weather.

Read on for a good Ultimate Energy Freedom Review.

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What is Ultimate Energy Freedom?

ultimate energy freedom generator

This is not an ordinary eBook. This eBook is going to give you a PDF file that will change your energy life!

This is a generator that is ultra-efficient in any kind of bad weather or disaster. If you live in a place affected by hurricanes, or any kind of harsh weather, this may be the generator you need! It comes together in less than 2 hours and can be put together by just about anybody.

The program shows you how to get independently-sourced energy so that when disaster strikes, you don’t need to rely on FEMA or anyone else to get back into power.

You will not be using solar panels, turbines, or other expensive gadgets to generate this electricity. You can supply power to all the electrical appliances in your home-toasters, computers, and refrigerators, to name a few.

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Who is Nicky Taylor?

ultimate freedom energy generator Nicky Taylor

He the creator of the Ultimate Energy Freedom System.  He is a 42-year-old man from the city of Dover, NJ.  He was at his house for 10 days in a row and powered the place every day…during Hurricane Sandy.

Sandy was a devastating hurricane and left many dead or injured.

Nicky was a homeowner like the rest of us. He probably got so fed up with the rising price of energy, and the time it took FEMA to respond, he knew he had to do something.

Like many of us with a family, we prefer going on vacations and holidays-not paying out the nose for electric! Nicky has two young kids and a wife, so he knows what it is like. He tells of how his daughters were screaming and his wife was crying during Sandy. Thankfully, he had the solution.

A neighbor named Tom showed him the revolutionary steam powered generator. He and Tom worked together to put the plans in place and have now distributed them to the internet for all to see.

What Will You Learn from Ultimate Energy Freedom?

The generator teaches us a lot of things in a roundabout way.

You are going to learn how to be 100% independent of the big energy companies that overcharge everyday citizens big dollars to get power to their home. And in the event of a disaster, you will not be waiting for days on end for the power company to come and restore your electricity.

ultimate energy freedom generator review

You will learn how to build something! This generator is rather easy to build thanks to the video tutorial included. It makes no noises and emits no smoke. You won’t wake up family members who are taking a rest, or if you have a little one, nap time will not be interrupted.

You will learn how to save money and buy more fun things or build up your savings account. Reason being is that this generator comes together for less than $100 and you can run it to power your home. What will you buy when you bid farewell to high electricity bills?

You will learn to appreciate small things. This engine runs at a greater efficiency because it is small and runs at a low speed. It uses solar, wind and geothermal energy to operate.

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Ultimate Energy Freedom Pros & Cons

Now take a look at some of the pros and cons for this generator. This way you can decide if it is for you.

ultimate energy freedom


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  • You can build it yourself no matter your skill level. You just follow the easy video guide included with the eBook. It builds in less than two hours.
  • You can operate it in any position.
  • You can hide it, this way it will not be stolen.
  • It is energy independent. You will not rely on anyone for power.
  • You can keep your family safe and you don’t have to worry when bad weather hits.
  • You can get your money back with the 60-day money back guarantee.
  • You can power any home anywhere, even a cabin in the woods.
  • Low maintenance costs.



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  • Only available online-so you do need internet for this.


Does Ultimate Energy Freedom Work for You?

Yes! As a matter of fact, Justin Stevens is a customer from Boston, MA –a major US city. He says, (we are paraphrasing here) “My electric bills got bigger…and I considered spending $15,000 for a solar panel system…The [generator] does the trick and it cost me under $100 to make it!”

There is a video guide included that will show you how to make your own generator. It requires little skill, but if you feel unsure, you can have a friend come over to help you.

ultimate energy freedom generator pdf

The generator is light and easy to carry, and so anybody can hold it if they need to-no need to have your strong friend carry it around. It loads easily into your car.

The benefits will also work for your health. You can also generate hot water to stay clean and take a shower, and there are no toxic gases or smoke emitted. This is better than other generators because they require ventilation.

Best of all you can see Nicky’s electricity bill on the main website. You can see the savings that took place for Nicky-he literally had a 35-dollar electric bill.

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ultimate freedom generator reviews


This generator is going to change the way we get our power. It is best to get yours while you can, because the plans for this are going to be in big demand.

Using good old-fashioned steam power, as well as the powers of the environment around us, we can really give ourselves independence and break away from the big energy companies.

So, don’t worry about money any longer. Grab your copy of this great eBook, get your tools out and get to work. You will be so glad you did when you save money, and your family will thank you when the lights are on during the next round of inclement weather.

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