Unlock Your Glutes Review

Unlock Your Glutes Review

Your glutes are your body’s largest muscle. You must train them correctly so that you can achieve the best in shape, power, and health overall. If you want to know the exercise that is going to get you a strong, round behind, keep reading this Unlock Your Glutes Review.

We are going to cover it all, and you will learn of a safe, effective program that will give it all to you. You have to work for it, but nothing worth having was ever easy or fast. You have to know how to activate these muscles, so they can deliver the results you need. Spoiler alert-this is nothing like you’ve ever seen before.

This goes way beyond squats, lunges and other exercises. Get ready to leave behind a saggy rump and gain more confidence in yourself.  Get ready to make all the heads turn and get even healthier in the process!

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What Is Unlock Your Glutes?

Unlock Your Glutes is a program designed to get you to the highest level of power in growing and strengthening your glutes. You will work three separate muscles in three different ways to make the most of your workout. You will have to put in some serious work, but it is only fifteen minutes a day that you have to do.

Unlock Your Glutes Review

By doing this, you can achieve the great results that Coach Brian puts into his trainees. This guy is legit-he trains the best of the best at his sports facility. Instead of following Instagram influencers, you will learn to follow actual regimens destined for elite athletes.

It focuses on the Three Glute Training Obstacles that you must overcome in order to get optimal results. The first is the Squat Myth. Doing a bunch of squats is not going to get you the results you think it will. The second is Super Long Gym Workouts. You do not need to spend your whole life in the gym.  An excellent glute workout only takes you about fifteen minutes to complete. Everybody has time for that.

Lastly you need to overcome Sleeping Glutes. With you sitting down all day, you are damaging your butt and getting Dead Butt Syndrome. Gluteal amnesia happens when your glutes stop firing. If you sit for a prolonged period other muscles have to compensate for the loss. This is where you start to get lower back, knee or hip pains.

What To Do?

The solution is to wake up the glutes with the right techniques. You will do this by unlocking the hip flexor. You will also perform restorative stretching to strengthen the muscle fibers for three to five minutes as well. There’s even a wake-up video so that you start off on the right foot in the morning.

Unlock Your Glutes Reviews

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Who Is Brian Klepacki?

Coach Brian or Brian Klepacki, is a CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist) who has a master’s degree in Exercise Science. He is a Functional Movement Specialist, and he knows that you need to know the truth about how to train in order to get results. As in, cutting through the junk to deliver the info you need to get results.

Brian author

He has been hard at work in the field for over 16 years working on the latest in exercise science and training. As a specialist and expert in his field, he works diligently at his Clearwater, FL facility with athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness models to achieve their best body.

He applies the principles derived from his research to make these people successful. At the Compound, as it is called, elite athletes are put to the test so that they can be at their best.  And Brian cannot believe that these athletes crumble when they do these glute-specific exercises-because they’ve been doing it all wrong.

Meanwhile the sprinters who have trained under Brian’s care are crushing it, because they are doing the glute-specific movements he recommended.

In short, Brian is an expert-and the best train with him- he is very effective.

What Will You Learn From Unlock Your Glutes?

You are going to learn the utmost amazing way to unlock your glutes and make them work for you. Did you know that your glutes are your body’s most powerful muscle? But if they are not treated properly, they can’t deliver the power you need. Once you figure out the right way to train them, an amazing booty and strength will be yours.

This program is going to teach you about what muscles are in the butt. You have the Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, and Gluteus Minimus. We must have a solid understanding of these muscles so that we can grow them.  Each of them plays an important part in stabilizing, supporting, and mobilizing your lower half of your body.

glute muscle

You must work across three planes of motion so that these muscles can grow. That means horizontal, vertical, and rotational. This means that you will follow glute-specific training contained within the program to make the booty stronger than ever.

The exercises will target all three of the muscles. There are 36 exercises in total. You will also learn a secret that models, and fitness pros have been following for years. These are people who are PAID to look amazing-their career depends on it! The secret is…they do not train glutes and legs at the same time. Instead, two sessions per week are devoted to glutes only. Leg days are to be worked in around that.

unlock your glutes

You will learn that super lengthy gym sessions are not the way to the butt you want. You don’t need to train like a pro bodybuilder to get a nice booty. In just as little as 15 minutes, you can make a change that will do wonders for your body.

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Unlock Your Glutes Review Pros & Cons

Let’s look at pros and cons so you can decide if you would like to purchase.


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  • It is endorsed and written by a real-life individual who knows how to train professional athletes. Coach Brian has a ton of certifications and specializes in making sure his trainees get what they need. You will be in good hands.
  • You get a 60-day Money Back Guarantee, so if the program does not work for you, you can always get your money sent back.
  • There are two bonuses included as well. The first is the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan. You will learn of a great technique that will help you shred the extra fat around your belly. You will learn about the foods to eat and the ones to avoid. The next bonus is Strong Legs Workout. Your legs will also become strong and toned by doing this workout. You won’t overstrain by doing this-so follow along with no worry.
  • Other review sites have given it a favorable rating, so you can be sure you’re getting something good. Others have certainly benefited from this program.
  • The price of this program is unbeatable. It’ s only $15. Pretty much anybody can afford this!
  • The duration of the workout is 30 days. You don’t need to follow it for years to get results.


unlock your glutes pros cons


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  • Has some videos involved which may be hard to view on a TV. The videos themselves are great, but if you want to see them on a TV, you will have to figure out how to hook up your laptop/phone/tablet to the TV.
  • It’s only a digital download. Therefore, you have to be on the Internet in order for it to work. If your internet goes down, or you prefer a book to carry around, this may not be for you.


Does It Work For You?

Yes, this program will work for you. Just be ready to put in some serious work and commit to it. The workouts are designed and executed by Coach Brian. The techniques and movements they ask you to do are real exercises that you have likely seen before, but never done. You will feel it in your glutes the next day. It’s not painful, but it’s the type of pain that lets you know you really worked hard and are reaping the benefits.

It has 341,000 likes on Facebook- as you can see, many have turned to this program to get that muscle activated again. The program helps everybody too, not just pro athletes or Instagram models. You don’t need to be in great shape to be effective.


strong glutesperfect glutes

Alain Gonzalez, an author and weightlifter, says that the methods are unconventional, but they do work. He likes the new method of training the glutes and says it has turned the industry upside down. Gonzalez agrees that it will boost your confidence and help you perform even better.

And most of all, it’s just based on proven methods that work! You have to train the muscle in the right way in order to get what you want. So many people have been messing it up, but Coach Brian has perfected the technique. It may feel weird at first to only train glutes, but the clients he has helped cannot be wrong.

Perhaps the only thing that isn’t going to work is trying to buy 100 pairs of jeans after you see how good your bottom looks in them.

unlock your glutes work

does unlock your glutes work

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You cannot go another day without this if you want the butt of a star! Now, you won’t end up like Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian, but you will shock and amaze yourself when you see the good work you do. Just stick with it and don’t give up. Do the workouts to the best of your ability. Follow Coach Brian’s tips, and you will see the results you want.

Nothing worth having ever came quickly. But by following this amazing method, we can all achieve a tighter, rounder, firmer and strong bottom and feel great about ourselves-all for just $15.

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