Venus Factor Xtreme Review – Top VFX Fat Loss System

Venus Factor Xtreme Review – Top VFX Fat Loss System

If you’re a woman, chances are you’ve thought about your weight once, twice or even thousands of times in your life. Of course, managing a healthy weight is about more than just appearance, it’s about being the healthiest version of yourself.

But how in the world are women to achieve this weight with so many other things going on in their lives? Kids, school, work, and family keep us all busy until the sun goes down.

Now there is a program that will help you achieve your goals, and best of all, there is no crazy diets or workouts involved. It’s just a program developed by a knowledgeable person who wants to specifically help women achieve their best self.

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What Is Venus Factor Xtreme?

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The Venus Factor Xtreme fights against women’s bodies natural tendency to store more than men’s bodies. Women have to work against biology to get the body that they desire. And dieting to the extreme is simply not in the cards-many of us are career women, moms and generally too busy to be hungry or meal-prepping with fancy, expensive health food.

It is much different than fasting, exercising like crazy or using a wrap or diet pill to get results.

It’s about science and education for women to get the results they want.  You will learn how to eat the right foods, and rebalance your hormones, to lose that weight.

You will learn workouts that get right to the point and a diet plan that doesn’t mess around. You will work out and eat in a way that is designed for women, not men who want to bulk up and get huge. And it’s all backed by somebody who really knows their stuff.

Who Is John Barban?

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John Barban is a fitness and nutrition coach, educated at the University of Guelph. He has a Masters in Human Biology and Nutrition.

He did more body-related studies in his graduate years at the University of Florida. He taught exercise physiology. He has worked in the diet and sports supplement industry and is sought after by companies looking to perfect their formulas. He has worked upon and developed some seriously great supplements, one of which is the famous Slimquick.

Thanks to his studies, he has created a program designed for women. He knows that women need a different program than men.

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What Will You Learn from Venus Factor Xtreme?

You are going to learn of a great diet and exercise regimen that will boost your metabolism and get you healthy effective weight loss.

You will learn a series of exercises and diet strategies that really will suit your lifestyle, and accommodate your personal needs. Your metabolism will be increased, and weight loss will occur.

The thing is, women have higher amounts of leptin in their bodies than men. Leptin has incredible fat burning properties.  Women must learn how to decrease their resistance to leptin in order to accelerate their weight loss efforts.  This is why there is no fasting in the program, thankfully-leptin levels drop during fasting.

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You see, John Barban discovered a crazy but awesome thing called Metabolic Override. It is a strategy that increases the sensitivity to leptin in females. You will never go hungry on this program or starve as a weight loss tactic. You just reduce the leptin resistance and reverse it.

To do this, you will learn how to create a diet program and exercise plan that works just for you.  You do this by following a 4-phase plan that results in healthy weight loss. It is not a diet. It is lifestyle change that you will follow closely.

No Easy Way Out

There is simply no magical, easy formula, but this is one that really works. You will not get thin overnight, but hard work and a positive attitude plus this amazing science will make you slim. Plus, there are some extras included that will guide you.

Calorie control and exercise are the way to sustainable weight loss. Barban will show you how in this program.  You will learn to believe in yourself as you follow the exercises in the program. They are difficult, but very effective. (You can do it!)

vfx fat loss system reviews

Ultimately, you are going to learn that the key is having a higher metabolic rate to ensure that the body does not store excess fat that lead to being overweight or obese.  You will learn to increase your metabolic rate so that you can slim down. You will also feel more alive and alert, as all your nutrients are going to the right place.

In this program, you are naturally going to learn how to lose weight. You will also learn that it doesn’t matter about the age of the woman-both young and old can lose weight on this system by maximizing what their body can do.

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Venus Factor Xtreme Pros & Cons

Now we will list some of the pros and cons, so you can decide if this is right for you.


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  • No diets-you just eat what you want and keep it within reason. You are counting calories and watching for a good nutritional value in what you are consuming.
  • Better appearance-in as little as 12 weeks, you begin to notice the changes taking place. That’s not too long if you can just stick with it-can you imagine the compliments in just three months?
  • It’s all about women-The techniques learned here will speed women along in the weight loss journey. Barban knows what women need thanks to his studies of physiology. Women will have the energy and strength they need to power through their workouts and their day.
  • Leptin Use-you use leptin to burn more fat. Leptin has natural fat burning powers, and the creator has harnessed the power of this hormone to your advantage. You will burn fat so quick and so efficiently.
  • It is all natural-No strange shakes, powders, pills or wraps to consume. Who knows what is in some of the competitor’s formulas? You are only using good old-fashioned science to achieve optimal results here.
  • Virtual Nutritionist Software- it’s like having a nutritionist there to guide you and make sure you are getting the correct number of calories per day. This is dependent upon your activity level



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  • Only for women- men cannot follow this program and expect great results.
  • Only an eBook is available-so if you want to carry the book with you, that is not possible. You must print it out or put it on your e-reader to enjoy it away from your PC.
  • This will require 12 weeks and beyond to achieve the best results. So, you will need to gather all your willpower during special events, family parties, and so on. You can do it!


Does Venus Factor Xtreme Work?

The short answer is YES. Venus Factor Xtreme will work for you. It is based upon actual science of how the body works and is created by somebody who went to school to study the human body. Therefore, we know it isn’t some snake oil pitch designed to grab your money and run. Leptin is a real hormone, and John Barban knows how to make it work.

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That being said, you cannot eat whatever you want in large quantities and expect to lose weight. This is a lifestyle change that you will implement to make sure your good habits and results last. It takes about 21 days to form a new habit, so you have to stick with this and do your best.

Aside from that, you can take comfort in knowing that other women have had great success with the program. Other review sites give this product favorable ratings because it works. It’s really a matter of eating right and doing the workouts.

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The time is now to stop doing things that do not work for you. Crash diets, pills and wraps aren’t going to solve anything.

But what will work is good, hard science, and the classic weight loss formula of eat less and move more.

You too can follow the simple steps outlined by John Barban, and by following them to a tee you can achieve the great results you desire. Get ready to be a healthier you. It won’t be easy, but it will absolutely be worth your time when people tell you how great you look.

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